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Preeti Phuskele: A Woman With Wings

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“In Business at the end of the day, you bet on people and not just on the strategies.”

Preeti Phuskele (CEO,
Concord Talent Hunt & Pinacolish)

If the entrepreneurs are surveyed to name one thing that is their biggest headache in running the business; what would it be? A majority of them would immediately gravitate towards the issues they face while hiring the right talent for their company because, at the end of the day, you bet on people and not just on strategies. In spite of being the most populated nation on the earth companies face the gigantic challenge of getting the right talent. Backed by decades of experience, Preeti Phuskele (CEO, Concord Talent Hunt & Pinacolish) summarises these challenges into three major categories. First, companies are unable to find the right talents, second, skilled talents are unable to get the right job and third candidates may be talented, but are unable to project it as they lack certain skills. The assortment of companies established by Preeti – Concord Talent Hunt and Pinacolish works as a remedial medicine to this headache by providing staffing, HR and outsourcing solutions.

Preeti Phuskele has the experience of working as a professor in management institutes in Pune. She has edited many books and contributed many articles on Economics and Finance which are available in worldwide libraries. Her life as a professor was a fulfilling one but fate had decided something else for her. She had to quit her full-time job and retreat from her profession for childcare. But the financial challenges made her pivot to the path of entrepreneurship. Hence, Concord Talent Hunt was born in 2017. Despite facing a myriad of challenges as a working mother, she kept fighting all hurdles and flying high.

“The first Assignment of Concord Talent Hunt was from a world-renowned company. With remarkable performance in the automation sector, Concord Talent Hunt gained momentum among other Automation MNCs,” puts Preeti while recounting the inception days of her first business venture. One after another, Concord Talent Hunt under the guardianship of Preeti executed big projects for brands belonging to Automation, automotive and engineering sectors.

Another perfect time came for Preeti to take the next move. After doing extensive research, Preeti laid the foundation of her next business under the name Pinacolish in 2020. 

While Concord Talent Hunt provides Permanent Staffing in the Engineering domain to multiple sectors like Automotive, Automation, Heavy Equipment, Oil & Gas; Pinacolish masters in providing Temporary Staffing, Training, Organization Development, Mapping, HR Audits, Personal Branding, and Employer Branding.

Early & Quality Hiring

The industry is changing. Companies are always on the lookout for ideal staffing partners who are committed and dedicated. “We work on the philosophy of adhering to quality standards. We specialise in hiring niche technical positions, senior roles and specific positions for Research and Development and operations departments of Engineering Companies,” says Preeti.

Concord Talent Hunt also supports the Sales and Operations demands of the clients. Preeti deals with many clients personally; understands their issues and puts forth the best plausible solutions. “We give rigorous training to our recruiters and keep our TAT time very less to maximise client satisfaction,” asserts Preeti.

Using technology-based recruitment methods and online media, the company ensures that its clients receive the best candidates.

Business Consultancy Services

Outsourcing has made its way into smaller and mid-segment companies too and is not confined to large organisations. Pinacolish by Preeti provides consulting, advising, mentoring, and training services and helps in defining the objectives of a business.

“Pinacolish offers assistance in defining communication strategy, marketing strategies, facilitating marketing planning, branding, improving staff performance, employee motivation, and customer satisfaction,” explains Preeti.

From providing top-notch IT Services and Solutions to offering Augmented Staff Services & Outsourcing and Business Consultancy, Pinacolish is making its name in the corporate world.

Women Are Leading In All Fronts

Be it Economic, Politics, Engineering or Arts, Preeti believes women are stepping into the business world and outshining. “Working mothers are also setting an example by balancing both work and family. Women are making it to the list of achievers and are contributing to an overall change in society,” says Preeti with a big smile on her face.

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