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Blanche Marketing: Strengthening Business Relations With Its Unique Gifting Solutions

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“Conveying emotions from one person to another, we believe gifting is truly an art.” 

(Ashwini Y Talpade
Founder, Blanche Marketing)

How investing in a Corporate Gifting strategy can boost your business. Who knows it better than the marketing genius Ashwini who is leading Blanche Marketing Services that helps startups and mid-level businesses with a perfect balance of creative thinking and the right business strategy.  A corporate gifting and marketing consultation firm, Blanche Marketing Services masters the art of creating effective gifting solutions.

The word Blanche is derived from the French word that connotes purity. Staying true to its name, the passion for marketing clearly reflects in the purity of services that Blanche provides to its customers. Reinforcing the importance of the clients, the creative and value-added corporate gifting range of Blanche gives a pure feeling of satisfaction to the giver as well as to the receiver. 


Fueling her passion for marketing and creativity, Ashwini Y Talpade enriches Blanche with her genius marketing skills and expertise. The journey of Ashwini’s career started with Post Graduation in Events. She was also associated with renowned groups such as RPG Group – Spencer Retail and Aditya Birla Retail and worked there as Assistant Manager, Marketing & Branding. 

With more than 10 years of experience in Retail Marketing and Events, Ashwini incepted Blanche Marketing Services in 2013 to cater to mid-level companies by giving them a helping hand. Having expertise in merchandising and the importance of branding, Ashwini ensures the services provided by the company are unique, and innovative and makes Blanche stand apart from its competition. “Also, since I was handling marketing, there was a creative flair which helped us in giving innovative ideas to the clients,” says the brainchild of the company, Ashwini. 


There is an old saying that “everything happens for a reason”. Blanche is a true example of this saying. When the former boss of Ashwini started his own business, he asked Ashwini to help him out with the marketing strategies of his business. Since Ashwini always has a flawless creative flair, her boss also asked her to design gifts for his customers. While developing gifts with unique designs that fit well with the brand’s products and services, Ashwini realised her true creative potential. And that is when the idea of establishing a corporate gifting company emerged in Ashwini’s mind. Providing creative and astonishing gifting solutions, Blanche bagged its first big corporate order from BCSBI (RBI department). 

Ashwini iterates proudly, “In the last 9 years, we have served corporate clients and mid-level business groups to party return gifts requirements as well.”

Blanche will complete its splendid 10 years in the industry in January 2023. Ashwini believes that it is only because of the immense support and assistance of her family that she is able to build her own business empire.


Blanche Marketing

Making the gifting experience pure, Blanche offers an exclusive range of corporate gifting options to help its customers build excellent business relationships. Transforming the way people build authentic business relationships, Blanche offers one-stop solutions for every corporate gifting need.

  • Customized merchandise – Tshirts, pens, bags, bottles and mugs
  • Seasonal products – Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Personalized Party return gifts, Creative hampers, and more

By understanding the needs and requirements of the customers, Blanche beautifully designs gifts that everyone remembers for years. “We, at Blanche create amazing experiences by crafting gifts according to the client’s brand identity, budget and requirements,” confirms Ashwini. 


The highly professional and creative team of Blanche is well-versed in creating a different identity for brands with its unique gifting solutions. Team Blanche believes that Gifting is a pure emotion that shows the giver’s love, gratitude and appreciation for other people and creates a genuine connection among them. 

“We believe businesses work on relationships and relationships are built on years of trust and commitment.” Bearing testimony to this statement, Blanche delivers what it commits. To ensure the hassle-free delivery of the products, the company sticks to Indian Post for delivery.  And for nearby deliveries, the company relies on its in-house team.  


Blanche is emerging as a shining star in the corporate world with a vision to provide marketing support to startups and mid-level businesses. Tied up with manufacturers, Blanche is soon going to launch its own product range. Explaining the future plans of the company, Ashwini says, “Now on every season, we will be launching our exclusive products with our very own design in order to offer something different to the clients which is not easily available in the market.”

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