Meet Radhika JA Who Is Turning Trash Into Beautiful Dolls

Meet Radhika JA Who Is Turning Trash Into Beautiful Dolls


Unlike other kids, Radhika’s childhood was quite different. She was only 5 years old when she got a fracture in one of her legs. She had another fracture after a few months’ time. The doctor prescribed her a full body x-ray and it was found that Radhika was suffering from Brittle bone disease. Radhika JA went through 7 surgeries, after which she was unable to walk without the help of sticks. 

Radhika didn’t give up and continued her studies. Unfortunately, due to long hours of sitting in school, she developed a problem in her spinal cord and had to therefore discontinue her studies. 

When Radhika JA Found Her Passion

Homebound Radhika started to immerse herself in art and crafts. She started making wall hangings and decor. Her brother, Rajmohan suggested her to start using newspaper or upcycled material to create something unique. Hence, her journey in handicrafts started. 

Rajmohan’s friend, Manikandan introduced Radhika to YouTube videos which helped her learn how to make African dolls. Radhika took the lessons very seriously.

“Making a handcrafted doll is my hobby as well as my business. My goal is to showcase my dolls in every shop all over India,” Radhika says with a smile on her face. 

Radhika JA wedding dolls

What started as a hobby has now turned into a full-time business for Radhika. 

“When people saw my handicrafts at home, they asked me why the faces of the dolls are black. They wanted the faces to be in some other colour. In our society, we consider fair or wheatish a better colour. But, I refused to do so since the ‘black’ colour has always represented the uniqueness of my product. I stood by that,” says Radhika while describing the colour of her dolls.

Hobby Turned Into A Business

Radhika JA Family Newspaper Dolls

Initially, Radhika recorded zero sales of her dolls. Only the neighbours visiting her home used to appreciate her art and bought dolls. 

“When I received a lot of appreciation and was paid for my work. I understood that I can make a business out of it,” shares Radhika with us.

Her brother came up with a solution and asked her to make theme-based dolls. When he uploaded the pictures on Social Media, Radhika started getting a lot of orders which boosted her confidence to the seventh sky. 

Radhika Considers Her Brother As A Pillar 

While appreciating her brother and his contribution to the business, Radhika says, “My brother has supported me and my business from the scratch. He is still a core part of my business and helps me in purchasing the raw materials and promoting the business online.”

Today, Radhika makes wedding-theme dolls, African dolls, Indian dolls, character idols, Krishna idols, Lord Shiva idols, and cartoon characters to list a few. 

Aiming For The Sky

Radhika JA receiving award

Radhika receives orders from all across India and also from other countries like Dubai, Sri Lanka, USA among others. 

Rajmohan proudly mentions that “Radhika is now planning to recruit some people to help her in the business as the bigger plan is to expand QueenBee. 

The size of the dolls ranges from 12cm – 90cm (Width range: 3-10 inches, Weight range: 250 grams – 5kg, length upto 3 ft) The products are 100% handmade. 

Currently, every doll end-to-end is made by Radhika only. Each doll-making takes at least 2 to 3 days and Radhika puts her heart and creativity into the making of every doll. Radhika has made around 2350 dolls so far.”

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