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“We are working relentlessly towards excellence in Engineering and Technological Services and believe in pursuing business through innovation, integrity and technology.”

(Vishal Raghunath Mundhe, CEO & MD,
SATTVA EngiTech)

The engineering world is an ever-changing environment with new developments influencing the fundamental decisions of many organisations worldwide. Among the pool of multiple service providers in the Engineering sector, SATTVA EngiTech stands tall with its unique offerings like Flow Assurance, PSM, and Value-Added Engineering Services along with top-notch engineering services. Incorporated in 2016, SATTVA EngiTech delivers excellence in all spectrums of the process industry. The company has expert brains to conceive, grow, develop, and deliver a complete solution to specific technical problems in process plants. 

The idea of establishing a company that would deliver value-added services emerged in the minds of quick-witted professionals-Vishal, Mahesh, Sanjay, Shrikrishna, Vaibhav and Kamaljeet. The result-driven idea matured as the years passed by, and the foundation of SATTVA EngiTech was finally laid in 2016 in the ultra-competitive marketplace.  

During the initial days of the company’s inception, the Founders continually visited sharp-witted entrepreneurs and industry professionals to weigh up SATTVA EngiTech’s concept and take their tips and opinions. 

“The idea was not just to build a company but a one-stop solution for all engineering and technological needs and on which Founders can vouch for. Within a period of 2 to 3 weeks of the company’s inception, the website, brochure and presentation were chalked out,” boasts Vishal. 


Vishal Raghunath Mundhe is the Founder and CEO of SATTVA EngiTech. He is also the head of the Oil and Gas team. With his exceptional skills and years of industry experience, he leads SATTVA EngiTech to its infinite success and helps the company to position itself among the top industry players. 

After completing his M. Tech. from IIT Madras in Chemical Engineering, Vishal worked for various design and engineering-related companies in India and abroad. Associated with many renowned companies such as Aker (Mumbai), Ingenero (Mumbai), Sulzer-ChemTech (Pune), Petrokon Utama (Brunei), Petronas Carigali (Malaysia), and Mott McDonald (Oman), Vishal acquired the requisite technical expertise in the area of Process Engineering, Flow Assurance and Process Safety.

Vishal has been awarded Chartered Chemical Engineer Certificate by Engineering council UK for IChemE in 2013 and he is an active member of IChemE since then. He has also been awarded a Professional Engineer Certificate by the Engineering Council of India in the areas of Process Engineering, Flow Assurance and Process Safety. His expertise and professional portfolio range from design and troubleshooting to vendor representatives and end-users. He imparts his intense knowledge through training to Junior and Senior Engineers and prepares pre-eminent future leaders in the industry. 

Vishal strongly believes in achieving excellence in everything he does and targets achieving error-free deliverables in the first go. With a righteous attitude, he follows 3 C’s and 2 I’s cardinal rules to achieve impeccable results:

  • Create: Creativity along with honesty, transparency and business ethics are SATTVA EngiTech’s guided traits.
  • Care: Services of the company are customer-focused. SATTVA EngiTech always respects the trust that it has built in the minds of the customers. 
  • Conserve: The company provides quality services that exceed the expectations of esteemed customers. 
  • Integrity: SATTVA EngiTech runs in accordance with a strong set of moral values coupled with ethical guidelines. 
  • Innovation: It keeps innovating itself and fosters unique ideas in the company.


Not strategy, not revenue, not technology, it’s the teamwork that opens the door to rapid innovation and industry-disrupting achievements for any business. And here we have, SATTVA EngiTech’s team- highly professional with industry-rich experience. 

SATTVA EngiTech ensures complete employee training and guidance so that its team can deliver services of incalculable worth to every client. The company profoundly appreciates the hard work and dedication of the employees with requisite rewards and recognition to keep them motivated and charged every day. 

