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“Indic Inspirations will continue to innovate on its Products, Collections and Distribution channels to grow it into a 100 Cr revenue company over the next 3 years.”

Sunil Jalihal (Founder & CEO, Indic Inspirations)

Have you ever wondered how a piece of art or a textile can narrate the tale of a nation’s culture and its traditions? In the heart of the cultural kaleidoscope stands Indic Inspirations, a pioneering Culture Tech Startup that narrates the stories of India’s Traditions, Culture, Heritage and Achievements rendered through India’s Arts and Crafts and Artisanal Engineering.

Indic Inspirations is helmed by the very talented Sunil Jalihal, the Founder & CEO of the firm. Before creating technology startups in the Telecom, Mobile Value Added Services and Mobile Wallet space, he worked for many big players like CMC, Wipro, Siemens, and Hewlett Packard in the IT industry. He founded Indic Inspirations in 2019 with a mission to narrate stories of India’s heritage through Indic-inspired objects. Sunil is also the author of Romancing the Chili, a World Gourmand Award-winning coffee table book about the agricultural and culinary heritage of India around the Chili.

Into The Heart of India’s Culture 

With meticulous design, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution, Indic Inspirations presents a range of products – Collectibles, Souvenirs, Gifts, Merchandise, and even Wall Museums. “We have 40+ Collections of 1000+ products that narrate stories of Shunya, delve into the world of Yoga, Indian Dance & Music, Cities & Cityscapes, INDIA | The Republic, India in Space, Indian Railways and many more,” says the Founder.

The firm narrates stories of Institutions of Eminence in India through their artefacts. It is the First Registered Merchandiser of ISRO with 120+ products narrating the stories of its missions through scale models, space board games, DIY kits, medallions, jigsaw puzzles, info cards, T-shirts, mugs and many more.

“We have recently launched a one-of-a-kind INDIA in SPACE | ISRO Wall Museum with 30+Scale Models of ISRO’s technology artefacts to inspire, motivate & educate school students and India’s citizens about India’s Space Program. It was inaugurated and endorsed by Shri Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of National Highways,” mentions Sunil.

It is due to its values and vision that Indic Inspirations has served 30,000+ Retail/Online Customers. Renowned names like ISRO Human Space Flight Center, Godrej Aerospace, DRDO, TRAI, Schiebel Systems, Tata Consulting Engineers, NPCI International, Indian Railways, JW Marriott, Conrad Hotels, SBI Mutual Funds and Datwyler Pharma are amongst the firm’s clientele.

Firm On A Mission: Celebrating India

The key to success is to create the grandest vision possible. That’s exactly what Indic Inspirations is striving to achieve. The firm is continuously innovating its collections and distribution channels to grow into a 100 Cr revenue company over the next 3 years. And that is not going to be easy at all. Sunil aptly puts it, “We will continue to use cutting edge designs, artisanal engineering techniques and manufacturing technologies in the production of high quality ‘small objects’ using 3D printing, die casting, laser cutting and handcrafting traditions to make India a leader in design and production of artisanal products.”

Feathers In The Cap

Any recognition received speaks volumes about a firm’s commitment to its vision. Indic Inspirations has recently been awarded “Best Startup” at MahaStartupWeek by the Maharashtra Innovation Society at Raj Bhavan Mumbai in 2022. The firm received this award from Deputy CM, Governor of Maharashtra and Padma Vibhushan Scientist Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar.

Sunil proudly says, “It fills my heart with immense gratitude and pride that our products have been endorsed by several celebrities, scientists, government, corporate leaders and Culture Organisation- Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises.”

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