How Does Birth Order Impact Career Success

How Does Birth Order Impact Career Success

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Do you have siblings? Or have you ever been categorized based on your birth order even if you are the dearest single child of your parents? Do you and your siblings, always fight? Or else you share a strong bond of love? Does it affect our psychology anyway? Yes, these birth order traits can change and impact on our psychology.

We often get criticized by others for the same reason – that is being a victim of the generalization of birth order traits. We are often told that our older siblings are more likely to belong to the center of attention to our family and are prioritized by others.

On the other hand, the youngest sibling is referred to be the spoilt wild-child of the family, with a rebellious attitude. The middle child is often ignored. Now let us see whether these assumptions are true or myth!

How does birth order impact career success

Studies on birth order and personality

Several psychotherapists around the world study the impact and the pattern of the birth order traits. According to Austrian psychotherapist Adler, older siblings use to possess a positive and responsible attitude.

does birth order affect personality

They do not have to share their parents until a sibling is born. They can unfetteredly enjoy their parents’ love. This is why they are said to be the soul prince or princess of their parents. When the second child is born, many of them feel dethroned by their parents.

Adler has comprehended that middle children are given the least importance in the entire scenario. They are often said to be driven by emotions. On the other hand, the youngest children are said to be ambitious among others.

They are likely to occupy the spotlight of the house. Other studies say that firstborns are likely to be more conservative, disciplined, and prefer safe duties. The last born is more likely to participate in dangerous games.

Impact of birth order on the single child

Another side of the birth order traits, which is perhaps the least spoken side is the lives of single children.  They are also a concern for the topic. A single child is pampered by his parents and enjoy the freedom of being no sibling child of their parents.

They occupy the home by themselves and love to rule over holistically. A single child is said to be more stubborn as they get everything that they desire to have within no time. In some cases, it is also visible that a single child is seeking a sibling to get over their loneliness. Whereas some enjoy the fact of being a single child.

How does birth order affect the first borns’ personality and career?

How does birth order affect the first born personality

Birth order traits around the world have their interpretations and theories about the first borns as well. Studies have comprehended that firstborn daughters are more likely to be ambitious than a firstborn son. They are 13% extra sincere and responsible than the others.

It is said that parents become stricter when they are dealing with their first daughter. This makes them more responsible for and possesses a firm attitude. It is said that firstborn girls are given more priority than the firstborn son.

This is why the girls become a more responsible and able future entrepreneur. They are very much capable of being involved in the business franchisee.

Consequences of birth order on the youngest child’s career

Consequences of birth order on the youngest child's career

Birth order traits state the youngest of the lot as a pampered and the spoilt one. But it also states the bright side which the youngest of the family possess in them. Youngest children are more creative and like to put up with quirky jobs.

They prefer to go with the flow and cut out the stress from their lives. They like to work independently; this is the reason why they choose their passion as their profession. This in turn helps them to stay stress-free and reach heights. Following dreams comes without any additional factors to them, whereas it does mostly to their elder siblings.

How does draw impact on the career success of the middle child?

There is the existence of birth order traits stating that middle children grow up to be dysfunctional or kids with a disturbed childhood. Yet Middle children possess good virtues in them as well.

Middle children like to think out of the box and prefer to build up their empire. Middle children are enthusiastic and hard-working. Their emotional bonds are strong with their family and they supposedly take moderately associated risks.

They are flexible, open-minded, and kind-hearted and possess an immensely powerful thinking capacity. They are good at studies and dislike interruptions. Middle children also grow into efficient diplomats.

Thus, in a nutshell, we can state that there are dark and bright sides to every birth order trait irrespective of your position in the list of siblings which have a bipolar effect on your career life.

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