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The Founder & CEO of OnPageOne Digital Agency Neetu Kurian, shared a glimpse of her entrepreneurial journey in an interview with The Global Hues.

As Scott Belsky said, “It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” The Founder & CEO of OnPageOne Digital Agency did the same. Neetu was amazed by the immense potential in the digital marketing space from the time she joined Google back in 2010. Her love for digital and rich experience working with the top-notch MNC’s in the digital marketing industry (Google & InMobi) made her rethink the corporate career. Interactions and discussions with business owners during networking events made Neetu realize the limited understanding and misconceptions of digital marketing among the business community in Kerala.

Envisaging the great potential in this space and the need for an exclusive, professional, transparent, and result-oriented digital marketing agency, incited her to embark upon an entrepreneurial journey. She founded OnPageOne Digital Agency in  2017 – a digital marketing agency that values professionalism, transparency, results, and customer satisfaction before anything else.  

Digital- The new language of Businesses

OnPageOne Digital Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency offering end to end services across verticals such as Performance Marketing, Content & Creative Strategy, Social Media Management, Mobile & App Marketing, Search Engine  Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Media Planning & Buying, Video Production,  Online Reputation Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Online Event  Marketing, Geo- Advertising, Third Party Platform Marketing, Data Insights & Analytics, et al. “They are a team of young, smart, passionate, and talented bunch of digital experts helping brands in telling stories, building audiences and accelerating ROI through performance-driven marketing. The company presents itself with a great work ethic, integrity, and end-results.  

Differentiating Factors

Multiple factors differentiate OnPageOne from similar-sized players in the market. 

  1. The rich experience, deep understanding of digital, and focus on ROI in everything the company does. 
  2. In terms of uniqueness, slightly modifying the “usual” has helped OnPageOne in many ways. They pride themselves on not operating as a “plug-and-play” digital marketing agency with ready-made packages everyone can avail. Every business they partner with gets a custom, tailored digital marketing solution. 
  3. The quality and impact of the work and results they offer for brands – speak for itself.  

Challenges faced by women entrepreneurs

Neetu Kurian | Neetu Kurian- Digitising The Marketing Industry

Neetu believes that everyone has a different story and different set of challenges depending on their background,  the kind of business they are into, and the markets they serve. “For me, to transform into an entrepreneur after serving many years as a professional was a challenge in the beginning. When you are just starting, you also have to wear multiple hats in a day, and this was overwhelming,” said Neetu. She also faced the challenge of limited networking opportunities being offered to women in Kerala.

“However, I have begun to see a positive change. Some platforms are helping women entrepreneurs and leaders to connect & learn from each other. It’s a great initiative to bridge gaps amongst like-minded people,” explained Neetu.

Views on Gender Inequality

Neetu treats everyone as equal and expects the same in return. Even as an organization, OnPageOne follows no gender biases. “We need to have more women as entrepreneurs in India. Whatever is limiting us from having more women entrepreneurs should change,” said Neetu. She believes that when it comes to starting a new business, struggles are the same regardless of gender.

However, few additional challenges that women could face involve access to finance, being looked down on by investors, or the perception that “business is not a woman’s world”. A revolution is required to turn the tables around.  

Driving force

The fact that there is never a dull moment motivates Neetu every day. It gets overwhelming and exhausting at times, but it never gets boring. “There will always be a mile-long to-do list and your mind is always looking around for inspiration or trying to seek better or newer ways of doing things,” Neetu explained. 

The Clientele  

OnPageOne has clients from varied industries such as Automobile, Education, Retail, Apps, E-commerce, Travel et al. The company works very closely with the clients to kickstart their digital journey. With a proper strategy in place,  they make it a point to educate their clients about various platforms and the associated measurement metrics to maintain transparency about what they are investing into. In the end, it’s all about delivering results and guiding them in the right direction. “Today, we are able to have much deeper conversations with our clients regarding digital and take pride in this matter,” said Neetu.

Daily Routine & Hobbies


Meditation is very important for Neetu to get some headspace and help her achieve pace for the day. She prepares a to-do list the previous day and focuses on getting it done. Neetu likes to spend her free time with family and friends. During the weekends, she likes reading, listening to music, watching documentaries on OTT platforms, trying to play the ukulele, or sometimes even sketching or painting. She also loves to travel and explore new destinations.   

Words of Wisdom

  • Dream big but it’s okay to start small. Don’t wait for the right opportunity, create one. 
  • If you are passionate and determined everything will fall in place with time and patience. 
  • Just believe in yourself and take it one day at a time. Also, amidst all crazy things – don’t forget to enjoy the ride. 

Books that inspire Neetu  

  •  5 AM Club by Robin Sharma
  • The Ride of a Lifetime (from the CEO of the Walt  Disney Company)
  • Good Vibes Good Life by Vex King.  

Jewels in the Crown

  • Featured by YourStory Media in Feb 2020 for their ROI-driven marketing approach. 
  • Kerala’s first digital marketing agency to be featured in Ads of the World- a part of the  Clio Network, New York, and the world’s largest creative advertising index, featuring work from across the globe.  
  • Recognized as Start-Up of the Year – 2019 by Silicon India Startup Magazine.  

Future prospects and vision 

The company aims to be the most preferred digital marketing agency providing 360-degree marketing services to businesses around the globe. They recently launched OnLive, a sub-brand of OnPageOne and an Influencer Marketing wing that will help brands and influencers seamlessly connect and create engaging content. The idea always has been to grow with the advancement in digital trends while relentlessly focused on one thing: Whatever we do, we drive business results for brands.  

Favorite quote

“The key is not to worry about being successful, but to instead work toward being significant – and the success will naturally follow” – Oprah Winfrey. 

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