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Nestopia Interiors: Offering A Boutique Experience In A Crowded Market Of Cookie Cutter Solutions

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“Apart from world-class boutique designs, Trust & Transparency are the twin hallmarks of Nestopia Interiors.”

 Ritesh Raushan (Founder, Nestopia Interiors)

In a crowded market with many firms following cookie-cutter solutions, Ritesh Raushan’s Nestopia Interiors stands different as he allocates a dedicated designer to each project who drives the entire project from design to delivery. 

Nestopia Interiors’s story began in 2023 when Ritesh hired an interior designer for his own home. The experience revealed a lack of professionalism in the industry, with project deliveries getting delayed, exceeding budgets, and using questionable materials. He discovered how clients frequently felt overcharged and unsure about the quality of work. Having experience of running and scaling up his first business venture, The Gate Academy (acquired by upGrad in 2021), he decided to contribute to the interior design industry. That’s when he incepted Nestopia Interiors in 2023 with a mission to offer top-notch interior design solutions, with strict adherence to deadlines. 

Customer-First Policy

Designs by Nestopia Interiors

Whether the firm works on residential or commercial interiors, it always prioritises putting the customer in the driver’s seat, ensuring full transparency. 

When it comes to quotes, the firm breaks them into itemised lists, giving the customer full liberty to scale up or scale down the budget. It invites them to the factory so that the customer can experience firsthand the quality and authenticity of the raw materials being used in their projects.

The firm keeps active communication with the customer to minimise the need for any revisions. It follows a 30-step comprehensive design process which allows customers to collaborate closely with the design team, ultimately leading to the creation of a home that perfectly blends with their tastes and preferences. 

Interior design solutions by Nestopia Interiors

And what about the common problem of delays in delivery? Ritesh shares an interesting insight: “Delays are completely on us. We promise to fund the rent for the period of delay. And it gives me immense pride to mention that we haven’t had to make any such payments to date because we consistently meet our project deadlines.”

Leveraging Tech Tools For Enhanced Experience

Ritesh admits that tech tools are today’s necessity. In his words, “Without the advanced level of visualisation aids, taking approval from the client becomes a tiring and time-consuming task.” Therefore, the team of designers at Nestopia Interiors uses tech tools to help customers experience a crystal-clear 3D view of the designs. 

The firm is currently working on introducing a real-time 3D visualizer for clients via a VR aid, to enable them to see their future home beforehand.

While answering what Nestopia Interiors does to make its designs stand the test of time, Ritesh explains, “Trends in fashion are constantly evolving, making what’s fashionable today obsolete tomorrow. Therefore, we place a strong emphasis on understanding the customer’s desired theme before we begin the design process. We also offer flexibility to update the look and feel of the interiors a few years down the line, all while keeping costs to a minimum.”

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