Ever wonder why when you search for something on Google, you find the advertisement for that particular thing all over your social media platforms? This happens because our data is being collected and exchanged by all sorts of companies. And no, they don’t do it without our permission, we allow them to do so. Let’s make it simple for you to understand. Do you remember the last time you read the privacy policy before clicking on the ‘I Agree’ button? No right! The companies use privacy policies to take our permission to access the data.

But we always agree without reading the Terms & Conditions of the company. We often skip them because these documents are generally too long and full of technical and legal jargon for a reader to understand. 

Rizwan Shaikh, a renowned cybersecurity expert and Founder & CTO of Pristine InfoSolutions, says “We have a habit of installing the apps without reading the Terms & Conditions. And granting all the permission to access the features like location, while we do have the choice to decline it in some cases.” 

However, to use social media, it is necessary for some apps to allow permission otherwise you cannot access the app or website. Rizwan adds, “Always watch out to whom you give access. The big companies have more ability to protect themselves than some small companies. So before installing any apps keep in mind that the company is well established and opt for certain security measures to protect your data.”


A privacy policy is a document that is used by websites to inform their customers, how the company will collect and use the data. If any company does not have a privacy policy, it might face penalties and lawsuits. Since privacy policy comprises the key information, many companies use perplexing language with legal jargon that makes it difficult to understand for the readers. 

However, nowadays users are getting more aware of the technicalities and their rights. So now people have started to read before agreeing to the terms and conditions. Since the privacy policies explain to us how our data will be used, it is very important for us to not skip the reading of the privacy document. 


It is important for companies to provide information about how they will use the user’s data. So, it is our right to read the policies and know how our data will be used by the companies.  Privacy policies are important because of the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Provides Information

The first and foremost function of a privacy policy is to provide the users with all the information. This information should include all the relevant details such as data gathered, how it will be used if any third party will have the access to the data or not and many more. 

  • Ensures Security Measures

Privacy policies are a great way to ensure the security of our data. It tells you if the company is trying to sell your data or use it any other way. This document also tells you what kind of protection is opted by the company to secure the data. Some websites use Secure Socket Layer to secure the gathered data. It is necessary for every user to understand that their data is crucial and needs to be protected. If you don’t feel that a website can protect your data, then don’t use it. 

  • Gives Credibility to the Websites

Since it is legally compulsory to issue a privacy policy on the website, it gives credibility to the company. It also ensures users that the company adheres to rules and regulations set by the laws. 


So now you know how important it is for you to read the privacy policies. But the problem remains the same how to read such a long document that is full of technical jargon. Here are some ways that might help you in reading the privacy policy and develop the habit in you to read them:

  • Start With Finding The Basic Answers

It is easier for you to understand the document if you go step by step, starting with the basics. Try to look out for the part that answers basic questions such as:

  1. If the data will be used for any secondary purpose from what the service provider requires
  2. If the data will be used by any third party
  3. Will the stored data be protected?
  4. Does the website allow the data deletion, if required?
  • Skim The Document With The Keywords

The simplest way to read any document is to skim through it. By skimming the document you will have a basic understanding of what is there in the document. It will also help you to save time and effort. 

Search for keywords like Market, Control, Data Policy, Third Party and Opt-out. Finding these particular keywords helps you to read the important parts of the document. Searching the keywords like ‘Data Policy’ will lead you directly to the part where the data policy is mentioned and you can gather the relevant information. 

If you search keywords like ‘Not’, the chances are that you will not find any results because companies don’t want to showcase what they cannot do or what customers should not do. 

  • Look For The Opt-Out Option

The thing that you must look out for is the opt-out option. If at any particular time you want to discontinue the services of a website it is important to discontinue the terms and conditions agreements also. Otherwise, the website still can access your data. So always opt-out in case of discontinuation of the services. 

Reading privacy policy is very crucial for every user because it involves the privacy and protection of the data. Access your right by reading the privacy policy and allowing only what you want to.

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