The company organises various team-building activities regularly such as Pawana Lake camping, Annual Day Celebration on every 15th of August, PSM Award-winning lunch, Birthday Celebrations, all festivals and New year celebrations, which make SATTVA EngiTech an effervescent place. Periodic Internal meetings always help to discuss non-technical matters and everyone to raise their suggestions and concerns.    

In addition to this, the company creates an open environment to allow the employees to feel engaged and freely discuss if any issues persist at the workplace. Vishal believes, “Trusting team members and giving them a sense of ownership is quite essential so that they understand the requirements and deliver it.”


Since its inception, the company has matured over the years by adding more value to clients and delivering them optimised solutions as they expected. Vishal asserts proudly, “We have successfully delivered 100+ projects since our inception in the market.”

SATTVA EngiTech victoriously manages projects that vary in nature. Some of the critical projects are:

  • Process Engineering Services (Conceptual, FEED and Detailed Design) – Executed 18 projects of this nature. 
  • Steady-state and Dynamic Process Simulation – Executed 7 projects of this nature 
  • Flow Assurance Services (Slug, wax, hydrate, Start-up, shutdown, etc.) – Executed 13 projects of this nature
  • Vent/flare System Calculation (including PSV, BDV, vent/flare network hydraulics, dispersion and radiation study) – Executed 7 projects of this nature
  • PSM, Brainstorming Services and safety studies including HAZOP / HAZID / LOPA/ SIL /QRA, Surge analysis, etc – Executed 25 projects of this nature
  • Stress Analysis for the various piping system including commissioning exercise – Executed 4 projects of this nature
  • Troubleshooting and De-bottlenecking – Executed 4 projects of this nature
  • Various training to Junior and Senior Engineers – Executed 5 training such as Process Simulation, Flow Assurance and PSM Awareness

“Response from clients is highly emboldened through various repeat orders. I feel honoured to mention that our clients request us to deliver more in other engineering areas too,” says Vishal with pride.

SATTVA EngiTech has offered its expert services across all continents and handled conventional technologies to emerging technologies like Green Hydrogen.



SATTVA EngiTech proudly positions itself among a few organisations in the market with the availability of resources and tools required to access all possible concerns of Flow Assurance and mitigates them effectively. To date, the company has dealt with many Flow Assurances exercises:

  • Multi-phase pipeline network (comprising 43 pipelines) using OLGA for existing field for Flow Assurance activities (Indian Subcontinent)
  • Sand Transport modelling in subsea well to FPSO (North Sea)
  • FA study of sub-sea well optimization and safeguarding study covering slug and hydrate management (North Sea)
  • Water Hammer study of water injection network (North Sea)
  • Water pipeline sizing and Surge Analysis of Middle east facility 
  • Low-Temperature FA study for CPP start-up for Pressurization (North Sea)
  • In-rush Flow Assurance Study for well cycling operation and optimizing design for safety considerations (North Sea)
  • Multiple subsea well facilities concept studies for topside design optimization
  • Well-start-up MEG slug study

“The key factor in flow assurance work’s accomplishment was the successful delivery of top-notch services exceeding client expectations within time limits through a cost-effective solution,” mentions Vishal. 


SATTVA EngiTech is experiencing tremendous growth since its inception. The revenue of the company has increased multi-fold with the ample number of resource additions. It possesses unique capabilities to deliver varied value-added services such as:

  • Process Steady-state and dynamic simulation
  • Flow Assurance services covering multiphase pipelines and Surge studies for single-phase pipelines
  • Brainstorming sessions like HAZOP, LOPA, HIRA, etc.
  • Process Safety Management covering gap identification, making a PSM implementation plan, Implementing PSM and revisiting to review the healthiness of the PSM plan


During the journey of six years, SATTVA EngitTech has worked with various national and international clients. The company is associated with many renowned brands including Lyondell Bassell, 2H Offshore (Asia Pacific) Sdn Bhd (Malaysia), L&T, Worley, Elixir Consultants (UK), Arabian Industries (Oman), Vertex Engineering Consultancy LLC (Oman), ChemDist Process Solutions, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (India), Mega Engineering (India), Krishna Anti-Oxidant Pvt Ltd (India), and Gargi Hutterns-Albertus (Nerul and Khopoli). 

