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Industrial Inspection Services: Offering Quality And Reliable NDT Services

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“We, at Industrial Inspection Services, believe in maintaining the highest quality standards with timely delivery of services.”

Rajesh Nagardas Gandhi
(Director, Industrial Inspection Services)

Carving out a leadership position in the NDE industry, Industrial Inspection Services provides high-quality and best-in-class NDT services to various industries. Incepted in 1991, Industrial Inspection Services is among a few NDT service providers that have a presence in raw material inspection, fabrication and in-service inspection in various sectors like petroleum, petrochemical, cement, fertiliser, nuclear Defence and many others. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company indicating exceptional quality services, financial strength and operating performance.

Industrial Inspection Services is well-known for its consultancy providing NDE L-III services for American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) approval which is mostly opted for by pressure vessel manufacturers involved in exports, over the last 20 years. The highly skilled team of the company also has the expertise to design and calibrate electrical modular furnaces that are capable of heating 100 tons of structure up to 1000° C.


With over 38 years of rich experience, Rajesh Nagardas Gandhi is a visionary leader and the Director of Industrial Inspection Services. Bringing his expertise and skills to the company, Rajesh guides the team of Industrial Inspection Services to provide exceptional services and customer satisfaction. Starting his career journey with radiography inspection in 1983, Rajesh is capable of providing various NDT services like Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing, Radiography Testing, Visual Testing, and Eddy Current Testing.

Rajesh has a unique blend of experience in various NDT services in different industries including fertiliser, petroleum, nuclear and defence. With a clear vision of future growth in the NDE industry, Rajesh guides the highly professional team of the organisation to learn and grow better.

Rajesh iterates, “The highly experienced team of Industrial Inspection Services has gained knowledge and exposure to various industries right from the raw material stage to the fabrication industry & end user.”


Industrial Inspection Services offers a diverse range of exceptional heat treatment services including pre-heating, post-heating, stress relieving (SR), intermediate SR, normalising, solution annealing, water quenching, tempering, step cooling and drying of refractory material. The prominent services of Industrial Inspection Services are:

  • Providing NDE services like PT, MT, UT, VT, and RTFI. The company provides NDT services in conventional as well as sunrise sectors like PAUT & TOFD.
  • Inspection services for quality control and quality evaluation.
  • NDE L-III consultancy services.
  • In situ Heat treatment by various methods including Electrical Resistance Heating, Oil Firing, Gas Firing, Furnace and Design, calibration & operation of Modular Furnaces. 

“We are designing, fabricating, calibrating and running electrical furnaces of our own for jobs in India and abroad,” mentions Rajesh, Director of IISPL. 


Being the largest PT & MPT service provider in India, Industrial Inspection Services participated in more than 50 ASME Stamps as NDE-III for various clients. It has one of the largest and highly skilled team that provides Ultrasonic Services in Offshore Platforms, Casting, Welding and Raw Material. The company successfully carried out ISR -LSR China by internal oil firing & the furnace in challenging condition -20° C. 

In addition to this, the company carried out local stress relieving of the largest C/S joint in India by Electrical Resistance Heating. Industrial Inspection Services performed local stress relieving of the thickest job for Malaika Reactor, Malaysia. Currently, the company is carrying out LSR of pressure vessels with low voltage (80V).


Industrial Inspection Services builds the trust of its customers with high-quality and timely delivery of the services. Keeping itself updated with the latest technology, the skilled team of the company ensures that all the hardware and software are routinely updated. Emphasising technological updation, Rajesh says, “The heat treatment process has been upgraded to 100% programmable controllers that require minimal human intervention.” 

Catering to complex material, safety requirements and updated technology, Industrial Inspection Services is a reliable and preferable choice for clients. Catering to various industries, the company maintains its healthy client relationship with reputed firms including L&T, L&T Boiler, L&T Hydrocarbons, ACC, Ambuja Cement, GNFC, Dalmia Cement, BHEL and many more to the list. 


Industrial Inspection Services has added many feathers of achievements to its caps. The most prominent ones are:

  • Outstanding Entrepreneur 2013 given by the National Association of Non-destructive Service Organizations (NANSO)
  • Right Choice Award 2020 for the most trusted NDT & Heat treatment service provider of the year
  • Top 10 Non-Destructive Testing Services providers by Silicon India 2019 and 2021
  • Company of the year by Silicon India 2021
  • Top 10 Non-Destructive Testing Services providers by Industry outlook 2020 and 2021
  • The company has been featured in one of the most prestigious financial magazines Fortune India, electronic edition on 24th December 2020


Gearing up to walk on the growth path, Industrial Inspection Services continuously invests in new equipment & manpower which will further strengthen its position as a market leader. In the next five years, Industrial Inspection Services aspires to scale up its leadership position & expand its horizon beyond India. 

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