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Expressions Inside: Touching Every Dimension Of The Design Realm

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“At Expressions Inside, our design philosophy is to intertwine physical spaces with human emotions to create positivity.”

(Tufail Ansari, CEO, Expressions Inside)

Incorporating multitudes of aesthetics, function and value, Expressions Inside is an interior design firm that captures the unique style and turns an ordinary room into an enchanting setting. Incepted in 2014, Expressions Inside is one of the best interior design firms in the industry. 

Expressions Inside creates an energetic ambience and provides an unmatched customer experience. “A space should never allow the eye to settle in one place. it should smile at you and create fantasy” believes Tufail Ansari. Expressions Inside is a team of highly creative and experienced professionals with a commitment to providing quality solutions in the field of design.


An award-winning Luxury Residential Interior Designer, Tufail Ansari enriches Expressions Inside with his artistic brilliance. Serving as the CEO of the company, Tufail is well known in the industry for creating comfortable, sophisticated and vibrant designs with versatility in styles ranging from contemporary themes to modern glamour and classical restorations.

Taking inspiration from the business tycoon Ratan Tata, Tufail believes that a person can be rich, powerful and humble at the same time. With the same belief, the CEO inspires and guides his team to continually resource new products and design solutions.

When Tufail says “Keeping your unique creative vision in mind is our passion,” he emphasises the importance of keeping the client’s needs at the forefront. Ensuring the optimum performance of the creative brains of Expressions Inside, he is taking the company to its infinite heights.


Fusing design with creativity, Expressions Inside gives a personal approach to designing spaces that are inspired by the environment, location and personality. Tufail says, “The resultant of the equation of these 3 sources of inspiration is distinctive and coherent every time, as we materialize the clients’ emotions.

With the creative ethos and design philosophy, Expressions Inside’s interior design studio is cross-cultural sampling, an electrical mix of design elements, textures, materials and techniques resulting in transformation into new design typologies.

The creative geniuses of Expressions Inside transform a room into a comfortable and beautiful space that never allows the eye to settle in one place. As challenging as it sounds, Expressions Inside lives by the philosophy of “creating a great design by capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of space”.


Excelling in the interior design industry, Expressions Inside is touching multiple dimensions of the design realm. Ensuring the quality and comfort of the client, the core team of Expressions Inside is skilled, creative and highly professional in their respective domains. 

Be it design & drafting for a residential project or giving a finishing touch to a commercial one, Expressions Inside does it all effortlessly. The company offers its expertise in:

  • Residential Projects

design by Expressions Inside

Bringing perfection into the interiors of the home, Expressions Inside works in collaboration to provide an elegant and functional home to the client. “Designing a home is about giving people spaces to live and allowing them an outlet to express themselves,” iterates Tufail.

  • Corporate Projects

Design by Expressions Inside

Expressions Inside has delivered the design and refurbishment of many commercial projects. By understanding the needs of the client, the team of Expressions Inside creates the best possible office space to fulfil the functional requirements while also maintaining the aesthetic of the place. 


With the aim of achieving perfect design, the team of Expressions Inside follows these 6  principles by heart:

  • Context: Keeping in mind the importance of context, Expressions Design ensures that the design of the space provides its true meaning. This is why each line drawn by Expressions Inside has a purpose for it.  


  • Concept: With the strong belief that a space is much more than a collection of walls and items, Expressions Inside creates unique and creative designs that reflect the personality and aspiration of the person.


  • Texture: The company adds a tactile appearance with texture to its designs. Expressions Inside thoughtfully uses textures that can hugely impact the feel of a space. 


  • Scale: Expressions Inside carefully creates a design using the very important tool of Scale. To add character and drama to the space, it is very essential to focus on the scale.


  • Balance: Maintaining a perfect balance between elements and features, the designs by Expressions Inside bring peace and order to the space. 


With profound experience in balancing art with utility, Expressions Inside strives to achieve project and client objectives in order to maintain its competitiveness and high standards. Expressions Inside is aiming to become the industry leader by achieving excellence in the interior design field. 

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