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Infrapro Space: Promoting A Growth-Oriented Environment

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“Our idea here is to create communities where people can build new relationships.”

Nitish Bhardwaj
(Founder & CEO, Infrapro Space)

We spend almost half of our day working. Whilst that seems like a lot of time, working in an environment that encourages innovation and creativity can make that time productive. To help startups and business owners turn their innovative ideas into valuable assets, Infrapro Space by Nitish Bhardwaj provides coworking spaces and offices for rent. The company is present at premium work locations- Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi. 

“We provide utmost privacy to all our clients and provide dedicated workstations and offices without the hindrance of others. We serve our clients with complete office security with the presence of day and night office guards and CCTV cameras,” mentions Nitish who has vast experience in sales and righteous knowledge of real estate. 

Infrapro takes great price in offering customisable, flexible, and managed workspace options. Whether you need a desk for a couple of hours or space to hold a professional meeting, Infrapro is the perfect solution for you.

Creating A Healthy Environment

Infrapro is a renowned workplace company that provides meeting rooms, conference rooms, managed office space, cabins, day pass, and virtual offices. The company successfully positions itself differently from other market players due to the following reasons: 

  • Stylish and contemporary interiors with pops of bright colour contrasting with a sleek, industrial finish.
  • Spaces are designed to encourage a new way of working for an ever-changing workforce.
  • Smooth & uninterrupted wifi and internet services.
  • Competitive pricing and workplace customisation as per the needs and budget.
  • Hygiene and cleaning are the topmost priority. A housekeeping staff by Infrapro ensures a clean and hygienic space.
  • The commute is quite easy as all centres are located at a walkable distance from the nearest metro stations.
  • All the amenities like basic stationery, parking facilities and cafeterias are available.
  • Spacious coworking desks, stylish meeting rooms & booths and an onsite coffee and tea bar make the place wholly comfortable.

Nitish mentions, “We provide excellent office solutions for every business requirement.”

Encouraging Network Building and Connectivity 

Infrapro’s clients come from a wide range of backgrounds- small business owners, Multinational Corporations, working professionals, freelancers and houseworkers. As people belonging to different backgrounds come together in one place, it encourages collaboration and networking. 

“Infrapro is a place where people from different industries and professions make connections with each other. Our idea at Infrapro is to create communities where people can forge new relationships and tap into this community with mutually beneficial collaborations,” reiterates the Founder. 

The Growth Chart

Infrapro is run by three business partners having expertise in different fields- Sales, Finance, and Operations. Infrapro is the result of a lot of brainstorming sessions that happened over cups of coffee between three intellectual minds. The company was started in 2021 during Covid-19 and in just a short time span, the company has established four centres with 650+ seats in three different cities.  

Nitish also believes that Infrapro has been able to scale to such heights because of the indubitable determination of his team members and their passion to go the extra mile to meet the client’s requirements. Each professional serving Infrapro has a strategic role to play in achieving business goals.

Nitish along with his business partners envision creating top-notch coworking spaces that holistically promote focus and productivity. 

Taking any business off the ground requires great dedication and a lot of sacrifices, especially when it’s a bootstrapped business. “We have had our own share of challenges and risks but with a clear vision, resilience and professionalism, we are surviving against all the odds and achieving heights,” Nitish signs off.

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