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Comp-Point: On A Mission To Develop Office Robots for Corporate Environments


“We have been making waves in technology for the last three decades. Our dominance as a leader in Robotics is growing every day in the education, corporate and hospitality sectors.”

Dr Parveen Narang (CEO, Comp-Point)

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has recently released the Draft National Strategy on Robotics. The strategy aims to enhance the R&D capabilities of the robotics ecosystem in India, to position the country as a global leader in robotics by 2030. It also builds upon Make in India 2.0 which identifies Robotics as one of the 27 sub-sectors which would further boost India’s role in the global market. The robotics industry is exploding. We are witnessing artificial intelligence combined with speech technologies and sensors, leading to the creation of more powerful robots. India has a nucleus of a flourishing robotics ecosystem. Amidst this burgeoning landscape, companies like Comp-Point have emerged as significant players in the robotics industry. Comp-Point specialises in crafting cutting-edge robots for various sectors like hospitality, education, healthcare, corporate and more. Its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology aligns seamlessly with India’s ambition to lead the global robotics race by 2030. 

Top Position is Never A Bed of Roses

Getting Awarded From Mr Pawan Munjal, Hero Motocorp Board Director
Getting Awarded From Mr Pawan Munjal, Hero Motocorp Board Director

One of the formidable challenges that Comp-Point had to face was educating and convincing people to embrace technology in their daily lives. The dedicated team of Comp-Point tirelessly visited schools and did workshops to help teachers and parents understand the importance of introducing robotics technology. Another challenge was the cost. To solve that, the firm focused on making affordable, eco-friendly models.

Interacting With The Union Minister Of Commerce, Shri Piyush Goyal
Interacting With The Union Minister Of Commerce, Shri Piyush Goyal

These hurdles never left a dent in Dr Parveen’s leadership as his intentions were clear – serving society. Destiny seemed to have aligned with Comp-Point’s mission, fostering deep connections with those brave enough to face challenges head-on. 

“We started with just 100 students, and by 2010, we were able to make tangible impacts in the lives of over 10 million students. Many of these students have flourished in leading institutions like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, TCS, and Infosys,” reiterates Dr Parveen.

Greeting Robots and Serving Robots For Corporate Sector

Comp-Point has developed specialised office robots for corporate spaces. The firm is working on two distinct types – ‘Serving Robos’ and ‘Greeting Robos’, to cater to the unique demands of the workplace.

Dr Narang, while highlighting the significance of the robots, explains, “Our Serving Robos can handle multiple tasks at once. They are easy to maintain and have a low failure rate. On the other hand, our Greeting Robos can create a welcoming and positive initial experience for visitors and employees. They can provide a standardised greeting experience regardless of human factors like mood or fatigue.”

Service Robos For Hotels & Restaurants

Service Robo for Hotels by Comp-Point

Com-Point introduces the Service Robo System to overcome challenges faced by Hotels and Restaurants to bring in added excellent services, hygiene, time management and reduce pressure on servers to achieve customer delightfulness for more goodwill and business. 

ROI: Increased goodwill, customer retention, less burden on staff for customer service, increased hygiene and simple to use. 

Comp-Point takes care of its customer difficulties with a one-stop solution called Service Robo. It is a food delivery robot that moves autonomously in the restaurant. The Robo is equipped with highly integrated sensors. It understands obstacles and is very soft-spoken. 


  • Intelligent enough to recognise customer tables
  • Maintains hygiene
  • Multitasking for different activities
  • Smooth voice message for delivery
  • Can respond to the queries
  • Readily available with no fatigue

Why Comp-Point?

Narendra Modi looking at Robo by Comp-Point

Comp-Point is an ISO 9001- 34-year-old company from IITians, reflecting its commitment to quality management systems. The company places itself differently from other market players in the country. Here’s how:

  • School Associations

Comp-point is associated with over 1000 public schools which highlights the company’s reach and credibility in the education sector.

  • Extensive Franchise Network

With 15+ franchisees all over India, the company has a strong foothold in various locations.

  • Accolades from CBSE

Comp-Point has been awarded by the CBSE Chairman, Ex-Delhi CM and Union Commerce Minister Mr Piyush Goyal.

Expansion Plan 

The global robotics technology market size is expected to reach a valuation of USD 283.19 billion by 2032. As per the International Federation of Robotics’ World Robotics report, the demand for robots is fueling. Comp-Point is looking forward to expanding its operations in many other regions of the country through franchising.

“We use both B2B and B2C operational models. Our products are available on social media platforms. A diverse range of clients, including schools, colleges, hospitals, cafes, corporates and hotels, can approach us directly or connect through our Pan India channel partners. We have a vast service network in the country to provide immediate support to our clients. This helps us in getting repeated orders and fosters a strong sense of trust and goodwill within our clientele,” states the CEO.

With a belief that the Present is the Future, Comp-Point is here to revolutionise the robotics industry. Exploring the company’s expansion plan, it seems that the journey to redefine possibilities in robotics has just begun. Comp-Point envisions a myriad of forthcoming contributions to elevate the industry standards.

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