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Budding Influencers: Connecting The Right Brand With The Right Influencer

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“Right since our inception, we lean on working towards curating the right influencers for the right brand to reach the desired audience.”

Nadeem Siddiqui (CEO and Co-Founder,
Budding Influencers)

When the entire world went down on a strict lockdown, the lives of so many businesses changed in a matter of weeks. The field of marketing faced a lot of turbulence and uncertainties but it also gave rise to creators filled with ideas, knowledge, and passion. Based on the absolute idea of “The Best Marketing does not feel like marketing”, an influencer marketing platform, Budding Influencers, took birth in the most challenging times, in April 2020. 

Connecting the right brand with the right influencer may seem like a tough row to hoe but not for Budding Influencers imbued with creative minds. Budding Influencers is a top-notch influencer marketing platform that works round the clock to work on its outright aim of creating a chain of internet creators and consumers through scaling businesses. 

From curation to campaigns, creating brand consciousness to fulfilling the need for influencer marketing support, Budding Influencers masters it all. Equipped to help you create stories that resonate and reach the masses with the most top-of-the-line trends, the start-up helps you reach the desired audience. 


“A fresh start isn’t a new place, it’s a new mindset” practices and preaches Nadeem Siddiqui, the CEO and Co-Founder of Budding Influencers. Nadeem via his influencer marketing venture strives to create impactful marketing for different brands.

Nadeem possesses great leadership acumen and an unrivalled passion for Budding Influencers. As the company’s CEO, Nadeem oversees the strategic direction of the entire organisation, monitors its performance, and maintains the working culture. 


  • 1000+ Campaigns Executed
  • 50 Million Social Media Reach
  • 50K+ Influencers
  • 350+ Clients


Influencer marketing has been successfully used by thousands of businesses and has produced phenomenal results in the past decade. Given that many brands are increasing their budget for influencer marketing, why wait to be the next one? 

Here’s why Budding Influencers becomes the right choice to try influencer marketing:

  • Handpicking Influencers

Choosing the right influencer for a campaign is quite challenging. Budding Influencers handpicks each influencer from the big internet world. While others are struggling with this issue, Budding Influencers is busy picking the best fit and finding the right audience for its clients. 

  • Content Support

Team Budding Influencers helps a brand design the campaign and creates content that is strategic, attention-grabbing, impactful, and worth remembering. Content is King and Budding Influencers knows it quite well. 

  • Client Support

Handling and running a campaign can go a long way, making it confusing at times for first-timers. No worries! Budding Influencers has it covered with the right strategies. 


Budding Influencers aims to grab the eyeballs of the desired audience towards its clients in order to make the visibility of the brand stronger. The company makes a campaign’s vision a practical reality by providing these services:

  • Influencer Outreach
  • Influencer Coordination
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Campaign Support
  • Content Support
  • Campaign Reporting


Budding Influencers

  • Get a wide amount of exposure with campaigns
  • Be a part of the influencer community and grow
  • Get a chance to review different products
  • Grow your audience


Budding Influencers aims to scale businesses effortlessly, connect the age of digital creators, and create a home that serves all interests.

In Nadeem’s words, “We believe marketing is no more old-school advertisements but hidden in the content we create via the amalgamation of different ideas and thoughts. By creating the content people like to consume, we create opportunities for lifestyle people would like to adopt.” 

He further adds, “Our mission is not to be the best marketers in the industry but to be the best content creators because the content is the future, and we at Budding Influencers live to shape a bright future for the brands we are associated with.”


To continue winning the Internet Marketing Game, the content one produces has to be more than just perfect. It has to give consumers, the ability to become a better version of themselves. Budding Influencers realises the importance of the content. Therefore, it envisions creating a prosperous place for creators, brands, and consumers altogether to work and consume something all of them love. 

“Each creative mind at Budding Influencers strives to create a chain of brilliant brands, iconic influencers, and captivated consumers of the internet to help each other grow and connect on the root level,” says Nadeem while signing off.

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