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Startup Of The Year 2023

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India is a country with a rapidly growing economy, a thriving middle class and a youthful population. Young creative minds from all around the nation are stepping into the entrepreneurial world left, right and centre to drive innovation across the nation. As India embarks on its journey to achieve the ambitious goal of becoming a $5 trillion economy, the invaluable contribution of startups plays a pivotal role in realising this vision.

Let’s take a look at some innovative startups that are ceaselessly toiling around the clock to push the boundaries of innovation and success. 

  • ANKR Global

Category: Business Consulting

Startup of the year 2023 ANKR Global

“We foster authenticity in every facet of our operations to make genuine connections with not only our team but also with  business partners and  trusted vendors.”

ANKR Global consists of three main pillars- ANKR Consulting, ANKR Tech, and ANKR Skill. ANKR Consulting offers customised solutions to SMEs, MNCs, large companies and startups and offers advisory services on US GAAP, Ind AS, CFO office services, and startup funding assistance. ANKR Tech provides a wide array of services using state-of-the-art technology. The third pillar- ANKR Skill provides skill development courses to create the entrepreneurs of the future.


Category: Art Solutions

Startup of The Year Artmastry

“Rather than imposing our ideas on the clients, we encourage them to embrace and incorporate the suggestions, if it enhances their own ideas.”

When Satender Singh, a former member of the defence forces, chose to rekindle his profound passion for art, it marked the birth of his envisioned venture, Artmastry. Mr. Singh, a native of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, runs Artmastry to offer art courses to aspiring artists. The firm also plans to introduce a line of art supplies in future.


Category: Digital Marketing

Startup of the year 2023 Fluodigital

“We consistently keep researching the latest trends in marketing and technology that help us stay ahead of the curve. It assists us in providing the clients with the latest insights.”

FLUODIGITAL is one of the renowned marketing agencies in the world that offers a wide array of services like 360-degree performance marketing channels, including social media marketing, search engine marketing and display advertising. Its data-driven marketing platform- CDXP Platform helps businesses collect, analyse, and visualise their marketing data which further helps them take better decisions about their marketing campaigns.


Category: Culture Tech

Startup of The Year Indic Inspirations

“Indic Inspirations has over 40 unique collections of 1000+ products that narrate stories of Shunya, delve into world of Yoga, Indian Music  & Dance, Cities & Cityscapes, INDIA | The Republic, Indian Railways, India in Space and beyond.”

Indic Inspirations is a culture tech startup that narrates the stories of India’s Culture, Heritage, Traditions and Achievements through Indic-inspired objects. It is the First Registered Merchandiser of ISRO with more than 120 products narrating the stories of its missions through space board games, jigsaw puzzles, scale models, DIY kits and more.


Category: Executive Development

Startup of the year 2023 Jayam SCM

“We immerse ourselves in the core principles of our clients’ business designs, providing them with customised executive development solutions.”

Jayam SCM Consultants specialises in curated and custom-designed executive development. The firm is backed by 120 person-years of leadership. In the last couple of years, the company has achieved significant success for its clients. The company’s speciality is in providing customised executive development that involves extensive engagement with organisations.


Category: Feminine Hygiene

Startup of The Year Revaa

“All our feminine hygiene products have the Made Safe certification, ensuring that they are free from harmful chemicals.”

Revaa is a female hygiene brand that offers many products like Disposable and reusable Sanitary Pads, period panties, and panty liners to promote women’s holistic wellness and sustainability needs. The firm also offers organic and sustainable cosmetics and eco-friendly bags as well. It serves women in the age group of 13 to 40 years in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. In a highly competitive female hygiene market which is ruled by big brands like Whisper and Stayfree, Revaa positions itself differently by committing to sustainability and organic excellence.

  • Strategy4GMAT

Category: Career Development 

Startup of The Year Strategy4GMAT

“We stand out in our industry as one of the rare few who operate without a sales team or charge for profile evaluations, some of which can extend to approximately 2 hours.”

Charting the career path is quite difficult. However, brands such as Strategy4GMAT (S4G) and Dream Compass, solve the problem. Dedicated to ‘All Things Career,’ these platforms illuminate the professional journey. Strategy4GMAT specializes in test preparation, as well as MBA/MS admissions consulting for prestigious institutions, both in India and overseas. On the other hand, Dream Compass commits itself to career development, providing expert guidance to assist you in realising the desired career aspirations.


Category: Co-working Space

Startup of the year 2023 Swipelocal

“We offer personalised and fully furnished private office spaces with all the necessary amenities.”

Swipelocal is one of the leading firms that offers the best co-working spaces with all the amenities such as conference rooms, private cabins, comfortable desks, private rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, parking, AC, office supplies, a pantry, a biometric log, printing & scanning services in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. The firm offers Dedicated Workspaces For Companies and Shared Workspaces For Individuals.


Category: InsurTech

Startup of the year 2023 WeAssist

“We are on a mission to revolutionise the insurance and healthcare landscape in India. We are currently available in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Ludhiana, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kurnool, Karim Nagar, Raichur, Udupi, Vizag, Mohali, and other areas.”

WeAssist operates under Karthika Consulting & Solutions Pvt Ltd. The firm masters in offering a hassle-free Insurance claim experience to patients. The firm follows the most efficient way of handling cumbersome paperwork, managing cashless claims and ensuring cost-effective insurance solutions. WeAssist has, to date, has assisted in over 200+ Cr in claims. In the next five years, the firm is planning to open franchises to expand its operations further.


Category: Tank Manufacturing

Startup of The Year Winfra

“A  standout feature of our tanks is that they  are completely inert, preventing the formation of slime, algae, or any organic substances.”

Winfra Buildtech Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturing firms in India that specialises in manufacturing premium zincalume water storage tanks for different sectors – industrial, commercial, community water storage and residential sectors. The company also provides Business consulting services for growth and marketing, and  Modular building solutions as well.

Summing Up

Be it startups helping the restaurant business work efficiently or businesses making the checkout experience hassle-free or Pay Stub helping in keeping track of salary, taxes and other financial aspects, startups are winning the business world across the globe.

All the names have been arranged in an alphabetical order and it is not a ranking.

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