iEnergizer BPO, Brand of The Year

iEnergizer BPO: Setting Global Benchmarks in Business Process Outsourcing


“We are continually evolving and expanding our service offerings to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.”

Adarsh Kumar (Co-Founder & COO, iEnergizer BPO)

The global business process outsourcing market has seen exceptional growth, reaching a substantial valuation of USD 261.9 billion in 2022. Projections hint at promising growth in future with an estimated CAGR of 9.4% from 2023 to 2030. Amidst this evolving landscape emerged iEnergizer IPO in 2000, inspired by a vision to revolutionise the landscape of business process outsourcing by offering innovative and customer-centric solutions. Today, the company has evolved into a powerhouse, standing tall as one of India’s leading global BPO companies, renowned for its customer-centric solutions that set industry standards.

At the helm stands Adarsh, the Co-Founder and COO, whose multifaceted role steers the company towards achieving its objectives. He wears multiple hats in a day which includes overseeing the day-to-day operations, nurturing client relationships, looking after team growth, monitoring performance metrics, building strategic partnerships and more.  

“We began by focusing on understanding the unique needs of our clients across various industries with an understanding that ‘they will come to us for price, but stay for quality’. This understanding helped us tailor solutions that not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations,” mentions Adarsh. 

Diverse Range of Services

iEnergizer BPO stands as a comprehensive solution, offering a wide spectrum of services to optimise business processes and drive operational efficiencies across various industries. The company’s offerings include:

  • Customer Support Services:

Providing comprehensive customer support solutions, including inbound/outbound call centre services, email support, live chat assistance, and multilingual support to ensure exceptional customer experiences.  

  • Technical Support:

Ensuring IT helpdesk support, troubleshooting, software and hardware assistance and seamless resolution of technical issues of clients and their customers.

  • Back Office Operations:

Managing essential back-office functions such as data entry, document processes, content moderation and administrative support.

  • Sales and Lead Generation:

Providing lead generation, telemarketing, and market research services to help businesses expand their market reach and drive revenue growth.

  • E-commerce Support:

Offering end-to-end e-commerce support services, including order processing, inventory management, product listing and customer query resolution, enabling smooth and efficient online retail operations. 

  • Content Moderation and Social Media Management:

Providing content moderation solutions for online platforms, ensuring user safety and adherence to community guidelines.  

  • Healthcare Support Services:

Offering medical billing and coding claims processing and other healthcare support solutions.

Smooth Seas Do Not Make Skillful Sailors!

iEnergizer, like any enterprise, faced its fair share of challenges. However, the skilful minds at the company stood tall and came out as winners, triumphing over each hurdle.

While emphasising the challenges, Adarsh shares, “We conquered the challenges by proactively planning, continuous learning, adaptability and steadfast commitment to the core values. The best part was to convert each challenge into an opportunity to innovate & refine our strategies to deliver exceptional services.” 

The Diverse Clientele

Witnessing its impact in the BPO industry, iEnergizer is trusted by businesses across different industries, be it an established firm or a burgeoning startup. The company offers its services to businesses from different sectors like technology, media & entertainment, healthcare, e-commerce, travel, telecommunications and more. 

The most important factors behind maintaining a strong client relationship, Adarsh believes, are maintaining clear communication, ensuring transparency, delivering value & quality services, understanding client objectives, adaptability and flexibility, proactive problem solving and continuous improvement.

The ascent of iEnergizer to its prominent status among India’s leading BPOs owes its success to every team member. They always stay on their toes for the clients with a constant thirst for improvement. 

What Makes iEnergizer Stand Out?

iEnergizer BPO Team

Unlike other firms, iEnergizer is not merely a service provider, it is a strategic partnership with a commitment to empowering the clients’ success and growth. The differentiating factors of the brand are:

  • Customised Solutions
  • Exceptional Talent and Expertise
  • Focus on Quality and Compliance 
  • Customer Centric Approach
  • Continuous Improvement and Flexibility

Stars on the Shoulder!

iEnergizer’s selfless commitment to helping businesses with best-in-class BPO solutions has earned it many awards and recognition in the industry. Some of the coveted ones include:

  • Great Place To Work – 2022
  • BPO of The Year Award – 2023
  • COO of The Year – 2021
  • Business Leader of The Year 2022

Commenting on the company’s achievements, Adarsh shares, “These recognitions keep reminding us to raise the bar continuously and set new benchmarks in the industry. We will keep pushing boundaries, embracing innovation and delivering impeccable services.” 

He further adds, “We envision iEnergizer as a global leader that continually redefines excellence in business process outsourcing. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are dedicated to evolving in line with the changing needs of our clients and the industry.

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