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The KariGhars: Designing Opulent Interiors That Speak For Themselves

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“We are here to make your personal getaway to dreamland, a reality.”

 Abhishek Chadha (CEO, The KariGhars)

Two decades ago, Aashita and Abhishek, who share a background of working in the IT industry, didn’t know that there would come a time when they would be sketching the idea of an interior design firm. Although, every business story is different but the one built by Abhishek Chadha, Aashita Chadha, and Vinayak Chadha is altogether unique.  

Abhishek and Aashita have always led a purposeful life. They were enjoying every minute of it but when they explored its hidden treasures, they gifted The KariGhars to India, a one-stop solution for all kinds of interior design needs. It all started when the couple decided to get their own home renovated. The whole experience left them exasperated & motivated enough to incept their own interior design firm, “The KariGhars”. They wanted to bring something innovative to the Indian interior design industry, which would also be coupled with a focus on the overall client experience. Thus, in 2009 “The KariGhars” was born and there has been no turning back. 

Since the inception of the firm, it has undertaken complete turnkey projects for villas and apartments and created them into luxurious homes. 

Our aim has always been to develop ever-lasting impressions with efficient layouts, bright colour palettes, bespoke furniture, and strategic lighting schemes for the dream homes of our clients,” mentions Abhishek Chadha (CEO, The KariGhars) 

The KariGhars masters the art of creating luxury spaces that mirror the owner’s personality, passion, and style. The firm maintains strict timelines for every step of the design process with an incredible work ethic for never-failing on-time delivery. 

“A testament to our exceptional talent and expertise is that we ensure all our designs are tailor-made and portray the ethnic Indian roots that pay homage to the local artisans and masons,” says Aashita Chadha (CFO, The KariGhars) 


CEO Abhishek Chadha, CFO Aashita Chadha, and MD Vinayak Chadha | The KariGhars
CEO Abhishek Chadha, CFO Aashita Chadha, and MD Vinayak Chadha | The KariGhars

CEO Abhishek Chadha, CFO Aashita Chadha, and MD Vinayak Chadha began The KariGhars with an intent to bring glorious customer experience and fresh designs to the table. 

The CEO Abhishek Chadha graduated from the University of Delhi with a Bachelor of Science. He began his career in 2001 as a lecturer in Indonesia, where he taught IT. Thereafter, he shifted to Bangalore as a senior programming engineer. He made his way forward by working on UX & UI as the VP. Everything changed when he circumstantially knocked on the doors of creativity and became one of the leading faces behind the best interior design firm in Bangalore. As the CEO of The KariGhars, Abhishek oversees the management of operations and company resources. 

Aashita Chadha, the Chief Financial Officer of The KariGhars, executes the financial strategy and oversees the financial performance of the company. Vinayak Chadha, the Managing Director loves to interact with clients, understand their requirements and suggest the best design solutions. 

Abhishek, Aashita, and Vinayak consider customers as their actual inspiration. Each client brings a new perspective and a new narrative thus enabling them and their team to consistently explore the latest design trends and offer gratifying results. 


Interior Design by The KariGhars

From building a team and shaping employees’ skills to honing the company culture, running a business is always a challenge but The KariGhars has victoriously fought with every struggle to record a consistent pattern of growth through the Compound Annual Growth Rate chart, clocking in at over 100% every year. 

In Aashita’s words, “The KariGhars specialises in luxurious projects and stands out from the rest as it believes that it is crucial to dedicate extra time to curating the decor, conceptualising the basic idea of the house, and creating a cohesive look to deliver on our promise of bespoke homes.”  

Made famous by the designer and architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the dictum, “Less is More” works as a motivation for the company. 

The experienced team of designers follows the principles of minimalism while adding a unique touch to it. Moreover, fashion is quite impulsive and consumers are more demanding, hence following fashion trends is a great way to hand out what people want in their space. Therefore, the team tries to incorporate popular materials in construction and design. 

The team also strives to be at par with international and national trends and bind together all the design elements and customise a project as per their requirements. The client doesn’t really have to rely on mere imagination as a detailed 3D walkthrough by The KariGhars helps them visualise how the completed design would look like.

The design solutions that make The KariGhars one of the best interior design firms in Bangalore are: 

  • Turnkey Projects

From conceptualisation to curation to putting everything in its place, Team KariGhars undertakes complete turnkey projects for villas and apartments.

  • Bespoke Modular Furniture 

The KariGhars customises entertainment units, modular kitchens & built-in furniture to fit the aesthetic of a project, setting it apart from the conventional interiors.

  • Colour Coordination

Colours have to play a major role in human psychology and emotions to a considerable extent. Hence, the team chooses cohesive colour palettes based on their understanding of colour theories and inspired by the client’s vision to transform ordinary spaces into sensational ones. 

“We give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in our exclusive design solutions,” says Vinayak Chadha (MD, The KariGhars)


Interior Design by The KariGhars

Reads the tagline of The Karighars. If somebody of Indian descent, no matter where they are from around the globe, wishes to build a luxury home for themselves, The KariGhars can surely be their one-stop solution. 

The KariGhars places a high value on Indian ethnicity because it believes that our origins are firmly planted here. As the name suggests, ‘KariGhars’ has a strong Indian flavour. Despite all of the services available worldwide, the team of The KariGhars truly feels that there is an element that only Indianness can bring. Thus no matter where the client lives, if it’s about interiors with a touch of Indian luxury, the name would be The KariGhars.


Within a span of 13 years, The KariGhars has served more than 3000 clients. Here, the numbers are speaking for themselves. True design is always centred around the unique requirements and desires of the client, and that’s what The KariGhars has been following since day one of its establishment. 

Abhishek firmly believes that a successful client relationship is one where the client has an active involvement in the process and is granted authority on the design and theme of the project.

The KariGhars has always prioritised articulating and comprehending the firm-client expectations and means of carrying them out as a part of a strong and consistent collaboration. It has also been interested in having conversations regarding uncertain scenarios and how to address them, which has primarily helped the firm to develop a great degree of confidence and trust for both parties right from the start of the design process.


Interior Design by The KariGhars

Since its establishment, The KariGhars has added quite a few feathers to its cap. Although the list is endless, some of the highly prestigious awards received by the company are:

  • ‘Most Creative Interior Designing firm in Bangalore’ Award
  • ‘Company of the Year 2017 Award by Silicon India’
  • ‘The Best Interior Design Services Award’ 2011 for Residential projects in Bangalore received from Dr. Shashi Tharoor
  • ‘Entrepreneurship Excellence Awards’ 2012
  • ‘Best & Most Creative Interior Design Firm of the Year 2021’ Karnataka Award under the “Premium Residential Projects & Innovative Approach” category by National Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards 2021
  • Aashita Chadha also received the 40 under 40- Best Interior Designer of India Award in 2021 by the National Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards 2021. 


Listening carefully to the clients, respecting their ideas, and gaining their interest form crucial facets of interior design. The KariGhars understands this very well. The creative heads at The KariGhars believe that every client has a beautiful and unique life story and a particular style or image of how they wish to idealize their home. This could be due to a combination of events in their lives or a set of unique personal experiences. 

As designers, the team at The KariGhars considers it a pleasure to be able to hear these experiences from different individuals, make them their own, and enact their narrative by designing a liveable space for them. 

“Our design philosophy is also reflective of the design values we hold close to us – it is easy to create a house, but it takes heart to convert it into a home. If a client is unsatisfied with the overall design, we unhesitatingly would even consider going to towering lengths in order to achieve customer satisfaction,” mention the trio behind the company before signing off.

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