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Dr Prameela Sreemangalam: The Ultimate Healer

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“I want to establish a huge healing centre where people at large can be served under one roof.” 

 Dr Prameela Sreemangalam
(Founder, Mind Scan)

“Scanning thoughts and Simplifying Life,” is the mantra of Dr Prameela Sreemangalam who runs a Centre of Healing, Inner Transformation and Life Evolution. 

After completing her schooling at Auxilium Convent, Dr Prameela completed Clinical Psychology at the University of Madras. Thereafter, she went ahead to acquire licensing in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and NLP certification from NFNLP, USA. Prameela’s indubitable interest in academics, knowledge and evolution made her acquire a PhD in Psychotherapy and Counseling from Swahili University.

After serving Aviation Industry for over a decade, Dr Prameela heard the innermost call that directed her towards serving humanity with a larger cause. “Combining my knowledge of Psychology and Psychotherapy with Metaphysical science and mindfulness techniques, I incepted Mind Scan in 2009,” says Dr Prameela.  

Conquering The Mental Health Stigma

‘Why does bringing the issue of mental health in the open dispel the uncomfortable barriers?’ This question used to disturb Dr Prameela oftentimes, therefore, she decided to take the plunge which could educate the masses and help them identify the concept of psychology and the related benefits of therapies.

“The stigma of society to approach a Psychologist apprehension towards psychotherapeutic tools, and fear of social labelling, were amongst the many limitations in the mindset of people which prevented them from openly approaching a Psychotherapist. Therefore, I addressed the masses through magazines, media, TV interviews and sessions in schools and universities,” says Dr Prameela with a sigh of satisfaction.

Today, 68000+ people have benefitted from Mind Scan and 52000+ healings have been done through books and decks.

A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Mind Scan focuses on mental wellness for corporates, institutions, schools and universities. Dr Prameela along with her team serves the industry through psychology tools, energy healing modalities, zen-wellness, positive re-enforcers, life coaching, wellness workshops and individual counselling online and offline.

“Mind Scan books and decks are available on Amazon. Community services are constantly delivered on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. We also have a monthly newsletter that covers entire programs, with reviews and testimonials,” says Dr Prameela who believes that the journey towards health begins on the path of Self-Love.

In order to make each client feel valued and to bestow them with hope, Team Mind Scan handholds, mentors, coaches, and resolves queries on a regular basis. The company is currently catering to domestic and international clients through several online and offline sessions. It holds its base in many cities in India and internationally in Dubai, Singapore, Mauritius, USA, Africa & Canada.

Spreading Humanity All-Around 

Dr Prameela wakes up every day with one thought in mind. She envisions building a huge healing and therapeutic centre where people at large can be served under one roof.

She never forgets to mention the contribution of her team in building Mind Scan. She firmly believes that the gateway to success is by forming a core team built with strength & value. Mind Scan is equipped with passion-driven individuals who are ever ready to provide immediate aid to clients.

Countless Recognitions

Some awards received by Mind Scan are the International Iconic Hero 2022, Outstanding Mental Health Service Achiever Award 2020, 50 Top Global Mental Health Leader Award 2019, Speaking Tree Good Karma Award 2017 in the Category of Life Coach, and Young Women Achievers Award 2017, to list a few.

‘Be The Light You Want To See In The Universe’

Dr Prameela who is living her passion through Mind Scan believes that every woman should focus on her dreams and strive hard to make them real. She also advises women to be open to change and always place their dreams as their top priority.

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