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Ritu Khanna: The Recruitment Expert

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“As long as humans and companies exist, recruitment will exist.”

Ritu Khanna
(MD, Paradigm Ventures)

Two roads diverged in a wood and she – she took the one less travelled by, and that made all the difference. The road had a lot of potholes but she was unstoppable. Ritu Khanna used to work as a mechanical engineer for Hindustan Motors and Mitsubishi but her career took a shift when she decided to switch her career and choose the path of entrepreneurship.

Ritu named her company Paradigm Ventures as in actual terms, it was a paradigm shift in her thought process. It’s been 17 years since the company’s establishment. Today, Ritu has been quite successful in leading Recruitment, Board Consulting, and Family Business Advisory Services. Established in 2005, Paradigm Ventures is doing quite well under Ritu’s stewardship.

Ritu is a Professional Recruiter and Relationship Developer. She has designed and implemented methods that turned recruitment from Art into much more of a Scientific process. She has conducted in-depth research in different areas of recruitment and technologies and has also led cross-functional senior management teams that penetrated new recruitment techniques and increased their share in existing markets. She is highly skilled at utilising all marketing methods and market research methodologies to meet objectives.

Recruitment Solutions

“We are committed to adding value at every stage of the recruitment process. We provide key insights into the market direction, personnel development, total benefits packages and employer branding. This way, we help you grow your brand, target stronger candidates and plan industrial growth,” says Ritu while emphasising the contribution of Anusuya Roy, the Co-Founder of Paradigm Ventures.

The firm uses state-of-the-art technology to meet recruitment demands. Professionals working under the guidance of Ritu ensure that the candidates shortlisted are experienced, skilled, and have the requisite expertise to advance the company’s overall growth.

From Senior & Middle-Level Hiring and Recruitment Process Outsourcing to Interim Management, Executive Search, and Recruitment Drives, Paradigm Ventures does it all.

Paradigm Ventures always goes the extra mile for its clients. Till date, the company has served 2000+ satisfied customers and completed around 1250+ projects. The specialization lies in serving sectors like Oil & Gas / Energy, Engineering, Manufacturing, IT / ITES, Telecommunications, Banking, Finance & Insurance, FMCG & Retail, to list a few.

“My team has always been my biggest strength. I feel unbelievably proud about my team’s performance that gets better and better each day.”

‘My Family Keeps My Dream Alive’

Having a family that fully supports you is a factor in one’s longevity in the corporate world. “My challenge-filled entrepreneurial journey becomes easier when I look at my family which has always understood and supported me,” acknowledges Ritu.


Ritu’s expertise and proven track record in the recruitment business make her a true leader. She has accomplished a 90% on-time/ on-budget project management record over a 15+ year period.

She has many awards to her name- The ET Award for Leaders of Tomorrow-2011, Indian Achievers Award-2016, Business with Style Award- 2019, Fox clues India Prime Women Icon award-2022, and MSMECII Award for Women Recruiter-2023.

Ritu has also developed and used a matrix and line management style of teamwork based upon strong leadership, detailed work plans, clear direction & communication, the proper level of delegation, open-mindedness and empathy. 

Be You

Ritu preaches and practices Oscar Wilde’s words – “Be You; everyone else is already taken.” She believes that the world is a common playing field. “We should never underestimate our power. The strength always lies within us. We must find it and use it to our advantage,” says Ritu while signing off.

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