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Making your Research Article Publishing Experience Hassle Free

With a vision to set a landmark by publishing quality research articles in every stream and to support research projects to develop critical thinking expertise in research areas, which are globally sought and incredibly beneficial, SmartGen Research Publications has blazed a trail in the world of academic research manuscript publication.

Incepted in 2017, SmartGen Research Publications is a prominent, Academic – National & International Journal Publisher that assists in publishing research articles from all fields of Engineering, Technology and Medical Science. The publication house maintains the highest standards in original research material to ensure that the publishing experience of all the researchers, professors, students, and writers goes as easily as possible. 

What sets SmartGen apart from other competitive players is its unique approach; all the submitted manuscripts go through a rigorous review by the panel of SmartGen with a motive to validate the scope and authenticity of the data provided.

“To date, We have published 20,000 research articles and have 50+ collaborations with accredited research journals, internationally referred and indexed across various disciplines and aim to do more in the near future,” mentions Shalu. 


With much higher mindfulness, resourcefulness, and intuition, Shalu Susan’s ability to effortlessly juggle a hundred balls at once is making her stand out in the entrepreneurial world. She is currently serving as the Founder and Managing Director of SmartGen Research Publications. Prior to beginning her entrepreneurial journey, she brushed her skills and expertise in the Sales and Human Resources sectors. She almost spent a decade learning about Talent Management, Development, and Talent Acquisition to list a few.

It seems as if Shalu knew first-hand what it’s like to start something from scratch; to have an ambitious vision and to bring that vision into reality because the way she has built SmartGen Research Publications is beyond admiration. 

“We have resources who are trained to work towards customer satisfaction and ensure quality output. We conduct periodic reviews of our performance, customer feedback and solutions,” says Shalu.

Shalu was also the organiser of the 5th edition of Manappuram Miss Queen of India 2015 held at ITC Chennai, an initiative by IWCA. She has received quite a few awards like Gold Sales Achievement GGC, Innovation HR Practices Award, Awards for HR Excellence and more.

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Research Manuscripts Publication, Research & Accreditation Consultancy Services, Research Publication of Conference Proceedings worldwide, and Research Methodology Workshop, all fall under the wide service portfolio of SmartGen Research Publications.

SmartGen Research Publications

  • SCOPUS Indexed Journal Publication

When it comes to assisting authors and educational institutions in publishing their research journals across various disciplines ranging from Engineering, Technology, Medical Sciences, and Science to Physiotherapy, Nursing, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dentistry, and Paramedical Sciences, SmartGen Research Publications takes a lead in the industry. The journals are indexed in SCOPUS which is one of the largest databases of peer-reviewed literature.

  • Research & Accreditation Consultancy Services for NIRF /NAAC

With a record of assisting over 20 institutions for NAAC accreditation and NIRF ranking, SmartGen Research Publications becomes a renowned research and accreditation consultancy. To help institutions score top grades in accreditation, the domain experts work on building proficiency and capacity. 

  • Conferences

Realising the significance of conferences, SmartGen also conducts annual international conferences and annual sponsorship national/international conferences open to all domains in the field of Engineering, Science, and Technology.

  • Conference Proceedings Publication

For research scholars, global recognition for their research articles is an opportunity to cherish forever. SmartGen provides top-notch assistance in publishing and indexing conference proceedings worldwide. 

  • Research Methodology Workshop & Events

The company also hosts workshops for research scholars and provides comprehensive Research Methodology training through these workshops.

“Our sole objective is to understand and fulfil our customers’  needs and requirements. We never compromise on delivering quality services,” mentions Shalu.  

Since the company’s inception, SmartGen Publications is conducting its business deliveries with the highest ethical standards. “We promise to deliver our top-notch solutions on Time, on Budget and on Target,” Shalu adds further.


While SmartGen finds different ways and means to include new journals, the lack of law journals is becoming a grave concern. 

As Shalu puts it, Many researchers approach in search of law journals to familiarise themselves with legal language and study cases to improve their reasoning abilities but a clear lack of journals in the field of the law leaves us dissatisfied.”

However, SmartGen is devising different solutions to solve this challenge.


What makes a successful company even more successful? The secret lies in brilliant strategic insight and the intellect to take the right decisions for the customers which can be fulfilled by delivering what’s been committed. SmartGen does this pretty well. 

“Since the company’s establishment, We are committed to understanding and fulfilling our customer’s needs and delivering uncompromised services,” mentions Shalu who envisions becoming the No. 1 quality research publisher in India. 

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