Open Source Summit Accelerating Saudi Arabia's Digital Future

Open Source Summit: Accelerating Saudi Arabia’s Digital Future

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The Open Source Summit Saudi is an annual conference held in the Kingdom of Saudi  Arabia by the Programmers Association (Parmg) in partnership with Plexus Global set  to take place on 21st February 2024 at The Garage | Riyadh. The summit aims to raise  awareness about the benefits of open-source technology in the region and promote a  sustainable environment. It facilitates effective development, reduces costs, and accelerates the pace of innovation.  

The summit provides a platform to showcase innovative ideas and visions, enabling  various sectors and individuals to enter the open-source system. It also supports  success stories, removes obstacles, and fosters participation to build an effective  society in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The central objective of the summit is to  accelerate the pace of digital transformation, develop the information technology  market, increase local technical content, create quality jobs, reduce feasible costs, and  stimulate digital innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Key highlights include: 

  • Keynote presentations

Experts and top government executives of Saudi will share their expertise, experiences, and effective practices to adopt open source technology. 

  • Interactive panel discussions

Be a part of thought-provoking debates and discussions where topics will revolve around open-source adoption strategies, community building, and overcoming challenges of industry. 

  • Technical workshops

A Chance to take your skills to the next level and gain practical experience in specific technologies with hands-on sessions led by industry experts. 

  • Exhibition area

Meet with top-notch open-source solutions providers from around the globe and establish connections with them. 

  • Networking opportunities

Connect with individuals and key players in the tech ecosystem to build meaningful partnerships and collaborations. 

  • The Maysam Awards

Join us in celebrating the 4th edition to honor organizations, entities, establishments, academies, communities, groups, technical associations, developers, and individuals contributing to the production  and innovation of open-source products and their adoption in the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia. 

  • Code Testing Challenge

A Competition to showcase your knowledge and skills in open-source software and win some amazing cash prizes.

With Saudi government contributing $1.3Bn to the development of the open-source  technology; The Open Source Summit acts as a focal point for igniting a vibrant open source ecosystem in Saudi Arabia. This event offers a platform for: 

  • Sharing Knowledge

Learn from experts, share your expertise, and contribute to the collective advancement of open-source technologies. 

  • Collaboration

Build partnerships, form teams, and work together on innovative projects that potentially transform the Kingdom’s tech landscape. 

  • Inspiration

Be inspired by the success stories of open-source projects and discover new possibilities for your endeavors.

The Open Source Summit invites everyone passionate about open source, regardless  of their experience or expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned developer, a budding  entrepreneur, or simply curious about the future of tech, this event offers something valuable for you. 

Register now and be part of the tech revolution in Saudi Arabia!

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