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Divya Pentapalli: A Creative Soul

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“We love creating a moment of ‘dream come true’ for every client with no mess and no fuss strategy.”

 Divya Pentapalli
(Founder & Principal Designer, Designs by Divya)

A well-planned and strategic interior design adds charm to the beauty and functionality of the home. Understanding this aspect of interior design to the core, Divya Pentapalli, an interior designing expert turns dreams into reality. With a passion for designing, she not only designs spaces but also creates dreams.

Her love for design ignited in childhood because of her parents and grandparents. Divya’s grandparents used to create unique artworks and display them in their homes. In Founder’s words, “I used to stay at their place a lot and was always in awe of their creations.” Holding a B.Tech degree in IT, she never found her heart in the computers and IT sector. That’s when she decided to pursue her love for interior design. With the support of her family, she switched her career to interior design and went to Mumbai for her studies. After doing multiple internships, her business mindset paved the way for starting her own business, and that’s how ‘Designs by Divya’ was born in 2016.

Divya is a calm-minded & soft-spoken personality and always respects everyone; be it a contractor or her own team. She does not encourage the micromanaging style of leadership at her firm. She believes “freedom to think and take decisions is really important”.

Divya successfully positions herself as a great leader and guiding force. She respects the creativity of her team and gives them the ultimate freedom to showcase their expertise under her stewardship.


Incepted in 2016, Designs By Divya is an interior design studio that is known for its creative ideas, trendy styles, and functional designs. Offering design services for both residential and commercial projects, the creative team of the company ensures that every design maintains the latest trendy styles and highest quality. With the aim of bringing the WOW factor to its designs, the professional interior designers of the company mix old trends with new ones by taking inspiration from Indian culture and modern architecture. “We offer bespoke and luxury interior design services with international trends in mind for styling any space,” mentions the Founder.

The core strength of Designs By Divya is creativity while keeping the maximum functionality of the house. Divya iterates, “We always design with practical use in mind, especially with Mumbai homes which are small. We specialise in luxury interior design projects in South Mumbai, Powai, and Thane. Our tailor-made bespoke interiors reflect the client’s personality and make each space look and feel different.


Designs By Divya envisions delivering dream homes and offices to clients with a positive approach towards the project. “With Mumbai’s real estate rates being so high, every client of ours put their hard-earned money into making their dream home a reality. Comprehending their emotions, we love making that ‘dream come true’ with no mess and no fuss strategy,” mentions Divya.


Divya is a spiritual person who loves reading books; Devi Bhagavatam’s and feminine powerful books are her favourites as their thoughts and writings keep her motivated and energetic in the game. She firmly believes that “if a woman puts her mind and heart into anything, she will definitely succeed and reach her goals in no time.”

Divya’s success mantra is derived from her mother’s philosophy that says, “Being financially independent gives you a voice in the family and in society”. It is her mother who inspired her to work hard and create her own identity in the world. The one thought that is very close to Divya’s heart by her mother- “If you become successful at what you do, your words will have more impact”, fills Divya’s life with purpose.

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