Art of Helping Foundation by Deepankar Patil

Art Of Helping Foundation by Deepankar Patil Feeds Abandoned Ajjis and Aazobas

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While we are busy struggling in our own lives, some people choose to dedicate their lives to making a positive difference in the lives of others. Deepankar Patil, the Founder of Art of Helping Foundation is one such inspiring person who quit his job as a graphic designer to help senior citizens by providing free tiffin service to them. In a candid conversation with Deepankar, we understood the motivation behind incepting the NGO, the challenges he faced and the difference it is making in the lives of many.

  • What made you incept the ‘Art of Helping Foundation’? What motivated you to leave your career as a graphic designer and dedicate your life to helping senior citizens?

From the tender age of 17-18, I used to help random elderly people with meals, cookies, tea, and groceries whenever I could. I always loved helping people and making others happy. No other happiness was even close to the happiness I got from being able to help someone in their time of need. Their blessings made me feel positive about life and gave my life a purpose.

I always used to feel that I was meant to do something bigger and meaningful. That’s when I left my job and started freelance work along with small social activities. Fortuitously, some of my mentors and clients supported me in taking this ahead and suggested that I should establish an NGO and expand the scale of my work.

With a background in the creative field, the name for my NGO, ‘Art of Helping,’ had already taken shape. In 2019, we secured legal registration as a Section 8 NGO.

  • The foundation not only provides meals but also takes care of household chores, groceries, blankets, and medicines. How did you identify these additional needs, and how do they contribute to the overall well-being of the seniors?

Words by Deepankar Patil

When we deliver the tiffins and groceries to these elderlies we always spend some time with them and talk to them like our own family members. We have formed a family-like relationship with all the elderly which enables them to share their life problems and needs with us without hesitation.

It’s not just food and groceries, we try our best to give them love and emotional support to make their days happier and positive. This helps us reduce their loneliness and helps them feel happy resulting in improvement in their physical and mental health.

  • How did you build a team of volunteers for the foundation? How do you reach out to and identify seniors in need of assistance?

We regularly post photos and videos of our work on social media. This helps us connect with like-minded people who want to help senior citizens in need. 

Art of Helping Foundation

We have partner NGOs already working in multiple areas in Pune who help us with the data of needy seniors. Our team further verifies the details and visits them personally to interview and make assessments of their needs.

  • How has your journey with the foundation impacted your personal growth? What fulfilment do you derive from this work?

I believe that when you help others you always get so many things in return, it may not be monetary or materialistic but it is far more valuable. The happiness and satisfaction I get from this work are most important to me and I have faith that if I can help them genuinely I will not have to worry about my personal growth. Their blessings will take care of that for me.  It’s a simple yet powerful cycle of giving and receiving, creating a meaningful journey where we all grow together.

  • For individuals inspired by your story, what message or advice would you give to those who want to make a positive impact in their communities?

Helping someone in need doesn’t demand much. It begins with just a few rupees and a few minutes to make a difference in one person’s life. Don’t wait; start today. If God gives you a chance to help, don’t ignore it. Even if you can’t do it on your own, support someone already making a positive impact. Collect all the blessings you can, as they are the only things that stay with you in the end.

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