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Fabuleux: Crafting A Story in Every Gift

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With an expanding range of in-house products and a strong network of artisanal and eco-conscious brands, we’re excited about the future.”

Pooja Narang (Co-Founder & CEO, Fabuleux)

With a  desire to transform the act of gifting into an art form, Pooja Narang took the plunge to incept Fabuleux Gifting Studio in 2022. In terms of its achievement, in just over a year,  Fabuleux had the privilege of collaborating with big brands, crafting memorable gifting experiences that resonate with their brand identities and values.

Fabuleux, with a pledge to deliver fabulous experiences, provides end-to-end gifting solutions. From the moment an order is placed until it arrives at the customer’s doorstep, Fabuleux takes care of everything. The firm is sustained and nurtured by Saurabh Nanda, the visionary behind Coloressence & Nature’s Essence, established over two decades ago, a renowned name in the skincare sector and a household favourite for modern cosmetics and makeup.

But what would make you choose Fabuleux? One thing that separates Fabuleux from the rest is its ideology– every gift should tell a story and create a lasting impression. Its commitment to curated gifting blends thoughtfulness, elegance, and creativity together. 

Woman Behind The Brand

Pooja Narang has over 18 years of experience in sales, business development and strategic leadership. All these years, she has honed her skills in spearheading successful sales and marketing initiatives, fostering key client relationships, and driving revenue growth. Her expansive professional journey has equipped her with the ability to transform a business vision into actionable strategies, proficiently manage cross-functional teams, and discern innovative solutions to enhance profitability. This wealth of experience has profoundly moulded her into a visionary leader and entrepreneur, enabling her to confidently and innovatively navigate the intricate landscape of the business world. She has collaborated with many prestigious brands such as TWG Tea, Marriott, ITC, and British Airways.

Fabuleux is the result of her quench to elevate the art of gifting by providing luxury experiences that ultimately inspire and delight both the giver and the recipient.

Serving Corporates & Individuals

Fabuleux’s clientele is extremely diverse. Under the corporate arena, the company had the privilege of collaborating with a wide spectrum of businesses, from startups to established organisations. It also serves individual clients for occasions ranging from weddings and birthdays to anniversaries and more.

“We have served many big organisations like Taj Hotels, Mercer, Sodexo, Apollo, Marriott Hotels, and Visa to name a few,” Pooja states proudly.

She goes on to emphasise, “We never compromise on quality. Quality assurance stays at the core of our service. We carefully curate our products, source from trusted suppliers, and conduct rigorous quality checks. Customer feedback is invaluable and we continuously refine our offerings to meet and exceed expectations.”

A Personalised Touch in Every Gift


As easy as it sounds, offering personalised touches that make each gift unique is a tough row to hoe. Yet, Fabuleux excels in this aspect as well. Keeping customisation and personalisation at the heart of the business, the company leaves no stone unturned to understand clients’ needs, brand identity and most importantly, the message they wish to convey to the recipients. 

Fabuleux Corporate Gifting

“That’s where my team scores a victory. We are proud to have a creative team of designers and stylists who create customised solutions, whether it’s a unique theme, personalised packaging or custom-engraved products. It is their dedication, creativity, and commitment that has made Fabuleux where it is today. Their ability to envision unique gifting concepts and bring them to life, while adhering to the principles of aesthetics, is what truly sets us apart from the rest.” mentions the CEO. 

The Expansion Plan

The Corporate Gifting Industry shows all signs of growth in the coming years. As the demand for sustainable and personalised gifting grows, Fabuleux is all set to capitalise on this opportunity by continuing to expand its offering in these areas. Although there are some challenges like staying ahead of trends and managing the logistics, when you are committed to excellence, you find the way.

After a successful inaugural year of operations, the firm is now actively seeking seed funding to further expand and refine its offerings, positioning itself for even greater success in the near future.

Furthermore, Fabuleux looks forward to using technology to simplify the gifting experience for its clients, making it easy for them to place orders and receive updates on their gifts’ progress, all while maintaining the personal touch that defines Fabuleux Gifting Studio.

On A Mission To Craft Memorable Gifting Experiences

What really covers under the milestones? For Fabuleux, it’s the satisfaction and lasting impressions etched in customers’ minds through valued and high-quality products. The company takes pride in its commitment to keep exploring and crafting new product offerings. Its latest range of candles, potpourri, and eco-friendly products is curated in-house and is beyond imagination. This hands-on approach allows the company to ensure that each item adheres to its rigorous standards of quality and aesthetics. A professional and experienced team of designers and artisans works diligently to create these exquisite pieces, ensuring they align with the latest trends and eco-conscious choices that the clients value.

Furthermore, Fabuleux in its initiative to support ‘Make in India’, collaborates with indigenous and local artisanal brands and empowers communities through employment opportunities.

“We also partner with brands that share our values as these partnerships align with our mission to provide eco-conscious and wellness-focused gifting options. It’s a win-win when the values resonate with our client’s desires for meaningful, planet-friendly choices,” shares Pooja.

“Fabuleux Gifting Studio is on a trajectory to become the next top gifting company to watch out for,” Pooja signs off.

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