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Are you struggling to find Indian mobile brands?

Here we will present you with a list of all the companies that develop mobile phones in India. These phones are based in India as well as made in India. 

Since the recent problems and tensions that arose between India and China, many citizens of India decided to ban Chinese products. This increased the surge in demand for India based products. This initiative by people is to support local businesses and to boost up the economy of India. People are moving fast towards India-based companies and brands not just in smartphones but in every field. Indian brands are also reinventing themselves to bring forward amazing features to meet consumer demand.

Why should we switch to Indian mobile phones?

It is extremely hard to justify the sources of each component development. Many parts have been outsourced since pre-covid-19. There are global supply chains of products in the electronics industry but the list mentioned below has companies that process a major part of their products within the country adding profits in Indian GDP arising from sales and purchase of their products.

Some Indian Mobile companies and Smartphones

1. Micromax Informatics 

Lava international
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Micromax informatics is one of the largest companies of phone manufacturers in India. The company makes an affordable and low-cost range of mobile phones along with other electronic devices such as LED televisions and tablets. The company headquarters resides in Gurugram, Haryana. Mohit Sharma, Dewas, and Rohit Patel co-founded this company and started selling mobile phones in 2008. Some of the popular models of Micromax include Canvas Infinity and Infinity N11. 

2. Karbonn Mobiles

XOLO smartphone
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Karbonn Mobiles cover a range of mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile phone accessories. This company was set-up between Delhi-based Jaina Group and UTL Group from Bengaluru in a joint venture. The headquarters of this mobile company is situated in Delhi. Karbonn is also spread among other countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and in the Middle East, and Europe along with India. In 2009, Karbonn Mobile initiated an approach to make smartphones accessible to the masses. Some famous Karbonn Mobile models are Titanium S9 Plus, Karbonn Vue 1, K9 Smart Plus.

3. Lava International

Pc: 91 mobiles

In 2009, Lava International was established in India. It is held by Hari Om Rai, managing director and chairman of the company. He aimed to provide people with the best in their hands. In the 2018 CMR Retail Sentiment Index Lava was ranked as the ‘Most Trustworthy Brand’. This is the only company situated in India with complete design and manufacturing.

4. Xolo smartphones

indian mobile phone
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Xolo mobiles are next on the list of smartphones. Xolo comes under the Lava International branding. Xolo has its headquarters located at Nokia. A phone with an intel processor was launched by XOLO making it the first company ever to do so in XOLO X900. Its famous mobile series include XOLO Black and XOLO Q series are also very famous.

5. YU Televentures 

indian mobile brands
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Although this name is not quite famous yet, this Indian brand is a subsidiary of Cyanogen Inc and Micromax Informatics Limited. Gurugram, Haryana is the location of its headquarters setup. 99% stakes are held by Rahul Sharma the co-founder of Micromax. Some amazing phones included in the YU Televentures series include YU Yunique 2, YU Yureka 2, and YU Ace.

Other options of Mobile Brands

Besides the exclusive Indian mobile phone brands, what other options can one consider? Isn’t this the question that bothers all of us? 

As the make in India campaign began on 25 September 2014, the scheme of manufacturing ordinary things within the country was highlighted. This campaign was promoted so much by the Prime Minister himself that it became an important announcement. The technology was one of the first areas to be covered under the shed of the Make in India campaign.

Some smartphones exclusively are made by Indian companies within India. However, most smartphones are imported. The outsourcing of many major company outlets is promoted in India under the shed of Make. The Indian smartphone market is fast-growing and changing. This attracts many foreign smartphone markets to make their phones in India and sell them locally. 

Talking about the particular smartphones Oneplus 8 Pro, Infinix Hot 9 Pro, Apple iPhone SE 2020 are few that are outsourced in India and are hence ‘made in India’. 

  • Apple:

Apple is a US-based brand that has a high market value in terms of its mobiles and laptops. They also produce pads, iPods, AirPods, and many other technologies. Apple doesn’t work on android systems. They have their iOS system for their devices. They are outsourcing some of their smartphones in India. 

Pc: Android Authority

  • Samsung:

Samsung is another major smartphone dealer in Indian markets with its origin being Korea. This company is also profound in refrigerators, television, microwave, and other appliances. Samsung has a major market hold with new product ranges coming up quickly. They are outsourcing many of their devices under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. 

Pc: Business Today


The trouble and disputes between countries lead to disruption in the supply of goods and services to some extent. We have a lot of services in our country. We can always support our Financial growth and economy by taking just simpler steps towards change.

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