10 Best Coworking Service Providers In India

10 Best Coworking Service Providers In India

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Owing to a lot of reasons, the way people work is making a massive shift, from a traditional workplace to a creative co-working office space. Today, many ventures lack a perfect space to work in, but many coworking service providers in India solve this problem by providing flexible and affordable spaces

Let’s take a look at the 10 best Coworking service providers in India:


Established in 2012, 91Springboard is dedicated to making the work life of freelancers, startups and businesses easy by giving access to coworking spaces with 24×7 office-infrastructure support. More than just providing a coworking space, the company organises different meetups and events aimed at the larger entrepreneurial community across cities. 

Security management, facilities management, internet problems, power backups and many other facilities make 91Springboard a preferred coworking service provider in India. 

AltF Coworking

With the ultimate goal of helping businesses interact, collaborate, network, and grow together, AltF Coworking started its operations in 2016. The company provides flexible and comfortable workspaces with all amenities. 

AltF workstations are ergonomically designed and centrally air-conditioned. The flexible seating options do not just boost productivity but also enable networking, interactions and collaborations. AltF Coworking aims to empower businesses by facilitating a holistic environment that fosters growth.


Atwork is a perfect space for out-of-the-box thinkers as it goes above and beyond to provide affordable office solutions to new-age startups and SMEs across New Delhi. When the entire world went into lockdown, the company had a hard time surviving in the industry but its transparent approach brought back all the clients. 

Atwork promotes a culture of enabling clients to network with each other concerning hiring solutions, fundraising as well as operations. The company envisions creating multiple venues across the country without losing focus on the affordability and accessibility aspects. 


This Ahmedabad headquartered company is not just a workspace provider but is a community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and game-changers. It offers a variety of workspaces services like coworking spaces, serviced offices, managed offices, conference halls, and meeting rooms. Its modern facilities are designed to inspire collaboration, productivity and creativity, hence providing a comfortable, flexible and perfect environment to thrive. 

DevX also invests in startups through the DevX Venture Fund to help budding startups and entrepreneurs unleash their potential and grow their businesses.


For all the unicorn startups, offshore development centres and solopreneurs, IndiQube is the perfect managed space office brand that offers a wide range of holistic solutions. It creates the right business environment for organisations that further helps them in growth. 

IndiQube caters to all coworking requirements, whether someone is looking for Private Offices, Enclosed Cabins, Open Seats, Board Rooms, Training Rooms, Daily Passes or  Virtual Offices. 

Infrapro Space

For all those looking for customisable, flexible, and managed workspace options, their search ends at Infrapro Space. The space provided by the company is not only comfortable but also encourages a new way of working for an ever-changing workforce.

Infrapro provides coworking space at three premium work locations- Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi. The commute is super easy as all centres are located at a walkable distance from the nearest metro stations.

Innov8 Coworking

Backed by Y-Combinator, Innov8 Coworking offers spaces where people can create, connect and grow their businesses. It facilitates people from multiple backgrounds like entrepreneurs, corporate employees, digital nomads, and startup enthusiasts. 

From startup talks and interactive conferences to musical nights and entrepreneurial sessions, Innov8 has it all. No hidden charges and flexible payment options make the services of Innov8 even better.

Kickstart Workhubs

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Kickstart Workhubs started its operations in 2021 to provide affordable space to budding entrepreneurs. All the basic facilities like High-Speed internet, Cleaning services, Conference Rooms, Ample Parking Space, Printing/FAX services, and Beverages are easily accessible. 

It is quite easy for people to commute as the office is located at a walkable distance from two metro stations- Doddakallasandra Metro Station and Konankunte Metro Station.

Oftog Global

Oftog was established in 2017 and takes pride in providing flexible and hassle-free workspace stations in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Its technologically advanced and cost-effective coworking space solutions attract clients. The ‘one price no surprise concept’ keeps them happy and satisfied.

Over the years, Oftog has facilitated companies from different domains like finance, recruitment, & digital marketing, software handling, travel, NGOs and budding businesses. The company looks forward to marking its presence in B-tier cities by the end of 2024 and across 5 Metros by 2025.


Workfella becomes the ideal choice for people as it offers high-energy coworking spaces in metropolitan cities- Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The company provides a vibrant ecosystem that inspires seamless productivity and quality & out-of-the-box thinking. It promotes a culture of collaboration between entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals.

From affordable and flexible workspace to ensuring security and privacy, the company does it all. Workafella is a perfect playground for enthusiastic and innovative minds.

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