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eParivartan: Change-Driven Digital Solutions for a Dynamic World


“Today, we stand as a leader in web design, digital marketing and branding, having completed over 5000 projects.”

Anand Pohankar (Founder & CEO, eParivartan)

Two decades ago, in a small dining room at his house, Anand Pohankar sowed the seeds of eParivartan, a web designing and digital marketing company. What started with just two computers has now grown into a renowned digital solutions provider, known for its quality services and innovative solutions. eParivartan excels at delivering web designing, digital marketing, online application development, workflow automation, video production, eCommerce development and branding solutions. 

The Man Behind The Brand 

Anand Pohankar is an astute professional with 21 years of industry-rich experience. His diverse skill set in marketing, brand management, business development, and organisational skills are paving the way for eParivartan’s growth and success in the market. He possesses a deep understanding of the digital landscape. With a commitment to delivering innovative solutions, Anand plays an instrumental role in the successful operations of eParivartan. 

Anand believes, “Just being different might not be original, but being original ensures being different.” He states, “Our adaptability, client-centric approach and commitment to quality help us stand out. We blend the latest technology with creative solutions, as per the client’s needs.” 

Nurturing Client Relationships

At the core of eParivartan’s ethos lies nurturing client relationships. The firm has collaborated with government organisations like ARCI, APADCL, and INCAP, to deliver top-notch digital solutions that meet the stringent requirements of government projects. 

eParivartan’s impact spans various other sectors:

  • IT and Corporate

The firm integrates the latest technologies to enhance its digital presence, to reflect the professionalism and innovation of the corporate world. 

  • Hotels and Restaurants

This involves engaging digital marketing strategies and user-friendly websites to effectively showcase their services and enhance customer engagement.

  • Education

Team eParivartan develops educational websites and applications that are both informative and easy to navigate, catering to the diverse needs of educational institutions.

  • SMEs and Startups

The team offers support to SMEs and startups with scalable, cost-effective digital solutions that drive growth and brand recognition.

  • Luxury & Retail

Under this segment, the firm focuses on creating visually appealing and functional websites that reflect the exclusivity and quality of the client’s offerings.

  • Real Estate 

Real estate digital solutions by the firm include advanced features like virtual tours and detailed property listings, providing immersive experiences for users.

  • Hospitals & Healthcare

In this area, the firm offers digital solutions that enhance patient engagement and streamline information dissemination.

  • NGOs & NPOs

To convey their missions and engage with their audiences, team eParivartan focuses on creating impactful digital platforms for NGOs and NPOs. 

“We believe in thoroughly understanding the client’s needs and maintaining utmost transparency, leaving no scope for any doubts. We adeptly cultivate trust and rapport with our clients by striking a balance between professionalism and informality,” mentions Anand. 

The Leadership Team 

Alone, we achieve in parts; together, we conquer as a whole. eParivartan is equipped with professional, young and experienced minds who leave no avenue unexplored to successfully ideate and implement plans.

  • Chaitanya Nagulapalli, Chief Technology Officer

Chaitanya joined eParivartan in 2006, having possessed analytical abilities and advanced computer programming skills. He plays a pivotal role in all things technical. His expertise in open-source technologies has been crucial in driving the company’s technological advancements.

  • Pradeep Hasanabada, Team Lead

Pradeep has served as the Team Lead since 2010 and is responsible for overseeing major internal project operations. His extensive experience and proficiency in creating responsive and mobile websites, as well as his skills in web development technologies, make him an invaluable asset for eParivartan. 

  • Jagruti Pohankar, Head of Client Relations

As the Head of Client Relations, Jagruti excels in managing client relationships and ensuring the effective execution of projects. She works as a bridge between clients and the team. She possesses excellent project management skills enabling her to maximise client satisfaction and project success. 

  • Arpita Dash, Digital Media Manager

Arpita has been associated with eParivartan for the last four years. Her role is instrumental in the digital media wing. Her hands-on experience and expertise in this domain play a pivotal role in enhancing the company’s online presence and digital marketing strategies.

eParivartan Team

“Apart from the leadership team, each team member at the firm thinks out of the box. They are problem solvers and find solutions that work in favour of the client,” says the Founder with pride.

Feathers in The Cap

eParivartan’s dedication to consistently pushing itself forward despite facing myriad challenges has made it one of the finest web designing and digital marketing firms. The firm has achieved many significant milestones. Some of them include:

  • Successful completion of over 5000 projects
  • Maintaining a  consistent rating above 4.8 by clients on Google 
  • Nurturing long-term partnerships with government organisations like ARCI, APADCL, and INCAP
  • Expanding into digital marketing and becoming a comprehensive digital solutions provider.

While signing off, Anand emphasises, “Nothing is permanent but change. Parivartan also translates to ‘Change’. Therefore, we never hesitate to adapt to new market trends and technological advancements. We have expanded into the digital marketing domain by developing web-based billing software for Indian businesses.” 

eParivartan is looking forward to expanding its horizons and emerging as a leader in digital solutions in the years to come.

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