Must-Haves for Your Start-up’s First Year in Business

Must-Haves for Your Start-up’s First Year in Business


After the initial excitement, it can be more than a little daunting to start up a business, especially if this is your first attempt. However, you need to concentrate on getting the fundamentals right and include some must-haves to make the best possible progress in your first year and ensure you are still around in 12 months.

A strong website 

You will need a strong website to introduce new and existing products and services to potential customers. However, you must include the following to ensure you attract customers and keep them browsing your site. 

User friendly

You will need to focus on the experience that it provides for your customers. User-friendly is not just a term but a vital part of how your website will perform. For instance, a slow-loading website is not regarded as user-friendly; it is frustrating and will cause your website to have a large bounce rate. Of course, being user-friendly encompasses far more than just having a quick-loading website – you should also ensure that those with disabilities are able to comfortably navigate your site, even if they cannot see or cannot use a mouse.  


You must do what you can to ensure that your website showcases you as the professional business you are. This way you will be viewed as a genuine site that visitors can trust. If it looks jumbled or confusing, visitors may think that it is a scam site and move away. Of course, in hiring the services of a web designer, you are unlikely to get this result, and instead, you will have a website that suits your business and your business needs, as well as provide the perfect impression.

Easy to find 

Undoubtedly, there is no point in having a user-friendly, professional-looking website if nobody can find it. To make sure you can be easily found on all relevant keywords and search terms you will need the services of an experienced and well-established SEO agency. SEO agencies such as work hard on link building, keywords, and improving strategies to get your business more noticeable online.

A vibrant social media profile 

You are also going to need a vibrant social media profile to gain the attention of those people you want to engage with. You can achieve this by:

  • Creating regular interesting posts that aren’t all aimed at the ‘hard sell’ approach, but provide education or information about your business and your products or services.
  • Having a clear mission to tell your potential customers and therefore give your business purpose within the niche that you have entered into.
  • Providing engagement and communication channels for all of those interested parties wishing to comment, share or ask questions by social media rather than by direct contact by email or phone call.

In Conclusion

It is not enough to simply have a website; you will need to invest effort and time to get the most out of its presence. Research your options thoroughly, but the best option is usually to hire individuals and companies that specialize in these areas and reap the benefits and rewards as quickly as possible rather than floundering around trying to do it yourself.

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