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Seva At Home: On A Mission To Offer Quality Healthcare at Home in India

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“We are on a mission to provide life-changing access to quality healthcare at home, producing improved outcomes for patients and their families.”

Atul Gandhi
(Co-Founder & CEO, Seva At Home)

India’s elderly population (aged 60 and above) stands at 138 million and the number is projected to touch 194 million in 2031, which means an increase of nearly 41 per cent in a decade. But why are we discussing the numbers? It’s because old age is a sensitive phase and requires extra care, love and affection.

A growing number of India’s elderly population lives alone, with their children living abroad. But companies like Seva At Home contribute to the community by bringing high-quality compassionate care for your loved ones within their homes and bridging the gap between hospital care and those requiring support at home.

What Led To The Inception Of Seva At Home?

The Co-Founder, Atul Gandhi had a personal experience in early 2017. Atul’s father was diagnosed with cancer. He was working in Boston, USA and therefore tried to look for a caregiver in India. Unable to find any reliable and dependable service, Atul had to travel back and forth from the USA to India to take care of his father.

Atul faced a lot of difficulties. And it was during this time that he realised the shortage of trustworthy and reliable remote care options for elderly people whose children live either abroad or in other parts of India. 

That’s when Atul along with the other Founders sat down and decided to take the plunge.  It was 2019 when a tech-enabled elder care startup, Seva At Home was born to give people an easier and safer way to hire and monitor caregivers for their loved ones, even if they were far away from their homes. 

“Seva At Home was created as a solution to the rising problem of insufficient healthcare facilities and a lack of caregivers for the elderly in India,” says Atul. 

Atul Gandhi, His Team & One Absolute Aim 

Atul Gandhi is a result-oriented leader with over 26 years of rich experience in managing organisations. His indubitable ability to turn seemingly complex business problems into technical solutions places him ahead of the rest.  

As the company’s CEO, Atul prioritises long-term thinking and focuses on strategic planning and program management, architecting and designing Seva At Home’s platform, and blending health and wellness with telehealth. 

With this philosophy, he has guided the company to various achievements, including the establishment of a B2B vertical Seva PRO to prioritise well-being at the workplace. 

Prior to being at Seva At Home’s helm, Atul served as a Senior Director at AlixPartners, a global management consulting firm, and before that he was the Senior Director at Merkle Inc.

The Seva At Home Team has a combined experience of over 85 years in terms of delivering quality care services to loved ones. The team’s commitment to providing quality home healthcare assistance makes Seva At Home a reliable home healthcare platform

“We have a highly-qualified and trained team of senior care experts that not only provide outstanding care services but also treat patients like their own family,” mentions the CoFounder. 

Seva At Home has one absolute aim: Nurture its clients with the highest quality healthcare within the comfort of their own homes.  

Care Services That You Can Trust

  • Caregiver Services

Seva At Home provides patients and the elderly with an in-home caregiver that helps them with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, cooking, grooming, and eating. The caregiver not only gives the elderly time to rest and reduces stress regarding getting things done, but also curbs the risk of injury and falls associated with physical chores. 

  • Post-Surgical Recovery

Seva At Home provides home-based post-surgical recovery services to allow patients to recover within their homes. Healing becomes easier when a qualified care expert handles every facet of the recovery process. These care experts include qualified and trained critical care nurses who are equipped to help patients recover post-hospitalisation.

  • Plan For The Patient

The service providers of Seva At Home do not prescribe medical advice but may prepare a plan for the patient with their providers like surgeons, therapists, physicians, etc or other family members’ advice. 

  • Meal Planning

Seva At Home’s nutritionists customise nutritional and diet plans depending on the person’s health parameters, dietary restrictions, and their environment, and help customers become healthier within the comfort of their homes 

  • Wellness At The Workplace

Seva At Home’s extensive range of healthcare services has been made available to corporates across the world. Employees of these companies have access to 24/7 telehealth services, expert content, webinars, discounted healthcare services, on-site medical support, ambulances, and more. 

Reliable Range of In-Home Care Service Packages

  • Post Knee/Hip Replacement Care

To help patients regain knee/hip strength, reduce the risk of post-surgical problems, and of course regain mobility, Seva At Home provides absolute care.   

  • Chronic Disease Management

Chronic diseases such as high/low blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, sleep apnea and others are unfortunately quite common now, but Seva At Home’s healthcare management and assistance can help you and your loved ones recover at home and manage the illness better. 

  • Post-Acute Care Surgery

For patients who undergo serious medical procedures, Seva At Home offers Post-Acute Care Surgery services to help patients transition from a hospital setting to home care. 

  • Stroke Recovery

To help stroke patients relearn tasks, regain lost skills and achieve normal cognitive functions, Seva At Home deploys the best caregivers & provides Stroke Recovery Care Services. 

A Business Worth Relying On

  • Before deployment, all care providers at Seva At Home undergo an extensive screening process that involves rigid background checks.
  • Care Providers get regular training to brush up on their skills and update them about the latest developments and state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Seva At Home has partnered with quite a few popular names in the healthcare industry to fulfil their aim of providing the best quality care services. 

What’s Next?

The mission of Seva At Home is to provide life-changing access to quality healthcare at home, producing improved outcomes for patients and their families.

“We are currently providing at-home highly skilled and devoted nurses, care attendants, and virtual consultations with doctors, physiotherapists, and nutritionists across 70+ cities and we plan to cover 100+ cities in the coming months,” iterates Atul.

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