Top Eight Ways To Cure Common Cold At Home

Top Eight Ways To Cure Common Cold At Home


Winter is here. With winter comes a very common infection- Cold. There is hardly any person who doesn’t catch cold when the winter is coming. The cases of the common cold are shooting up exponentially. Instead of taking medicines, we have some simple ways to suggest to help you fight from cold. Let’s look at some ways to cure common cold at home.

Ways To Cure Common Cold

  • Stay Hydrated

When you have a cold, chances are you drink less water, and it makes your throat dry. Dry throat causes pain when you swallow or drink something. It is vital to stay hydrated as it breaks congestion, makes your throat moist and keeps you from getting dehydrated. Try warm drinks like green and herbal teas,  warm water, and drink soups; they help relieve the congestion and provide warmth to your body.

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  • Breath In Steam

Your nose gets blocked when you have a cold. Try to breathe in some steam to loosen up the congestion and help you feel better. Hold your head over a pot of boiling water and slowly breathe in the steam with a towel over your head. You can also use a humidifier in your room or close the door while taking a hot shower to get in steam and moisture.

  • Gargle With Salt Water

Gargling with salt water is another home remedy that can help reduce the soreness in your throat. Try a half teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of water four times daily. It helps loosen thick mucus and remove irritants like allergens, bacteria, and throat. Saltwater also helps reduce inflammation in your throat by drawing excess fluid out of the inflamed tissues.

  • Get Some Sleep

When you have a cold, you feel lethargic. Get some sleep to heal your body. According to studies, your body produces proteins called cytokines, which help fight infections and inflammation. Apply some Vicks on your nose and throat area, and go to sleep wrapping your favourite fluffy blanket.

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  • Use Saline Nasal Drops 

People use nasal drops to reduce nose congestion caused by the common cold, sinusitis, fever and seasonal allergies. It helps by narrowing the blood vessels in the nose area, thus reducing swelling and congestion. Examples of nasal sprays include Otrivin and Nasivion, among others.

  • Keep Your Things Clean

As the climate changes, you can become more susceptible to infections. If you have a cold, make sure to disinfect the things and surfaces you have touched. Clean your clothes separately, and if you come in contact with another person who has a cold, wash your hands and sanitise yourself.

  • Eat Foods That Boost Your Immune System 

Immune system, Ways To Cure Common Cold At Home

Include foods that contain vitamin C to help maintain your immune system and help you heal quicker. Foods that include vitamin C are oranges, lemons, strawberries, red peppers, mangoes, broccoli, and other fruits and vegetables.

  • Avoid Going Out 

You shouldn’t go out or visit a crowded place if you have a cold. If you cannot ensure that, you have a mask on or cover your mouth with a tissue or sleeve when you sneeze or cough. Wash your hands thoroughly after you sneeze; if you cannot wash your hands, you can use a sanitiser.

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