MBA Limbu Pani Wala Serving Tasty And Refreshing Lemonades

MBA Limbu Pani Wala Serving Tasty And Refreshing Lemonades


Being an entrepreneur sounds fun and easy but starting a business requires a lot of courage. But talent and passion have the power to keep the flame of entrepreneurship burning. Carrying out this flame, Mohammad Arif Hussain started his own business by setting up a lemonade stall. A 26-year-old MBA Graduate, Arif could have easily bagged any corporate job and earned a handsome salary but he decided to start his own venture and run a Nimbu Pani stall.

Belonging to a business family, Arif had a passion for starting something since his childhood days. After completing his MBA, Arif started researching business ideas to work. After rigorous primary market research and surveys, Arif found that there is a subsequent gap in the demand and supply of tasty and hygienic lemonade. And that’s when Arif decided to start his business of selling fresh, tasty and hygienic Nimbu Pani to fill that void in the market.  Arif started his business “MBA Limbu Pani Wala” in 2021 in Hyderabad. 

“Doing a job is not wrong but I just don’t want to do it. I wanted to start something on my own and create employment opportunities for others,” says Arif Hussain, Owner of MBA Limbu Pani Wala. 


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Offering Tasty, Refreshing And Hygienic Lemonade 

Generally, it is considered that roadside lemonade stalls are not clean and do not provide hygienic lemonades. Arif successfully defies this ordinary belief by maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness of the stall and lemonades. Arif mentions, “We use mineral water for preparing our Nimbu Pani and also use gloves all the time during making and serving the lemonade.”  

MBA Limbu Pani Wala offers three distinctive flavours of lemonade including Plain Nimbu Pani, Soda Nimbu Pani, and Dry Ice Nimbu Pani. The sodas come in sweet, sour and masala flavours that are very popular among customers. The lemonades are rich in flavours and also super affordable for everyone to buy it. The pricing of the lemonade ranges between Rs. 30-40 only. 

Battling The Criticism 

No matter how often people say “No Business is big or small”, the harsh reality is that society judges you for everything. The story of Arif is no different. Despite facing many negative comments and criticism, Arif did not stop. He has been working hard to scale up his business. People judge Arif for running a roadside stall after completing his MBA. They also said that he should apply for a good corporate job. 

Arif’s own family did not support him in his business. They believe that he is downgrading the family’s name by starting a business of roadside lemonade. Arif says, “My family members told me not to ruin the family legacy by running a lemonade stall. And they still want me to do a job or join the family business.” 

MBA Limbu Pani wala

It is said that if you have the firm determination and a focused mind then you can surely get success. Arif is the true embodiment of firm determination and passion. He is an inspiration to the youth generation and young entrepreneurs that everything is possible if you have the passion to do it. 

Currently, Arif is planning to take a step ahead by running his business on a similar business model to OYO. Arif is planning to collaborate with hotels and restaurants and sell his lemonade there. 

Laying out the expansion plans, Arif mentions, “I am looking forward to making MBA Limbu Pani Wala the biggest lemonade brand in India. I want our lemonades to be available in every hotel, restaurant and  fast food chain in India.”

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