Vital Things to Know When Ordering Flowers Delivery Internationally

Vital Things to Know When Ordering Flowers Delivery Internationally


It is quite common nowadays that close people are separated by many miles. Yet, a long distance can’t be a reason to reject giving fresh flowers to your loved one and congratulating them on a momentous occasion. For such purposes, there exist international bouquet delivery services that can surprise your special someone with a lush bouquet on the right day. 

Although arranging flowers for delivery to a different country is not a complicated process; thanks to the widespread presence of online florist shops, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when engaging in such an activity. 

How to Send Flowers Internationally

When you are planning to send a bouquet across the border, there are certain things that you need to take note of to ensure your floral gift gets to the destination and brings only a positive surprise to the recipient. 

Instances involved in international flower delivery:

  • The recipient’s name: When you place an order, the florist will ask you to provide the name of the person whom the bouquet is for. You need to provide the correct information to ensure the flowers are delivered to the right person. 


  • Delivery address: Whether you are surprising your special someone at work, home, or at a restaurant, in any case, you will need the exact delivery address. If you are sending flowers to any place, make sure you provide the correct address, and the facility has a point of contact so that the delivery man faces no issues. 


  • Card or message: Consider attaching a card or a note to the flowers unless it is an anonymous gesture of appreciation. Florists generally have an amazing collection of cards and other lovely accessories to complement the bouquet. 


Do’s and Don’ts of International Flowers Delivery

If you are sending flowers to a different location for the first time, here are some do’s and don’ts to consider.

Flower Delivery Do’s

  • Send flowers every time you can: Nothing can beat the joy of receiving a gorgeous floral arrangement, so sending a bouquet is never a wrong decision. 


  • Check the florist’s reputation: International flower deliveries must be conducted by a serious company to ensure that it does not let you down on an important day. Check the company’s ratings before entrusting it for your international flower delivery. 


  • Study the inventory: Make sure that the vendor of your choice handles international floral delivery services and can send flowers to the necessary city. A good international flower delivery provider can also present you with a vast selection of flowers and floral arrangements for a diversity of occasions. 


  • Obtain important data: Make sure to have the recipient’s correct name, address, and phone number. Failure to provide these important details to the floral company may end up in delivery issues and impaired mood of you and the target person. 


Flower Delivery Don’ts

  • Rely on last-minute deliveries: While many reputable flower providers offer last-minute delivery services, ordering at the eleventh hour is like walking on thin ice. The desired bouquet can not be delivered on time with the last-minute order because some floral designs may require a lot of time for preparation. 


  • Cheap out: Surely, certain floral arrangements come with a hefty price tag, but commonly, fresh blooms are surprisingly affordable. So when sending flowers internationally, consider adding an appropriate vase to the bouquet. This is especially important when sending flowers to someone’s workplace – these humming offices always have problems with available vases!


  • Overthinking: Fresh blooms are a kind gesture of respect and care, therefore never overthink it. Even with a tight budget, it is possible to find a great floral arrangement that your recipient will surely appreciate.


Browse, Pick, and Send

Sending flowers internationally is as easy as buying stuff from a popular online marketplace, like Amazon. Remember that neither the price nor the size of a bouquet matters. The only thing that is important for the recipient is the fact that you think of them and have taken your time to surprise them with a pretty bouquet. Whether for a special occasion, or a national holiday, gifting someone with fresh blossoms is a gift that is always welcome. 

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