What are the Apps used by Businesspeople? | Apps for Professionals

What are the Apps used by Businesspeople? | Apps for Professionals

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Technology has become an immense part of everyday life. This includes the business as well. A business without technology in today’s world will limp to downfall. Apps have transformed many businesses and will continue to do so in upcoming years. It’s expected to change the way Business works. The changes are visible even today. Accessibility to remote working areas, convenient data, and information, as well as easy data storage options to help run a business smoothly, are available.


Apps are effective, producing a huge impact, only if the right ones are utilized and correctly. Any newcomer can begin looking out for Apps that are popular among similar businesses. A good place to start always comes from a deep understanding of the company’s requirements. 

Some of the Most Popular Apps

Okta, a cloud identity company, released its annual Business Report ranking the most popular apps for Businesses. The Ranking is based on the user base. As per the company’s list, Microsoft office 365 ranked first. It is no surprise that Microsoft Office, which is a key feature and a necessity of every company, landed at the top spot. Microsoft office compiles various features involving Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and many more. 

Pc: Velata IT 

Salesforce occupied the second spot in the list. It is a CRM i.e. Customer Relationship management platform. Widely utilized by Businesses, this platform has a wide number of users. 

The next spots were held by Amazon Web Services and G Suite. Amazon Web services are one of the widely used cloud services around the world. G Suite is Google Suite, which also provides their users with many benefits such as Google Documents, Google Sheets, Google slides, etc. Although G suite falls fourth in the list, the growth over the past year is tremendous and far Higher than Microsoft Office 365. Its active users have hiked by 50 percent compared to office 365 growth of 38 percent. 

Zoom and Slack both managed to fall within the top 10 Apps in the list. Zoom is a platform that allows users to connect via video conferencing. Slack is a channel of communication. These Apps have secured a place among business world leaders. Even the people already using Office 365 prefer Zoom and Slack-like apps for certain purposes.

Zoom has seen tremendous growth of 76 percent year-over-year. This is proof of its popularity and effectiveness. All of these Apps are changing the work culture, giving new ways to operate work. Connecting with the team even located in remote locations has become easy. In the office, operations are also highly enhanced by utilizing various Apps. 

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Some other famous, well known, and extensively used Apps include:

  • Developer tools: Atlassian Product Suite, GitHub, PagerDuty
  • HR tools: Workday, BambooHR, UltiPro
  • Video conferencing: Zoom, Cisco Webex, RingCentral
  • Online learning: LinkedIn Learning, Grammarly, and Pluralsight

10 Apps that every Businesspeople should have: 

As every business transaction is moving fast towards newer technologies, you can’t miss out on the below-mentioned Apps to boost your business. 


As the name suggests, this app is meant to take notes. An interesting fact is that this app acts as an organiser for all your data including notes, documents and photos. Already blooming with 100 million subscribers, this app allows you to take audio notes, clipping notes to a web page as well as sharing across other devices. 

  • Cost: Free
  • Availability: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8


Are you also struggling from continuously changing numbers in your phone book? Frequent changes in the email ID and contact numbers of your acquaintances can create a fuss. This App allows people to automatically update their information on your device. The complicated process is now made easier.

  • Cost: Free
  • Availability: iOS

Pc: Getadapt


Are you also having trouble managing all your social media accounts? Worry not, HootSuite is an App built specially to solve this problem. It is like a dashboard for all your social media accounts to be handled together. You can manage your account from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others from a single destination.

  • Cost: Free
  • Availability: Android and iOS


Does your business require travelling frequently? Are you tired of keeping track of your tickets and flight timings? Here’s the best app for you. FlightTrack provides real-time departures, delays and cancellations. It’s a flight-tracking app that also informs you about the gate numbers for flights worldwide. In case of flight cancellations, it also provides you with a new one. 

  • Cost: $4.99
  • Availability: Android and iOS


Are you in a hurry to reach somewhere? Want to make a good impression? Your car broke down in the way? Here’s an App to help you. Uber is a car service that not only provides taxis but also fancy cars with drivers. You can book one as per your requirement. Payment methods are available both online and offline.

  • Cost: Free
  • Availability: Android and iOS

Pc: App Store


Do you find it difficult to stay productive without a checklist by your side? Consider downloading Checkmark, the App that will keep you productive. It can be used for various purposes such as setting up reminders based on time, contacts, and location. If you have a meeting lined up or a task to be completed, this app reminds you of it. 

  • Cost: $4.99
  • Availability: iOS


iPhone version calendars might not always be helpful for everyone. In that case, Fantastical comes as a boon for iPhone users. You can schedule any event on this calendar. 

  • Cost: $4.99/$19.99
  • Availability: iOS and Mac


Have you ever wondered about logging your computer from somewhere else? This is the dream of every Businessman. LogMeIn allows anyone to access their laptop from anywhere. It just takes a proper WiFi connection and the App in the device. You can access every file and software of your device this way from anywhere else in the world.

  • Cost: Free/$29.99
  • Availability: Android and iOS


Does this App need any introduction? This is the largest Business social network. LinkedIn is now just like Facebook for businesses. Want to connect with your dream Industry or organization? Why not send them a connection request right now on LinkedIn. You can also utilize LinkedIn to find jobs, network, and keep track of competitors.

  • Cost: Free
  • Availability: Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows Phone



Find it hard to connect with every Business personal on LinkedIn? Why not use this app that turns your business cards into LinkedIn connections. Not to mention, it saves paper. 

  • Cost: Free
  • Availability: iOS


Every business needs to make quick changes with time to stay relevant in the market. Technology has made a major irreversible change, to adapt it in the best way possible is the only way to bloom.

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