Deyga Organics: Bestowing The World With Handcrafted Organic Products

Deyga Organics: Bestowing The World With Handcrafted Organic Products

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“When people show faith in us, we make sure to return it with our top-notch service to maintain a healthy lifetime relationship with our customers.”

Arthi Raguram
(Founder & CEO,
Deyga Organics)

How many people would spend an extra buck to ensure that they use the natural, cruelty-free, vegan and organic products on their skin? A growing number, obviously! Purely based on Ayurvedic principles and recipes, a 24-year-old entrepreneur, Arthi Raguram gifted ‘Deyga Organics’ to the world with the sole intention of serving purity in the guise of natural products in 2018. 

A perfect fusion of nature and goodness, Deyga Organics, headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, combines every particle by hand and brings an immersive experience of oneness with Mother Earth. 

The raw materials that are poured into different Deyga’s products come directly from farmers or are procured from organic sources. While cascading unconditional love for organic, each craftsman celebrates raw, natural and organic beauty in every product they chisel.

God’s new set of blessings is always wrapped in various degrees of challenges and seeming disappointments. Things were no different for Deyga Organics. Despite facing several roadblocks, Deyga levelled up step by step after taking a leap of immense faith in 2018. It’s been 4 years since Deyga’s establishment and the brand has never looked back ever since. 

In Arthi’s words, “Today, we’re glad that people have given so much love to us. They believe in us & we’ll never miss on reciprocating this love to our Deyga fam by a hundred-fold.”


What’s better than trying conventional skincare remedies? asks Arthi Raguram who was fascinated with natural skin care products right from her childhood days. For little Arthi, simple ingredients available in the kitchen were nothing less than magic. And that’s when her utter trust and outright love for natural products was brought to the world in 2018 via Deyga, an organic lane of skincare and haircare essentials.

As the Founder & CEO of Deyga Organics, Arthi feels blessed to be able to sow the seeds of Deyga Organics and create natural products that are both sustainable & safe for everyone of every age. 

“I have always been a nature lover & playing with natural ingredients for common skin or hair issues ultimately paved my way to step into the skincare world with tenacity,” mentions Arthi.

Ask Arthi how it feels to wear different hats and she, with a big smile, would say, “It’s upto the leader to pull up the bootstraps, crack the knuckles and do what needs to be done to achieve the vision.

Arthi always finds herself on a hunt for new ways to push her boundaries. Sometimes, she is looped in farm activities, other times in the supervision of manufacturing & packaging process, often times investing in social activities to spread the word about sustainable development to the masses. 

Arthi wants her team to stay open-minded to different perspectives and brainstorm whenever the need arises. Therefore, keeping the entire team interconnected to attain the best functionality is one of her major roles. 


Deyga offers a wide variety of organic products. People with any skin type or hair type can find their best match in Deyga’s product range. 

  • Skin Care: Face Cream, Body Lotion, Face Pack, Lip Care, Aloe vera Gel, Skin Serum, to name a few.
  • Hair Care: Hair Oil, Hair Serum, Shampoo Bar, and Hair Butter

Deyga Organics: Bestowing The World With Handcrafted Organic Products

The combs made of neem wood are one of the signature products which draws the attention of its customers worldwide.

  • Bath & Body: Body Lotion, Hair Removal Powder, Handmade Soap, Loofah, and Body Powder
  • Oral Care: Tooth Powder & Tooth Brush

Deyga Organics: Bestowing The World With Handcrafted Organic Products

Deyga also provides different offers and gifting options. It also curates the best and well-organised combos with all the essentials that make for an effective skincare routine to keep the skin clean, fresh, nourished, and healthy.

Acne issue has become universal and there’s no denying that acne can contribute to emotional distress but Deyga has the perfect solution. Its super hit Charcoal Soap with acne kit is here to get rid of acne and revive back the lost self-esteem and self-confidence.

While Chapped lips are another most common problem, Deyga’s Beetroot lip balm cures it with just one swipe!


Trust is the foundation of every relationship that can ever form between living beings. A relationship with a client is no different. When people show faith in Deyga, it makes sure to return it with its best quality service to maintain a healthy lifetime relationship with the customers.

While sharing her opinion on the ultra-competitiveness in the Organic Industry, Arthi remarks, I think “Being Yourself” is that one mantra which can keep you going in any sphere of life. Today we face cut-throat competition in every field, be it fashion or beauty or sports. Amidst such pressure when you’re true to yourself, true to your ideology, you automatically stand out with radiance. And that’s what people love to appreciate; uniqueness! 


  • Handcrafted Products

Made, mixed, and packed by hand, every single product of Deyga is crafted with love using the finest organic ingredients. Deyga’s products aren’t about machine-made perfection but are about celebrating the handmade grace of unique creations.

  • 100% Pure

The definition of Purity is deeply embedded in every person who works with all their heart at Deyga. For them, purity is what defines Deyga. 

  • The Love for Traditional Recipes

Tradition is inherent. Each product has the humble touch of tradition infused with concern. From making till packing, Deyga endures to retain the classic tradition and celebrate modern elegance.

  • Cruelty-free

Another aspect that makes Deyga extra special is its commitment to following a cruelty-free production process. For them, animals matter to them just as much as delivering the right care to a customer.

Arthi also wholeheartedly appreciates the efforts of the ever-growing family of Deyga which is united by their love for natural and ethical personal care practices.


Well, here’s another reality check! More than ever before, consumers aren’t interested in the product, rather what matters to them now, is the process.

Public interest in sustainability continues to climb. And Deyga is here to value the same. From the product itself (which can be used as manure when expired) to the eco-friendly packaging, every step is taken care of, at Deyga to cope with the environmental crisis. 

“Sustainability is at the heart of our formula crafting. I am proud to say that none of our products come at the cost of the environment. Our processes, ingredients and ideas are an expression of love for Mother Nature,” asserts Arthi. 


The biggest award for Deyga has been its family which has now grown to 817k on Instagram. Besides, Deyga has also been honoured with the ‘Times Business Award’ for being the Skincare Brand of The Year. 

Furthermore, Deyga Organics, since its establishment, has been on a growth trajectory and Arthi is certain that this will continue undeniably. 

While being inordinately optimistic about Deyga’s growth, Arthi shares “Our vision for the decade is to promote sustainable development among the common masses. Small eco-friendly changes will take us a long way & this is what we want to ensure at a bigger level.”

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