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PrimeTime Logi Services: A One-Stop Solution For All Logistics Services

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“We, at PrimeTime Logi Services, demonstrate world-class expertise in logistics to support  shipping requirements all over the world.”  

Gaurav Agarwal & Neel Mehta
(Directors, PrimeTime Logi Services Pvt. Ltd.)  

The logistics industry in India is evolving rapidly with the expansion of the transportation network and robust technological change, inching India closer to becoming a global transport hub. PrimeTime Logi Services caters to every need and want of the Indian logistics industry by providing a comprehensive range of International Freight Services and Logistics Solutions for global shipping needs.  


PrimeTime Logi Services was incorporated in 2018 and in a short span of time, the company has successfully completed more than 345 projects. The incremental growth of PrimeTime is due to express freight forwarding services as desired by customers. The company specialises in transporting cargo of various sizes and volumes around the world enabling just-in-time delivery.  

Exclusively understanding the needs of Indian customers, PrimeTime provides customized, scalable services to cater to the needs of the highly unpredictable market conditions of modern times. From complex supply chain solutions to door-to-door freight forwarding movements, PrimeTime Logi has the wherewithal to fulfil its client’s needs.  


Discovering their true passion for Logistics and Supply Chain, Gaurav Agarwal and Neel  Mehta, laid the foundation of PrimeTime Logi Services in 2018.  

Gaurav’s interest in logistics was ignited by his mentor who made him aware of his ability to read custom policies, the implication of knowledge and benefiting the homegrown industries to achieve seamless logistical movement in terms of imports & exports. Neel’s entrepreneurial mindset was set on the logistics sector even before he started working. His passion for logistics took him from starting his career as an intern at a custom house agent to now as a Director of the company which he co-founded within seven years. 

Having deep knowledge and years of experience in the industry, both partners are taking  PrimeTime Logi Services to a new high with their excellent strategic planning and impeccable execution.  


PrimeTime Logi Services 

Maintaining the quality and efficiency of the logistics solutions, PrimeTime Logi Services becomes a trusted name in the industry with the highest level of excellence in delivery. Gaurav says, “we know that true success is about customer satisfaction, so we’ve made it our  goal to continue to develop the services that will save our customers’ time and money.”  

Offering tailor-made solutions to the customers, PrimeTime Logi Services specialises in:  

  • Flexible transportation solutions  
  • Reducing customer freight costs  
  • Ensuring superior customer service  
  • Highly competitive price  


In order to provide express door-to-door services customized as per the customer’s needs, PrimeTime Logi Services has achieved optimum operational expertise. The wide range of the company’s  services includes:  

  • Freight Forwarding  

PrimeTime Logi Services puts its best foot forward to ensure the smooth processing of shipments around the globe. A highly proficient team of PrimeTime Logi Services ensures the systematic and planned movement of goods with a well-established network of global partners.  

With extensive coverage in over 80 countries across the globe, the Freight Forwarding services of PrimeTime Logi Services include Air/Ocean, LCL/FCL, Door to Door, ODC,  Dangerous Good movements and many more.  

  • Custom Clearance  

PrimeTime Logi Services has a firm presence in all major ports in India. The well-experienced and professional clearing agents have the expertise to strive for perfect execution of the custom clearance services.  

Facilitating an effortless and secure customs clearance, PrimeTime Logi Services has expertise in handling a variety of goods. The company proficiently handles complicated activities such as SVB Registration & Finalisation, Second-hand goods clearance, Dangerous  Goods clearance, Re-imports and Re-exports, Direct port delivery clearance and others.  

  • Transportation  

To ensure the safe and secure delivery of cargo, the company arranges suitable vehicles according to the shapes and sizes of the shipment. “Our in-depth knowledge of the Indian subcontinent and international markets and routes enables us to provide customers with the reassurance that their goods are in safe hands at all times,” states Mr Gaurav Agarwal.  

PrimeTime Logi Services provides effective consolidation solutions for greater flexibility. In addition to this, the company also provides door-to-door transportation services to customers in Pan India.  

  • Warehousing  

Leveraging the strategic locations, PrimeTime Logi Services offers consistent, reliable and efficient warehousing services. Providing the best warehousing facilities to importers and exporters, the company fulfils the requirements of space, storage, faster order response and minimum inventory levels. The efficient warehousing facility of the company includes CBM  basis Storage, Round clock security, IT Enables Services – MIS and Equipped Product  Handling of Hazardous & General Cargo.

Additionally, PrimeTime Logi Services also provides its services in AEOs & DPD Registrations, Export Promotion of Capital Goods, Advance Licensing, Vessel Chartering,  and more.  

“The company focuses on streamlining processes, faster turnaround and creating an infrastructure for clients who more often than not look at Multinational companies for transparency and efficiency,” iterates Neel.  


With the aim to excel in the path of the logistics industry, PrimeTime Logi Services exhibits customer-centricity and world-class expertise through ingenuity and technology. The vision of the company is to emerge as a global leader known for its pioneering solutions in the logistics industry worldwide. PrimeTime Logi Services is delivering customer delight for a  simplified logistics movement and will continue to do so to position itself as one of the top logistics solutions providers.

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