Zivia IVF: Weaving Miracles To Help Patients Embrace Parenthood

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“At Zivia IVF, we use the latest technologies along with the most advanced treatments to provide the highest possible success rate.”

Dr Nayana Patel
(Director, Zivia IVF)

Right from the first cry to taking the first steps, from the first day at school to settling in life, nourishing a baby is a feeling beyond description. The warmth, the happiness, the giggles, the laughter! Everything about giving birth to a new life is an out-of-this-world experience. With the belief in weaving miracles and bestowing the gift of life, trusted Fertility Centres like Zivia IVF come to the fore as a ray of hope for childless parents. 

Zivia is an inspiration from Greek Mythology, which means the Goddess of Life and Fertility. Launched in the month of February 2022 in Jaipur and helmed by infertility expert Dr Nayana Patel, Zivia IVF is working tirelessly to provide the joy of family to couples. The centre is equipped with the latest technologies, modern equipment, advanced treatment plans and protocols that are devised with 30 years of experience to give the highest success to intending parents.


Dr Nayana Patel | Zivia IVF: Weaving Miracles To Help Patients Embrace Parenthood

The woman behind Asia’s first and world’s 5th surrogacy case is none other than Dr Nayana Patel who is also the brain behind “Akanksha infertility and IVF Clinic” and “Zivia IVF”. Since 1991, her treatment has given birth to more than 20,000 IVF babies. Dr Nayana offers comprehensive services including pre-marital and prenatal counselling, infertility treatment, use of assisted reproductive technology, maternity and pregnancy care, normal and complicated deliveries, endoscopic, open gynaecological, Aesthetic Gynaecology, and Urogynaecology surgeries. 

As the Medical Director of Zivia IVF, she personally takes care of every patient case with her highly skilled team. She strongly disagrees with one shoe fit treatment for couples and prepares a customised treatment plan for each couple.

Her patients’ abiding trust in her is reflected by the fact that she is now delivering the babies of many of the babies she delivered years ago.

“With state-of-the-art technology, advanced equipment, time-tested protocols to provide higher success rates and the top-notch medical team, our ethos is to help parents embrace the joy of parenthood to their fullest potential,” proudly mentions Dr Patel. 


Zivia IVF offers the most advanced infertility solutions and related services in Jaipur which include Regenerative Medicine, Micro fluids, DNA fragmentation, PGD and PGS. 

Services also include a complete range of Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) including ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection), IUI, IVF, Donor Services, Cryopreservation (Freezing), Male Fertility Solutions like TESA, PESA, M-TESE, along with fertility enhancing surgeries– Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy & Endoscopy. 

Zivia IVF always strives to follow its motto of bringing higher chances of success for the parents, hence providing tailor-made patient-specific treatment plans based on their past medical history.

“Zivia IVF treats fertility-related issues with fully ethical and transparent practices,” asserts Dr Patel. 


Research has shown that infertility is very often linked to feelings of shame and guilt, as well as anxiety and depression. In India, it is still considered a big taboo. 

Zivia IVF challenges the existing taboo and thrives to provide a holistic approach to patient treatment. Not only the treatment, but the Centre also works on the mental and physical health of the couple. 

“We provide them psycho-social counselling, stress relieving exercises and meditation, diet counselling, and other requisite services,” mentions Dr Patel. 


As per the latest reports, the success rate of IVF is increasing in every age group. Zivia IVF is a leading contributor to the perceptible increase in these numbers. The Centre uses the latest technologies along with the most advanced treatments to provide the highest possible success rate. 

Some of the advanced technologies that the Centre uses are:

  • Ovarian Rejuvenation 
  • Regenerative Medicines and treatment
  • DNA Fragmentation


  • Ovarian Rejuvenation 

Dr Nayana is one of the first infertility specialists to have started Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy. It is an innovative therapeutic method that intends to re-awake egg maturation and development within the ovary. The treatment by Platelet-rich Plasma is a novel therapeutic approach for restoring the quality of the ovarian reserve. 

  • Regenerative Medicines and treatment

It is a multidisciplinary field of medical science used to re-grow, repair, replace or regenerate the damaged cells of tissues or organs. There are growing pieces of evidence from pre-clinical and clinical studies that show regenerative therapies can restore menstruation as well as hormone levels for ovarian regeneration and Oocyte generation. Stem Cells significantly enhance ovarian function and egg retrieval in patients with premature ovarian failure.


Making the move to see a fertility specialist is a big step for many couples and hence, the move should never go waste. Zivia IVF is equipped with specially trained and professional team of fertility experts that holds a remarkable amount of experience over decades. 

The entire team is highly passionate and committed to bringing change to the world with the ethical fertility workup. They are the achievers who work hard day in – day out to put smiles on the faces of millions of families.

The Fertility Expert Team 

  • Dr Nayana Patel – Director
  • Dr Niket Patel – MD (Obs & Gynaecology)
  • Dr Molina Patel – MD (Obs & Gynaecology)
  • Dr Harsha Bhadraka – PhD (Embryology)
  • Dr Paresh Kumar – MD (Obs & Gynaecology), DRM (Germany)
  • Dr Richa Ainani Ahluwali – MS (Obs & Gynaecology), DRM (Germany)
  • Dr Girraj Swarnkar – MBBS, DNB, FRM


Zivia IVF strives to be one of the most trusted IVF Clinic chains in the country with an endeavour to fulfil the dream of parenthood for as many couples as possible. 

Zivia IVF also envisions bestowing the gift of life and promoting a sense of joy and happiness amongst all the patients.

“We are getting patients not only from Jaipur but from the entire Rajasthan. Zivia IVF is now proudly standing to its name – Lots of Life and Fertility,” says the brainchild behind Zivia IVF.

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