How To Be Funny At The Workplace

How To Be Funny At The Workplace: Tips to Consider

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Being a naturally funny person at a workplace is a bliss. In this world of the rat race, workplace pressure mounts up a great amount of stress.  Stress severely affects mental health and can even lead to depression. Thus, to avoid such stressful or depressing phases people find an opportunity to lighten their mood via humor. They make every single effort to make their mind stress free. Even entertaining a topic that offers the slightest of giggle can be an outlet for relaxation. So, there are some tips one can consider on How to be funny at the workplace.

Being humorous and funny in your workplace is a virtue that can make your presence well known and quite significant among your colleagues.

Why being funny at the workplace gives you attention?

Being the humorous one in a group can help you draw an insane amount of attention from your colleagues and help you to be the one they catch up within their free or leisure time.

Cracking good jokes maybe one or two in the middle of the conversation would help in improving the communication skills of a person.

Thus, a person should know how to be funny in the workplace. Leaving everyone in splits with the help of good jokes is considered as a god gift via which one can make themselves as well as others stress-free.

how to be funny at work | How to use Humor to Impress Office Colleagues and Seniors? 3 Tips to Fun

How to be funny at workplace?

For a naturally funny person it’s an easy task but what if you are not? It becomes important for a person to understand how to be funny at the workplace for their physical as well as mental well-being. Following some easy steps, one can be a naturally  funny at work.

1. Adapt to the basic functioning of humor –

Adapting to the basic functioning of humor is very important.

It is essential to catch the pulse of the audience and comprehend what would be accepted as humor in their perspective. Everyone has their definition of humor. Try to bring humor in natural conversation.

The one who intends to entertain others must go by the popular or the majority choices. Thus, to solve the problem of being funny at the workplace, one must adapt to the basic working of humor.

2. Keep some ‘good jokes’ in stock –

Having some good jokes in stock gives an added advantage. The ready stock of good jokes can be displayed when there would be a proper opportunity or proper timing. Cracking cliché corporate jokes can work sometimes really well.

If a person can comprehend the situation and deliver a joke well, it would be ‘mission accomplished’. Thus, one of the widely known to be funny at the workplace is to be every ready with some jokes.

3. Creating the opportunity for exhibiting humor-

Having a great stock of jokes is not enough to impress your colleagues or seniors in the workplace. Many corporate people have become used to and bored with the cliché corporate “ jokes”.

Some people prefer to stay away from the kind who cracks up lame jokes. Therefore, to understand how to be funny at a workplace, one needs to inculcate the art of creating an opportunity to display their humorous side.

An expert at this art would never wait for an opportunity to show their humor instead they will create one. They would understand the rhythm of the discussion and enter one-liner or two liners in between the conversation.

Thus, engineering the golden opportunity to showcase their funny side.

How to use Humor to Impress Office Colleagues and Seniors? 3 Tips to Fun

Advantages and disadvantages of being humorous at the workplace

As mentioned earlier, people are eager to learn ‘how to be funny at the work’ for being more interactive with their colleagues and to be well noticed among their seniors.

Being humorous lightens up the mood of the people around you and forms a good and lively impression of you in their mind. It retains a happy image, a ray of warmth, and a great aura around you in a workplace.

This serves as an advantage many times. But in some offices, workplace seniors do not entertain any humor or jokes at all. They think it as a hindrance to their work and the work culture of the company.

In a nutshell

To know how to be funny at the workplace, you have to inculcate the art of humor, feel the pulse of the audience and grab the opportunity, make sure to have good jokes in stock, and verify whether your workplace permits the exhibition of humor or not. Everything needs to be logical and up to corporate standards. Don’t be too pushy to prove yourself as funny.

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