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“I have purposely removed the letter ‘E’ from ‘mastery’ so that it appears like ‘Try’.”

Satender Singh (CEO, Artmastry)

When Satender Singh, after serving the nation as defence personnel, decided to awaken his deep-embedded love for art, it led to the inception of his dream firm, Artmastry. Mr Singh, an artist hailing from Agra, Uttar Pradesh, has carried the soul of an artist within him since his early days. Art has always been an inseparable part of his very being.

“My father was in the Defence service, therefore, our family experienced frequent transfers every 3 to 5 years. This transient lifestyle meant that I couldn’t have a consistent teacher to guide me in honing my artistic skills. However, my passion for art drove me to learn from my surroundings. I believe that consistency always pays you in the long run. It’s often said, ‘There is no knowledge without a teacher,’ and I can’t take full credit for my artistic journey. Few people, few artists, few videos, few inspirations and a lot of interest kept me alive in this field.” recalls Mr Singh. 

After dedicating 20 years of his life to the nation, he now aims to offer hope to all aspiring artists who are yearning for recognition but not getting the right way to proceed or present themselves. The idea of creating this firm had been brewing in Singh’s mind for the past 5 to 7 years. However, his busy schedule didn’t let him pursue any academic qualification, except for some correspondence courses. Fortunately, as the art is more practical, Satender honed his skills through hands-on experience.

“I come from a job-oriented background. It was quite challenging for me to set up a business. I actively engaged with many people and their advice helped me move forward,” explains the brain behind Artmastry.

What Does Artmastry Offer?

One can find all aspects of the art world at Artmastry. The firm offers art courses for aspiring artists and engages in the sale and marketing of artworks. It also maintains collaborations with art galleries and is also planning to introduce a line of art supplies. Furthermore, the firm also provides wall art painting services. 

Artmastry believes in delivering the best to the clients. Mr Singh says, “As it is just the beginning, we seek to build life-long relationships with our clients. We don’t impose our ideas on them, rather encourage them to embrace and incorporate our suggestions if it enhances their own vision and ideas.”

Feathers In The Cap 

Satender Singh has many awards and recognitions to its name. Some of the highly prestigious ones include:

  • First Position in the ‘Drawing and Painting’ Competition conducted by Air Force Station Uttarlai, Barmer in 2022
  • First Position in the ‘Watercolour Painting’ Competition at the Indian Air Force Educational & Cultural Society in 2020
  • Showcased artworks in the 13th Annual Art Exhibition at AIFACS conducted by the National Institute of Fine Arts [NIFA] in 2018
  • Second Position in the ‘Oil Painting’ Competition at Air Headquarter Air Force, New Delhi in 2016
  • First Position in ‘Cartoon Making’ Competition conducted by Air Headquarter Air Force, New Delhi in 2015

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