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“We, at MaxPro, help our partners define the best strategy to deploy an efficient and unique operation based on their cultural diversity and fitment.”

Jyoti Mittal (Director & HR Business Partner, MaxPro)


The HR industry in India has seen significant growth in the past few years. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the working environments completely. With the adaptation of remote and hybrid working, there is also a shift in the holistic approach toward employee well-being. The need for the HR industry is now even more important to ensure the smooth functioning of an organization.

With profound customized services and proven results in multiple industries, MaxPro is a reputed name in the HR Consulting industry. MaxPro is leading its path to success by providing world-class HR support services, staffing solutions, payroll services and many more. Having an expert team in each domain, the company provides excellent services in its field. 

Founded in 2013, MaxPro is not just any company, it is an organization having industry experts who have experience of over two decades, and decide to build a platform that provides the best HR consultation services. MaxPro is successfully associated with over 60+ brands and small size organizations.


They say experience matters a lot in the HR industry. Bearing testimony to this is Jyoti Mittal, who with her 28 years of experience, is ushering MaxPro to the path of success. She is the driving force behind MaxPro. Currently holding the position of Director & HR Business Partner of the company, the journey of Jyoti Mittal has been inspirational. Starting her career as a Contractual Employee, she now heads the HR Business of a reputed firm. Her experience and expertise in the industry have proven to be beneficial for MaxPro.

Jyoti Mittal was earlier associated with reputed companies such as Thomson Prometric, Teleperformance, ISON BPO and Tecnova. For her tremendous work, she was honoured with the ‘Best Talent Award’ for creating an employee grievance forum that is based on a ticketing system and managed on the lines of a customer care helpline.

With her years of expertise and experience, Jyoti partnered with Nitish Mittal (Co-Founder of MaxPro Consulting) and joined MaxPro to develop the HR vertical for the company. Her vision and skills in the industry lead MaxPro to the path of success. 

“Realizing my passion and ability to connect with people, I transitioned into the People Management Role applying all people practices for engagement and development,” says Jyoti.


MaxPro, with the aim of providing each brand and customer with the best solutions, offers its expertise in HR and Compliance services. Following the Standard Operating Procedure while providing the customer with a customized experience is the company’s forte. MaxPro believes that “every client is unique, so the same glove cannot fit everyone.” 

MaxPro Group is a One-Stop Shop for all HR related requirements (talent acquisition, management and development) Accounting/Finance and Insurance-related services. The company offers its services in Hire to Retire Lifecycle Management, Payroll Outsourcing, setting up operations and Incubation Services. The objective of MaxPro is to provide each client with customized service according to their requirements. The company is known for its personalised approach, punctuality and value creation in the services that it offers. 

“Our Staffing Solutions not only provides the client with best talent in the industry but also are cost-efficient. MaxPro, with its years of expertise, finds talent best suited for the requirement including cultural fitment, the right attitude and learning capabilities”. says Jyoti with affirmation. This helps organisations focus on their core business and develop unexplored horizons.

MaxPro offers a tailor-made approach and caters to both domestic and multi-national companies. With the global experience in the US, UK and MEA Markets, MaxPro gives the confidence in providing HR expertise to its clients.


MaxPro takes pride in working with global clients pioneering in their respective fields. The company maintains its healthy client relations with highly reputed companies that deal in credit ratings, financial advisory, Pharma, internal audits, manufacturing sectors and management consulting services. The clientele of the company includes Acuity Knowledge Partners, Daikin, XperstiseHub, PKC Advisory, O2 Power, Coinmen, Unique Integrated HVAC Solutions and many more to list. The expertise and professionalism of MaxPro are its valuable assets.


MaxPro notices an evident change in the HR Sector. Now, people are more practical and driven by technology & automation. Staying updated with the technology, the company does not intend to lose the power of the human and personalized approach. MaxPro’s years of experience in the industry give them the edge to create a balance between the old and the new ways of work life. With time, MaxPro brings the technological change with a hybrid working environment, AI-driven tools, CRM and data-based management driven by SLAs.


MaxPro aims to be seen as an organisation whose work speaks for itself. MaxPro does not weigh its clients with size and cost, it takes every opportunity as a challenge that helps the company to its growth trajectory. Every client is important and MaxPro pays equal attention to them. 

Jyoti’s stint in HR started with employee relations, so her conviction and faith lie in the ‘Employee First Concept’. She leads the company with the thought that, “it is your employee /team member who will help you make or break the organization.” Excelling in the HR industry, MaxPro is scaling new heights in its respective domain. In the next five years, it wishes to establish its offices in multiple international locations starting from the Middle East.

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