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Kirandeep Dham: An EdTech Pioneer Shaping The Future Of India

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We, at Globus Infocom Limited, truly believe that education is the basic right of every child & technology has the power to transform the educational scenario to make it accessible for everyone.

Kirandeep Dham
(CEO, Globus Infocom Limited)

Passion is energy. An energy that comes from inside you and gives you a purpose to live your dream. That is why it is said that you should follow your passion to live your dream life. Kirandeep Dham, a passion-driven women entrepreneur is one such example who is following her passion to bring a change in society. As a woman entrepreneur, Kirandeep’s passion and confidence is her ultimate weapon to conquer the world. 

Kirandeep is the CEO of Globus Infocom Limited. She Co-Founded the company with her husband, Ashish Dham in 2001. During her entrepreneurial journey, Kirandeep came across many voices that didn’t accept strong women in entrepreneurial positions but that couldn’t stop her from achieving her dream. Ignoring all those voices, Kirandeep Dham established her name as a powerful entrepreneur and a leader. “I trusted myself and my passion to make the change and everything else followed,” says Kirandeep Dham.


With the firm belief that education has the power to change the world for a better tomorrow, the entrepreneurial journey of Kirandeep began in 2001 with Globus Infocom. She has been leading the company since 2001 with her passion-driven approach. Kirandeep iterates, “I truly believe that education is the basic right of every child & technology has the power to transform the education scenario by facilitating the accessibility of education to each & every part of the country.”

Being an educational professional herself, Kirandeep brings deep insights and expertise in the educational background to the company and guides the highly qualified team of Globus Infocom in the right direction. She has been spearheading the organisation efficiently and carving out the best possible market strategies to position Globus Infocom Limited as an industry leader. Currently, Kirandeep has been handling multiple departments in the company including Human Resources, Marketing & Communication, Service & Support, Training, IT & Admin.

“At Globus Infocom, our growth is driven with a vision of harnessing innovation to empower the power of technology and make technology further accessible, sustainable and affordable for the people of India,” asserts the leading lady.

Kirandeep always encourages an amicable, gender-neutral and growth-oriented work culture for the employee because she believes a company is only successful when its employees are happy.


Kirandeep’s leadership philosophy is simple- a clear & open work culture with transparent communication. Managing so many diverse teams effectively & keeping them motivated enough to reach their maximum potential is not always easy. Handling all things efficiently, Kirandeep leads Globus Infocom Limited with a visionary, resilient and futuristic approach. She adds, “As a CEO, I always believe in giving ample growth opportunities and encouraging Teamwork because a healthy team spirit can do wonders for any organisation’s growth.”

Relying on her strong emotional intelligence, Kirandeep faces any kind of workplace challenge with much efficiency. She takes all the business decisions with keeping in mind the vision and objective of the company. For Globus Infocom, the objective is to offer innovative and meaningful solutions to the users.


Team Globus Infocom

Incepted in 2001, Globus Infocom Limited stands tall as an industry leader for the last 22 years in the education technology landscape. The thought behind the inception of Globus Infocom was to launch a platform that acts as a single-point solution provider for the advanced Education Technology needs for Tier 2, Tier 3 and the rural parts of India where good quality education is still a distant dream.

Education is the basic right of every child and to ensure that every child has this basic right, Globus Infocom is providing the best in class education technology solutions that are cost-effective, comprehensive and advanced. “We design and develop solutions which help in creating an engaging, effective & holistic learning environment for the learners & the teachers,” mentions Kirandeep. 

Being the first Make-in-India OEM, Globus Infocom also aims towards providing all the requirements of an advanced ICT-enabled learning environment together under one umbrella that saves its customers from the hassle of procuring different products from different vendors.

The firm has the reputation of being a leading comprehensive solution provider that offers cost-efficient, sustainable as well as scalable solutions in the different verticals of Education Technology, Collaborative Conferencing & Professional Displays, Security & Surveillance and Institutional Furniture.


As a strong edtech brand, Globus Infocom Limited bridges the digital divide between the urban and rural sectors by upscaling the learners and teachers through state-of-the-art solutions and continuous training. Harnessing the power of technology, the firm has tapped into its potential to build better futures, meaningful businesses and enriching experiences for learners. With the zeal to build something significant, yet scalable and cost-effective, Globus Infocom has developed a plethora of offerings like Digital Language Lab (English, Hindi, Sanskrit, French, Spanish and Konkani) which enable the children to enhance their communication and linguistic skills.

The tech-based classroom with digital boards along with the k-12 content of the company enriches the learning environment of the students. Using the edtech solutions of Globus Infocom, teachers can teach in both online and offline modes through virtual classroom solutions. The edtech solutions of the company also help teachers in monitoring learning outcomes with multiple advanced features.

In addition to this, the company has a wide range of Professional Displays, Indoor & Outdoor LED Walls, Smart Security & Surveillance Solutions, and Video Conferencing Solutions to connect & communicate from anywhere.


In the stellar journey of 22 years, Globus Infocom Limited has been fortunate enough to earn the trust of 30,000+ clients and that too with 100% satisfaction. Treating every client as a member of the Globus Infocom family, the company provides world-class services. Kirandeep says, “We do not lure our clients with false promises. We believe in transparency in Policies and delivering top-notch services & products.”

The long list of the company’s clientele includes reputed names such as Kendriya Vidyalayas Pan India, GB Pant University Pantnagar, Schools under the Directorate of Elementary & Secondary Education, Directorate of Higher Education Goa, Multiple Government Primary Schools of Gujarat, Chief Education Department, Bhimtal, Kashi Vidyapeeth.


For its significant contribution to the educational field, Globus Infocom adds much recognition to its name. The notable ones are:

  • Best Education Service Initiative in 5th BW Digital India Summit & Awards 2019
  • Best Education Technology Solution Provider in North India in 14th Rashtriya Shiksha Gaurav Puraskar Ceremony 2021
  • Emerging Technology Solution in 11th Indian Education Awards 2021
  • Best Classroom Tech Solution Of The Year Award by Entrepreneur India 2022
  • Awarded for excellent work to promote digital learning for excellence in promoting digital learning 2022

For being a powerful women entrepreneur and an excellent leader, Kirandeep Dham is  recognised with:

  • Women Leadership Award-Excellence in Education Technology- 6th Future Women Leader Digital Summit & Awards 2021
  • The Women Achiever Award- 2nd Global Education & Skill Conclave
  • Graced the cover page of women Entrepreneur India magazine leading the women in technology- women Entrepreneur India magazine 2022
  • Education & Edtech Woman Entrepreneur of The Year- Business World women entrepreneur awards 2022
  • “Leaders of Tomorrow” award at “Uttar Pradesh Leadership Awards 2022” – World HRD Congress


Be persistent towards your goal and be ready to face the challenges in your way. Take your road bumps as your learning lesson and use that learning in growing yourself.

Kirandeep adds, “The positive outlook and courage have only brought me where I am today. I had trust in my dreams and my abilities and I followed what I loved doing. I would suggest the same to budding women entrepreneurs or to those who want to become ones that do believe in themselves and their dreams and work relentlessly towards achieving them.”

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