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Nandita Kanwar: A Magnificent Marketing Professional

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“Leadership is all about influence and not authority.”

Nandita Kanwar
(Director Growth & Strategy, Hydromo & Founder, eConcero)

Nandita has been on a roller coaster ride as both, an employee and an entrepreneur, and she claims that this has been exhilarating, electrifying, rich with lessons & joyful – just like the ride itself!

A Marketing & Advertising Professional for over two decades now, having expertise in the fields of Marketing, Market Research and Digital Marketing, she is enthusiastic about promoting and achieving end-to-end results using sales-oriented marketing methods for businesses.

She has been associated with CDR Hospitals and Citibank in the past, but her longest stint comes with the Nasdaq listed WPP Group, including associations with TNS and Kantar – cumulatively the finest and leading Advertising & Market Research Group across the globe. She quotes “Working with TNS and Kantar has provided me with a wealth of information, a world of exposure and ample opportunities to create exceptional work for fortune 500 companies in areas of Market Research and Media” recognizing her skills & winning her laurels globally. A rare combination of delivering operational, innovation, technology & strategic milestones. She was spearheading Artificial Intelligence for Market research in the year 2013, much before the era of ChatGPT.

After this, she embarked on her entrepreneurial adventure and founded the Strategy Consulting, Market Research, and Digital Marketing firm, “eConcero Private Limited Company”, which means “to electronically connect” and the vision of the firm is to Empower Brands. The firm is highly renowned for achieving important outcomes for several businesses, including local, national and several worldwide businesses across various domains.

Nandita believes in driving sales and revenue needs using the right marketing tools and strategies, which require them to be backed by facts, insights & projections. Nandita excels at this and is praised by practically all her clients for generating strong results in the form of revenues via the use of appropriate tactics and digital marketing.

She also works as a Growth Director for a family-run environment & renewable firm, Hydromo, where her responsibilities include positioning the company’s brand and advancing marketing and sales.

Nandita is devoted to marketing and adores her work and she gets high on every sale her work yields. She passionately identifies with Robert Frost on “The woods are lovely, dark and deep And I have miles to go before I sleep”.

Her High 5’s of a Successful Client Relationship

Communication, trust, flexibility, expertise, and collaboration are crucial aspects for Nandita in creating a wholesome long-term relationship with clients. She emphasizes on having frequent fireside chats with clients for good communication, building trust for relationship building, being flexible to unlearn and learn about clients, having expertise in both market research and digital marketing, and collaborating with clients to create exceptional work products.

Mantra To Excel In The Industry

Nandita stresses that to excel in the industry as a business, it is important to keep up with market developments, competition & trends and be quick in identifying new opportunities for product launches or enhancements or modifying marketing plans. Data helps you to make informed decisions. Market research is imperative at every product stage.

Encouraging Innovation in business culture is THE key. Finally – not letting go, and adapting to the dynamics of the market, preferences, and technologies is equally important- the faster it is, the better will be the results.

Advice For Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Nandita says, “Believe in your vision and purpose and keep going despite obstacles. Focus on your desired outcome and ignore distractions. Learn from failures and keep acquiring knowledge. Hire talented people and prioritize a productive work environment. Stay informed about legal, financial, marketing, product, operations, and innovation. You cannot afford to delegate this. There may be doers but you have to not only be aware but also lead these relatively.”

She also believes that Leadership is all about influence and not authority, therefore advises all budding women entrepreneurs to build meaningful relationships as they go!

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