Top 10 Remote Desktop Software in 2023

Top 10 Remote Desktop Software in 2023


Remote Desktop Software is a great tool that captures a computer screen, mouse and keyboard inputs and then transmits them to another device. With the help of Remote Desktop Software, a user can control any other person’s computer or desktop without any problem. The demand for remote desktop software increased after hybrid and remote working trends escalated. It is generally used by tech professionals to connect with the client’s computer screen and troubleshoot technical issues without physical access to the computer. Remote Desktop Software allows the user to share files with the remote computer and you can also get to access the screen of the computer that is shared with you. Here in this article, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Remote Desktop Software in 2023. 

  • TeamViewer

Teamviewer Top 10 Remote Desktop Software in 2023

TeamViewer is one of the most popular Remote Desktop Software that offers remote access and screen sharing. TeamViewer smoothly runs on different operating systems such as Android, macOS, iOS and Chrome. The software offers a free version for personal users and paid version also for professional use. 

Its stylish interface and up-to-date capabilities make this software user-friendly and cross-platform-compatible. This software is currently available in every country with nearly 30 languages. 

  • AirDroid Remote Support

AirDroid offers a wide range of remote support features. This software is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. AirDroid allows privacy in screen sharing and data encryption to protect the security of the software. It also allows the user to connect to as many devices as needed.

The voice chat in real-time enables the users to instant chat and tutorial gestures during the screen-sharing sessions. This software helps in sharing large documents & File management, remote control, and many more. 

  • Splashtop

The user-friendly access solutions of Splashtop make it a popular remote desktop software. Splashtop offers 4K quality at 60fps, advanced features, one application for access and compatibility with both Windows and Mac. It allows users to see the screen of any remote device be it a phone, tablet or computer in real-time. 

Splashtop is making remote working more convenient with its multiple security features and secure remote connections. The high-performing productivity features of the platform enable the users to transfer data to the cloud and also can run additional software applications such as Adobe creative tools, video editing, CAD Programs and more. 

  • AnyDesk

Anydesk Top 10 Remote Desktop Software in 2023

A quick screen-sharing software, AnyDesk can be operated by users anywhere at any time. Along with its accessibility and advanced features, AnyDesk is free for personal use. The users can choose from cloud solutions or on-premises solutions. AnyDesk is compatible with almost every operating system. 

AnyDesk comes with the benefits of high frame rates, low latency, efficient bandwidth use and many others. The other features of AnyDesk are Fluent Mobile Device Management, Screen Sharing from everywhere, Lightning Fast File Transfer and Smooth Remote Work with Unattended Access. 

  • Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist provides integrated remote PC Support and unattended access solutions to streamline workflows. It does not require any installation and can work after allowing a quick connection via a web browser. The remote desktop software of Zoho Assist is compatible with various devices of  Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux. 

Zoho Assist allows the users with remote support, unattended computer access and screen sharing. The advanced features of Zoho Assist help customers with text chat, VoIP, file transfer, multi-monitor navigation and many others. 

  • RemotePC

RemotePC | Top 10 Remote Desktop Software in 2023

Supporting every operating system, RemotePC provides easy-to-implement software that helps businesses to operate remotely. This software is platform-independent, secure and accessible via the web. It also allows its users to invite to collaborate, record a remote session and ability to drag and drop files. 

RemotePC is capable of handling large numbers of devices. And due to this reason big businesses are often using this software to manage the work of remote employees or their clients.  

  • ConnectWise Control

A flexible remote access software, ConnectWise Control is considered a great solution for remote troubleshooting. This platform helps users by making IT assistance easier by working across multiple platforms and major browsers. It offers more than 100 integrations and allows you to connect with third-party apps. 

The powerful tools of ConnectWise Control assist IT professionals and support technicians to solve problems remotely without any hassle. The remote software of ConnectWise Control provides assistance to customers in automating, scaling and securely managing their MSP business. 

  • ISL Online

A light, secure and remote desktop application, ISL Online can manage and control an unlimited number of unattended devices. The advanced screen-sharing technology of the software enables its users to work remotely anytime and anywhere. 

The all devices compatibility of ISL Online helps the users remotely troubleshoot any issue fast and securely. Apart from this, the dual-panel File Manager enables users with fast navigation and manages files efficiently. 

  • Parallels Access

This remote desktop software is specifically designed for mobile devices. It allows the user to get remote access from mobile. The mobile-friendly version and accessible user interface make it a popular remote desktop software. 

Parallel Access is the fast, simplest and most accessible software. The seamless application and seamless navigation are one of the most important features that benefitted the customers a lot. In addition, Parallels Access allows storing, managing and sharing files with anyone. 

  • Supremo

A lightweight and easy-to-use software, Supremo is remote software that makes control easy and quick. A single licence of Supremo can be used by many users on many computers. Supremo is light and accessible software that does not require the installation and configuration of routers. 

The UAC Compatibility and AES 256-bit algorithm of Supremo enables the full security of users’ data and file transfers. Apart from this, the best thing is there is no need for human intervention to launch this remote software. It can be easily activated automatically on Windows by starting up the computer. 

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