SATTVA EngiTech has a reputation for delivering projects in a quick time with the highest standard requirements. Vishal iterates, “It is necessary to do a few engagements with clients to understand their requirements and their system so that an effectual work plan can be proposed.”

The core team of the company is highly qualified, innovative and experts in their respective domains. The company works with the unique approach of performing activities innovatively and adopts smart ways and tools to match the delivery of profound services that go in sync with the client’s expectations. 

SATTVA EngiTech gauges all the key aspects such as showstoppers appropriately and makes various upfront discussions to solve any limitations that come in the way of executing the projects. “Based on project criticality, a Project risk management exercise is performed with the involvement of client stakeholders to identify the risks involved and we manage them quite effectively,” says Vishal.


Pursuing business through innovation, integrity and technology, SATTVA EngiTech is working towards providing pre-eminent Engineering and Technological Services. The company aims to become an industry leader by providing value-added services to increase the profitability of the customers. 

The highly qualified and motivated specialists offer quality products and services that exceed the expectations of the esteemed customers. With the guided traits of honesty, integrity, and business ethics along with creativity & innovation, SATTVA EngiTech earns the trust and respect of its customers. 

Vishal iterates with pride, “We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers and strive to offer excellence in Engineering and Technological services to them at every opportunity.”


It is not easy for any company to gain a respectable number of clients in its initial days; it is possible only over a period of time. The story of SATTVA EngiTech is no different. Convincing clients to trust in the company’s services was a hard row to hoe. 

With a never-give-up approach, the company, in order to establish itself, acquired adequate resources and tools that gave the desired confidence to the clients. Besides, SATTVA EngiTech focused more on getting projects and delivering them promptly rather than its commercials. 

Post the successful delivery of the project, the company started getting more work. Once the clients went through the deliverables, they wholeheartedly accepted commercial requirements as well. Thereafter, SATTVA EngiTech never looked back. 

“With support from well-wishers, associates and clients, we ventured into different territories as well as had developed relations with the channel partners. Periodic engagements and keeping all associates informed in front of development have helped us to take the relationships forward,” asserts Vishal.

Today, SATTVA EngiTech has upgraded its systems to meet the increasing challenges and growing demands of the market. The company carries out a SWOT analysis regularly to:

  • Convert weakness into strength
  • Enhance strength to a higher level
  • Keep a close eye on threats and plan appropriate measures for them
  • Explore new opportunities and look for transforming them into strengths


SATTVA EngiTech envisions providing high-quality services through four fundamental values – Innovation, Integrity, Teamwork and Performance.

Emphasizing on the vision, Vishal adds, “It’s our responsibility to proactively enhance cost-effective deliverables so that we continue to be the best choice in the class.”


Assuring quality services for Engineering and Technological needs since day 1, the accomplishments of SATTVA EngiTech are too many to pen down at one place. However, some of the notable ones are:

  • Covers a complete range of engineering lifecycle services from conceptual design to detailed engineering and operational support. 
  • Services of the company are extended beyond conventional engineering.
  • Possesses all the technical competence and capabilities required for the design and engineering of process plants and systems. 
  • Strives for meeting the customer requirements within the agreed timeline. 
  • Uses software tools like Aspen Suite (HYSYS, Flarenet, EDR, Aspen Plus, etc), Schlumberger Delfi (OLGA, Pipesim, Flaresim, Symmetry), DNV PHAST, HTRI and EDR to deliver value-added services.
  • A pool of brains to conceive, grow, develop, and deliver the complete solution to the specific technical problems in the process plants.

SATTVA EngiTech has added many feathers to its cap since its establishment. Some of the prestigious ones are: 

  • Recognized as one of the Top 10 Process Safety Management companies in India for the year 2022 by Industry Outlook magazine
  • Awarded with one of The 10 Most Fastest Growing Companies to watch in India title by INNER Review for the year 2022 

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