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Martyrs’ Day 2024: Date, History and Significance

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Martyrs’ Day

India has renowned historic events of struggle and fights to free itself from the clutches of British rule. The innumerable freedom fighters with their long journey of sacrifice were behind a free India. One of the leaders who pioneered several events for the independence of India was the honourable Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He is honoured in India as the Father of the Nation.

Gandhi ji led many movements like Satyagraha- a resistance tyranny to disobey the rules of the Britishers, and the Swadeshi Movement – leading the country to not use foreign products. He was able to make his alliance when many other leaders came forward to back his movements. He followed the path of non-violence and harmony throughout his fight. 

What happened on the 30th of January 1948?

Mahatma Gandhi on 30th January at 5:17 pm was heading to Birla House to attend his regular evening prayer. In the garden of the Birla house, a man named Nathuram Godse came in front of Gandhi to touch his feet. Then he stood up and pointed a gun in front of Gandhi and shot three bullets in his chest. Gandhi died on the spot. The death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi is remembered for his flightless contribution to India’s freedom. Since then, 30 January is celebrated as Martyrs’ day every year in India.

“Have I that non-violence of the brave in me? My death alone will show that. If someone killed me and I died with a prayer for the assassin on my lips, and God’s remembrance and consciousness of his living presence in the sanctuary of my heart, then alone would I be said to have had the non-violence of the brave,” Gandhi had said a few days before he was assassinated. His last words were “Hey Ram”.

Martyrs’ Day
Martyrs’ Day

Mahatma Gandhi in left, Nathuram Godse on Right
PC: Patrika

What is the importance of Martyrs’ Day in India and how it is celebrated?

This special day gives India the privilege to pay salutations to all the Martyrs’ of the country. Every year the President and Vice President along with the Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and other army officials gather at the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi at Raj Ghat. They pay their homage through 2-minute silence at 11 AM. 

Why 30th January is Dry Day?

On Dry Day, the serving and sale of alcohol are banned in various cities and states or even nationwide. India has three days as National Dry Days. These are Republic Day, Independence Day, and Gandhi Jayanti. On other Dry Days, the Sale of Alcohol is prohibited and thus Liquor Shops are closed. However, Hotels, Bars, and Restaurants can serve Alcohol within their premises. Both the Birth and Death Anniversary of Gandhi have been marked as a dry day in India as a homage to Mahatma Gandhi who believed in rejecting slavery towards alcohol.

What other days are also considered as Martyrs’ day?

6 other days have been declared as Martyrs’ day in India including 30th January. The other dates are as follows:

23rd March

The Death Anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar, and Shivaram Rajguru is declared as Martyrs’ Day. They Martyred in Lahore Pakistan on 23rd March 1931.

19 May

This day is declared “Language Martyrs Day”. On this day 15 people were killed in Assam while they were protesting against the decision of the Assam government to make Assamese an official language of the state even though the Bengali speakers were in majority at the Barak valley.

21 October

This day is known as “Police Commemoration Day”. A Central Reserve Police Force patrol at the Indo-Tibetan border in Ladakh was ambushed by Chinese forces, during the Sino-Indian border dispute in 1959. 

17 November

This day is to remember Lala Lajpat Rai, also known as the “Lion of Punjab”, on his Death anniversary in Odisha.

19 November

On the Birth Anniversary of Rani Lakshmi Bai, all Martyrs in Jhansi who gave their lives in the rebellion of 1857 are remembered. 

Martyrs’ Day Wishes 2023

  • “Let us salute all those who bore all the torture and pain but never gave up because their Nation always came first….. Happy Martyr Day to everyone.”
  • “The celebrations of Martyrs Day are incomplete without thanking and honouring all the martyrs who brought glory to India. Warm wishes on this special day.”
  • “We are safe today because so many soldiers have given their lives to keep us safe and protected. Happy Martyrs Day to you.”
  • “They fought and they died but they never surrendered themselves to the enemy. Let us bow our heads in their honour. Happy Martyrs Day to everyone.”
  • “When a martyr dies, he leaves behind an example for generations to follow. Warm wishes on the special occasion of Shaheed Diwas.”


India Lost their sons and daughters in the various struggling movements of India. After the independence, the protectors of India are still sacrificing their lives. To express the feeling of pride and honour towards these brave hearts, their anniversaries are represented as Martyrs Day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When is Shaheed Diwas 2024?

Shaheed Diwas 2023 is on 30th January 2024. It is also known as Martyrs’ Day

2. What is the purpose of Martyrs’ Day?

Martyrs’ Day is observed as the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. He was assassinated in 1948 on 30th January by Nathuram Godse.

3. Who is the first Martyr of India?

Mangal Pandey was the first martyr in India’s freedom struggle. He died on April 8, 1857.

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