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Sanjeev Sodhani’s Vision: Redefining Water Storage Solutions with Winfra

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“In the coming five years, our startup looks forward to embracing emerging trends and technologies within our industry, positioning us at the forefront of innovation.”

Sanjeev Sodhani (Director, Winfra)

“Casting aside conventional norms and embracing an audacious vision, Winfra Buildtech Pvt Ltd is here to redefine the landscape of water storage solutions,” declares Sanjeev Sodhani, the promoter and director of India’s leading firm that specialises in the manufacturing of premium zincalume water storage tanks for diverse sectors, including commercial, industrial, community water storage and residential sectors.

With a career spanning nearly a quarter-century, Sanjeev emerges as a seasoned expert in manufacturing, procurement, contracting and EPC across diverse industries. He has worked with some of  India’s brightest minds and esteemed organisations. Yet, it is his profound expertise in orchestrating large-scale infrastructure projects in diverse sectors such as Telecom, Power, Cement, Buildings, Roads, and Airports that equips him to steer Winfra Buildtech towards its towering success.

From strategic decision-making to securing & successfully implementing numerous projects, Sanjeev works like a pro. He understands what it takes to be on the driver’s seat but his team leaves no stone unturned to support him well when it comes to Customers, Strategy and Innovation. 

Genesis of Winfra

‘An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.’ This saying fits well here as Winfra’s journey was filled with many uncertainties and challenges. Establishing a company is one thing, but steering it to success is another, and Winfra achieved both.

“Believe it or not, it’s hard to convince talented professionals to join a new company whose promoter had no earlier experience of running a business. But we are very fortunate that our team believed in us & our vision for Winfra,” sys Sanjeev with a smile. Today, Winfra boasts the industry’s finest talent pool.

Another major hurdle was generating working capital. When banks showed reluctance in extending credit to Winfra for being a new firm, the need was to meticulously manage the cash flow. As time passed, the company’s sustained growth and effective cash flow management garnered the trust of financial institutions, resulting in increased support for the ventures. 

It is often said when you solve one problem, the other awaits. The next and perhaps the most difficult challenge was client acquisition. Convincing clients to trust a new company, regardless of the efficiency of its services, was no small feat “At that time, it was our perseverance and honest communication that made them believe in us and Winfra,” explains Sanjeev. One client after another, Winfra added some of the industry’s most renowned names to its portfolio.

In just 15 months since its inception, Winfra has served clients from a myriad of industries, including both private and government sectors, ranging from small businesses to blue-chip enterprises.

Winfra’s Offerings

Established in 2022, Winfra has gained widespread recognition for its exceptional services, boasting a team of directors and senior executives who excel in their respective domains. Each team member at Winfra possesses a wealth of experience in their specific areas of specialisation. Here are the services offered by the firm:

Zincalume Storage Tanks Solution

  • Zincalume Storage Tanks Solution

Winfra Tanks stand as the ultimate solution for a diverse array of storage needs across industries such as drinking water, food, dairy, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. They have longer operational life due to their sturdiness.

“One of the best features of our tanks is that they are totally inert, preventing the buildup of slime, algae, or any organic matter, as well as the accumulation of suspended particles and calcination,” explains Satyabrata Das, the Co-Director of the firm. 

Sanjeev Sodhani with Satyabrata Das

“We are proud to mention that we are one of the leading suppliers of these tanks for our Prime Minister’s flagship program “Jal Jeevan Mission”. With a focus on quality, timelines & safety, Winfra has become a renowned brand that resonates within the industry,” adds Mr Sodhani.

  • Business Consulting and Project Management Services

Winfra also provides business consulting services, which in Sanjeev’s words, is more than just giving advice. As a business consulting firm, Winfra specialises in helping clients with business growth and marketing, formulating business & negotiation strategies, developing procurement strategies, improving organisational effectiveness, working on risk management and contract management and many more.

  • Modular Building Solutions

Winfra offers Guard Rooms, Time Offices, Liftable Containers, Modular Cottage, Modular Cottages (WIP) and Site Offices. For labour accommodations, the firm offers Triple Storey Barracks, Double Storey Barracks, and Double Storey Barrack Containers, all while ensuring comfort, safety, and functionality.

Here’s How The Firm Approach Competiton!

Competition pushes to achieve more, enabling organisations to accomplish greater achievements. Many companies are entering the product line of Winfra and the firm has its own way of dealing with them as Sanjeev says, “We don’t lose sleep over our competitors.”

  • Trusted Client Relationships

Clients are the ambassadors of any business’s reputation. Winfra leaves no detail overlooked to build strong partnerships with clients, earning their complete trust.

  • Niche Market Pioneers

The company has established itself as a leader in the market by consistently delivering superior products and executing projects on schedule for its clientele.

  • Customer-Centric Focus

The success mantra of Winfra lies in prioritising customer satisfaction, emphasising the production of top-notch products, maintaining site safety, and fulfilling all commitments without compromising on quality.

  • Expert Team

The company boasts a highly proficient team, each excelling in their respective operational areas. Their ability to make decisions in support of client needs is a double win.

  • Adaptability and Innovation

Winfra excels in adapting to evolving market dynamics, embracing new technologies, and adopting innovative processes, thus allowing the firm to consistently provide high-quality results within agreed-upon timelines.

In The Startup World, Teamwork Is The Superpower

Team Winfra

Team Winfra plays a pivotal role in steering the growth trajectory. It is their dedication, expertise and collaborative spirit that has yielded remarkable results. 

Their innovation has created market-leading solutions, while their constant efforts to strive for efficiency have not only improved the firm’s operations but also significantly reduced costs. Through thorough market research, the team has guided Winfra’s expansion into new markets, enhancing its reach and diversifying its portfolio. Furthermore, team Winfra’s customer-centric approach has boosted loyalty and garnered positive reviews, solidifying the firm’s reputation in the market. 

“With a keen eye for emerging trends, it’s absolutely incredible how Winfra Team find new growth opportunities while also going the extra mile to meet revenue targets,” proudly mentions Sanjeev. “Their dedication remains the beating heart of our achievements, and we will continue to harness their talents to reach even greater heights in the future,” adds Mr Das further.

Key Strategies For Future

Over the next five years, Winfra aims to embrace emerging trends and technologies so as to position the firm at the forefront of innovation. Some key strategies that will not only keep Winfra ahead of the curve but also ensure its sustained growth are:

  • Keeping a keen eye on industry shifts and emerging opportunities
  • Seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies to enhance operational efficiency and product offerings
  • Fostering a culture of innovation to encourage creative problem-solving
  • Committing to sustainability and eco-consciousness to promote a greener future
  • Co-creating solutions with customers to meet their customised needs
  • Adapting proactively to regulations to maintain the reputation as a responsible organisation

Winfra’s vision for the future is clear: to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence toward modular construction replacing traditional construction methods.

“We are committed to sustained growth, powered by our dedication to quality, customer-centric approach, and adaptability to emerging trends and technologies. As we venture into new horizons and expand our reach, our team remains the driving force behind our success. Together, we will script a remarkable journey of growth, setting new standards in the industry, and ensuring that Winfra remains at the forefront of innovation and service excellence,” reiterates both directors before signing off.

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