Heal Zone, Fastest Growing Medical Tourism Companies in India

Heal Zone: Bridging Borders And Healing Lives


“We aspire to be the world’s foremost online healthcare service provider.”

 Mohd Muqeem (CEO, Heal Zone)    

Medical Tourism is a world where travel combines with healthcare to promote a healthier world. Passports have become the key to wellness, and flights have become the roads to excellence in healthcare. Medical Tourism is leading the way, combining customer needs with the worldwide quest for quality healthcare services. Heal Zone, one of the trusted names in the medical tourism industry, bridges geographical gaps and fosters a global healthcare community.

Providing Affordable Treatment

Heal Zone, headed by Mohd Muqeem, assists international clients in choosing the highest quality medical treatment. Founded in 2022, Mohd Muqeem incepted Heal Zone under the government’s ‘Heal in India’ initiative. 

“There are many countries worldwide where medical treatment is costly, so we encourage patients and their families to choose India for more affordable yet superior healthcare.” While explaining the government’s ‘Heal in India’ initiative, he further adds, ” This initiative aims to promote medical tourism in India and develop the country as a global leader in the health sector.”

At Heal Zone, patients can consult online with good doctors and learn more about surgery, visa assistance, and other information before they come to India. Over the years, the firm has helped people prioritise their health without worrying about the hassles of coming to India.

As an adept Arabic translator, Muqeem worked as an Arabic translator in various hospitals for Arab patients. He recognised the challenges faced by Arab patients seeking affordable and quality medical treatment.

What Makes Heal Zone Unique?  

Heal Zone stands out in medical tourism by offering services to make the healthcare journey a seamless and enriching experience. The firm caters to facilitating video consultations and providing online medical opinions to estimate the treatment costs. Its commitment to cutting-edge technology enhances accessibility and convenience. 

Regarding the services offered by the firm, Muqeem shares, “The firm helps with booking suitable accommodation, providing city tours, offering free pick-up and drop-off services to make the patients feel secure and cared for throughout their stay. The firm’s mission is to ensure patients receive the best care.”

Heal Zone’s Partners

Heal Zone has forged strong connections with the most well-known medical facilities in Delhi-NCR. The firm works with hospitals such as Apollo, Medanta, Fortis, Artemis, Max, KIMS, Jaypee, Marengo Asia, Manipal, and Amrita. These connections support the firm’s dedication to providing outstanding healthcare experiences through reliable and respectable providers.

Transforming The Medical Journey Through Technology

Patient safety and comfort are paramount for the company. Navigating varying healthcare standards is a prominent challenge for a medical firm, but Heal Zone overcomes these challenges by adhering to complete transparency. Furthermore, technology has improved the firm’s services. 

Heal Zone

What Lies Ahead!

Heal Zone assists patients with the utmost care, focusing on transparency and integrity. These values form the foundation of its services and foster trust and reliability in every interaction. The firm aims to go beyond boundaries and be a well-known and reliable brand for helping people make healthcare decisions. “We wish for a day when people worldwide see Heal Zone as a firm that provides the best healthcare facilities,” says the CEO while signing off.

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