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Ploogl Technologies: Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

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“Ploogl is a platform where we are managing to make future technology, gaming products & equipment affordable to the masses.”

Varun Mittal (Founder & CEO,
Ploogl Technologies)

The advent of the high bandwidth network, rising internet connectivity, and increased adoption of smartphone technology are pushing the Gaming Industry forward. The industry which was valued at USD 198.40 billion in 2021 is now expected to reach a value of USD 339.95 billion by 2027. 

Unfortunately, there’s a catch too. Although the gaming industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, there still exists a lack of awareness and understanding. Thanks to Ploogl Technologies which is on a mission to revolutionise and spread awareness about the gaming industry. Incepted in 2019, Ploogl Technologies is making a 360-degree ecosystem for gamers and becoming a catalyst for their respective gaming journey. 

About The Man Behind Ploogl

Varun Mittal introduces himself as a dedicated real-world problem solver while also creating ample business opportunities. Ambitious Varun started working at her father’s store at the young age of only 14. Since then, he never looked back and is on a strenuous journey to turn can’ts into cans and dreams into plans. 

Before entering into the persuasive gaming industry, Varun worked on multiple small and medium-sized businesses in the Hospitality, Distribution, eCommerce, and Real Estate sector. 

“Ploogl Technologies is equipped with a diverse team of Gaming professionals, each with a wide range of experience from the gaming industry. They stay updated with the latest trends and technology to stay ahead in the highly competitive and demanding gaming industry,” proudly mentions Varun. 

Offerings by Ploogl Technologies 

Ploogl Technologies offers a wide range of products. Some are also in their early stages of development. The offerings include:

  • Rental Store

Buying is old school, renting is the new In. Gaming can go super expensive, especially with the ever-changing world of games. Gamers need to continuously upgrade their gaming technology to stay competitive and up-to-date. Ploogl’s gaming rental store comes as a solution to provide gamers with the products and keep cycling them as and when they need them.

“We are expanding our business of rental through franchises. We guarantee them 3% monthly income on investment and in return, we get 23% royalty from our franchise partners.”

Moreover, via the development of gaming zones, Ploogl also enables gamers to learn about gaming along with how they can earn through gaming.  

  • Gaming Academy

To be launched in the coming years, the online gaming academy by Ploogl will be designed to enable gamers to acquire the in-depth knowledge needed to run a successful online gaming operation. This academy will shape the next generation of game developers as it will help them understand:

  1. How to make games 
  2. What is the framework involved in making a game
  3. How to pitch for investment 
  4. How many developers are required to make a game and much more

“It’s a challenge in itself to convince people to get their children admitted to a gaming academy. We’ll have to let people see the humongous growth potential. It will take time but we will surely reach there,” affirms the Founder. 

  • Ploogl Gaming Console

The gaming ecosystem is set to become more important over the next few years. As per reports, 700+ million people play games on a dedicated console today. To capitalise on the increasing gaming demand, Ploogl is on a mission to launch its revolutionary product i.e. Ploogl Gaming Console which would not only let gamers learn about how to develop a game but also enable them to try to make games and collaborate with the gaming community if they have a unique and interesting gaming idea.  

“The prototype and concept of the Ploogl gaming console are ready. We are looking forward to getting an investment of around 14 crore rupees to officially launch our product in the market,” explains Varun. 

The best part about this console would be the affordability factor. The gamer will get this console for just Rs 3000 per month.

About Ploogl genX 

Ploogl genX | Ploogl Technologies
Ploogl genX | Ploogl Technologies

Ploogl genX is a powerful console offering a sublime current-gen gaming experience. Supporting a @120hz refresh rate, Poogle concept genX will be considered more powerful than most gaming consoles present in the market today. With 1TB of NVMe memory, immersive sound, USB c and in build Dolby sound.

Ploogl & Its Statistics

  • 15+ Franchises
  • 3500+ Consoles
  • 93% Occupancy
  • 1892+ daily customers
  • 24,500+ reviews
  • 32000+ customers on the waiting list across India

Ploogl Franchise Model 

Ploogl currently has 15+ running franchises all over India. Its first franchise was started in 2020 when the gaming sector was booming. Within 2 years, the franchise count has grown quite significantly. 

“A considerable number of gaming products are rented every day in India. Therefore, each franchise gets the desired level of success,” says Varun. 

The overall revenue and profit of a Ploogl franchise vary from one location to another. Various factors affect the profitability of a Franchise such as location and demand. 

According to Varun, “On average, a franchise partner can expect to earn approximately Rs 2 – 3 lacs in a month.”

Varun also highlights the benefits involved in choosing to become a franchise partner with Ploogl Technologies:

  1. 3% monthly income on investment 
  2. Break-even in less than 45 days
  3. Security recovery insurance
  4. Ploogl brings all the sales for the franchise

The Expansion Plan 

Ploogl is expanding into multiple countries such as Dubai, Canada, New York, and the UK. The company is leaving no stone unturned to onboard more franchise partners who can help Ploogl turn its vision of making a Gaming Academy in India. In the next five years, Ploogl sees itself competing with big gaming companies like Sony and Microsoft. 

In Varun’s words, “India was never known to be such a huge market for gaming until recently. India can become a competition to the Chinese market in years to come. It will take time to bring the revolution but our strategies and our products are worth investing in.”

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