Uddeshya’s Gurukulam- Khushiyon Wala School Is A Home For Hundreds Of Students

Uddeshya’s Gurukulam- Khushiyon Wala School Is A Home For Hundreds Of Students


Uddeshya was only 21 years old when inspired by the concept of the Art of Living, he founded  Gurukulam – Khushiyon Wala School in 2019. Other than providing quality education to the unempowered sections of society, Gurukulam tries to foster mental clarity, peace of mind, focus, emotional stability, values like sharing & caring, and a sense of belonging in the future generation of the country. 

“I was the topper of my school. But when I stepped into earning something for a living, I was getting jobs in Dhaba or an ice cream factory. It made me realise how important it is to have practical skills. Even after spending 15 years in school, I was unable to get a decent job as any company nowadays hires you on the basis of skill-based knowledge and qualities like quick decision-making abilities, critical thinking, leadership etc,” said Uddeshya while recounting his struggling days.

Uddeshya further said, “It made me question my capabilities. And that was the moment when I realised that there are many more Uddeshya Sachans who are struggling with the same issues.”  

Uddeshya Wants To Bring An Overall Change

Uddeshya Sachan Gurukulam

Uddeshya wanted to bring a change and that’s when he took the plunge and decided to establish Gurukulam – Khushiyon Wala School which is currently refining the lives of around 150 children in Kanpur. Running on the concept of integrating Practical knowledge & real-life learning, the school focuses on outcome-based programmes like robotics, gardening, artificial technologies etc. 

Gurukulam is a platform that prepares a student for the real world. Uddeshya said, “Right since children enter the school, we let them enter into the rat race of scoring good marks. This is only imaginary progress. We often ignore their emotional & mental health. At Gurukulam, my motive is to impart skill-based learning rather than exam-oriented learning.”

Children are like clay, therefore should be moulded in the right shape. Gurukulam is running with the vision of creating a skill-development campus for unempowered children integrated with the latest technologies and infrastructure such as robotics, labs, smart classes, sports, and much more. Uddeshya is quite optimistic about his approach and aims for improving the education system in the years to come. 

The Best Way Forward

“We provide such an environment to a child that he/she does not wish to go back from school. We nurture them with love & care,” said Uddeshya which clearly indicates the affectionate environment of Gurukulam.

Right now, Gurukulam is expanding itself in Kanpur and wishing to spread it across the country so that an overall change can be brought to society. 

Happiness is Everything 

Uddeshya believes that happiness is the highest level of success. Nothing can stop you if you stay happy. You can get through any hurdle or obstacle if you face it with a positive attitude. 

Never give up. There’s going to be stress in life but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.

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