Hydromo: On A Mission To Build A Carbon-Free World By Producing Clean Energy

Hydromo: On A Mission To Build A Carbon-Free World By Producing Clean Energy

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“We are aligned and want to contribute to the national renewable objective to reduce emission intensity by more than 45 per cent by 2030 and achieve a net zero by 2070.”

The Renewable energy sector is the fourth most attractive renewable energy market in the world. The nation is targeting about 450 Gigawatt (GW) of installed renewable energy capacity by 2030 – about 280 GW is expected from solar. As India looks to meet its energy demand on its own, it needs leading renewable energy companies which can constantly develop efficient solutions.

Founded in 2018 with the goal of becoming the renewable sector’s industry leader, an esteemed company called Hydromo is contributing to long-term sustainability through the implementation of efficient, innovative, and advanced technological solutions in water treatment, wastewater management, and solar energy throughout the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.


Hydromo distinguishes itself by identifying, adopting & implementing the most efficient technologies and solutions, and further customises them to meet customer demands.

Its end goal is highly energy-efficient models across Industrial, Commercial and Villa (Luxury Home Solutions, HydroEN). Furthermore, its learning curves are minimum, and adoption rates are high. This way Hydromo is able to work on advanced technologies being simple. The teams at Hydromo are trained to deliver world-class solutions seamlessly.

Hydromo is rolling out battery technology by the last quarter of 2022, which will provide sustained electricity 24 hours a day without external energy input, eliminating the need for batteries. This technology will be the most superior to any electricity generating system. The technology highlights no fuel usage, no oil changes, no chemicals, no moving parts, zero harmful emissions, continuous power production, long shelf life of 25 years and extremely low operating cost.

Hydromo goes the extra mile to ensure that its clients get what they ask. One of its installations harvests Sun’s energies twice. The company has mounted Solar panels above crops, which provide share to crops and yield electricity, reducing heat stress and water loss. It can be called a agrivoltaics project.


Hydromo is the leading supplier and installer of roof solar panels for converting solar energy into usable electrical energy to run household appliances and industrial uses.

Hydromo deploys turnkey solutions, starting from Feasibility, inspection & testing through installation & maintenance. Its goal is to ensure that its customers adopt energy-efficient systems, recover ROI and finally reduce CO2 emissions.

Hydromo also provides solutions in space of Solar Lanterns, Solar Street Lighting Systems, Solar Glow sign Boards, Solar AOL Lighting Systems, Solar Water Heating systems, Solar Pumping Systems and Solar Security Fencing Systems.

Hydromo also installs integrated solar panels which cover all functions of the traditional roof while generating energy. It has partnered with India’s leading brand for this. It is customisable, maximises space, is highly efficient and maintains the architectural appeal of a building. ROI is faster. 

The company believes in speaking through its actions and has thus achieved the significant milestone of installing 10 Megawatts of solar power plants to date, including 500+ successful installations in commercial and residential areas across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. 

Its installations come with state-of-the-art panels from Panasonic, for which Hydromo is the distributor.


The company has the power to manage solar energy projects of any scale and deliver turnkey projects across utility sectors, rooftops, or special projects like floating solar plants, BESS, mini and Micro-grids with flexible financing options, and impeccable service. 

“We have the industry’s best solar panels that can generate energy even in low light and on cloudy days. We enjoy the pride of customer satisfaction by providing them with every single requirement. Our solar panels are very customizable according to the terraces. It enhances the performance and appearance as well,” mentions Nandita. 

Hydromo Solar has expertise in putting up utility-scale land-based solar electric plants for government organisations, power utilities, big corporations, and industrial facilities.


Always believing in identifying & adapting to newer technologies, Hydromo has partnered with Panasonic Panels as the distributor for AP & Telangana. 

The association brings the 96-cell high-efficiency HIT® N330 solar panel that delivers a potent mix of instant energy savings, 19.7 per cent module efficiency, and long-term performance to the house. A remarkable low-temperature coefficient of -0.258 per cent/°C aids in producing more power even on the warmest days. Hydromo’s industry-leading components and performance warranty ensure a minimum power output of 90.76 per cent after 25 years. 

On another note, Hydromo has partnered with Industry’s best, Mitsubishi for Membranes involved in wastewater management & recycling.

“The immersion-type membrane bioreactor uses ozonated water to clean the membrane filter (the Eco-MBR*1). The unit realises high-speed filtration with approximately twice the flow rate of permeate per unit of membrane surface area, halving the number of membrane filters required, increasing compactness, and reducing energy consumption by 25%*2 compared to conventional membrane bioreactors,” mentions Nandita.


Hydromo’s charging options assist in making the best decision for environmentally friendly transportation. It delivers the ideal charging solution for e-mobility with its high-performance charging stations, skilled installation, and extensive services. 

Hydromo’s upcoming launch is equipped with high-end features, including network connectivity, smart metering, compatibility with various payment modes, and cellular capability. It deploys power in the Charging stations and ensures the generation of green electricity through the solar power plant.


Hydromo’s strategic plan is based on sustainability and conservation. With its key aims of implementing efficient, upbeat, and innovative technology solutions in water treatment, wastewater management, and solar solutions throughout the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, Hydromo hopes to become an industry leader in the renewable sector and contribute to long-term sustainability in the coming years. 

Hydromo has expanded to Vizag and plans to have its operations and Business offices in Bangalore and Orissa by 2023. 

The R&D team of Hydromo is working on onshore and offshore wind turbines modern, digitised and optimised. It will be rolling these solutions by next year, 2023-24. 

Hydromo serves clients from, industrial, commercial & Residential segments. It has served 1000+ customers and its portfolio includes communities & Construction Projects like Prestige Group, Tata projects, and JLL. Health care & Pharma includes clients like Apollo Hospitals, Kamineni Hospital, Bell Pharmaceuticals, and Sunshine Hospitals. IT parks include Cyient, Amazon Centre, and many more.

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