Runwal 25 Hour Life Review

Runwal 25 Hour Life Review

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Due to my job relocation to the city, I seriously considered moving my family to Manpada, Mumbai. First, I had to overcome the challenge of locating a suitable place to live that was yet conveniently close to my place of employment. From that experience, I learned about the Runwal 25 Hour Life. My ideal home awaited me in the gated community of Runwal 25 Hour Life, with its modern amenities and American-influenced architecture. With the 1.20 crores I spent on my apartment building, I’ve upgraded to a more specialised way of life.

How I discovered Runwal 25 Hour Life Project

My mom wasn’t enthusiastic about uprooting our family and relocating to Manpada, Bombay. Thus, Mom called all of her relatives and friends who lived in the region and asked for their recommendations to choose a neighbourhood that would be suitable for us to call home. She did this in the hopes that we could locate a suitable dwelling.

Finally, she found my aunt, who with her children had moved there a few years prior, and it took a lot of effort on her part to track them down. She already lived in Runwal 25 Hour Life and assured me that it is a fantastic choice for us since it has all of the amenities and the level of safety I need.

Runwal 25 Hour Life Price and Amenities That I Adore 

Its cutting-edge architecture and design are in keeping with the most recent developments in the field. Eco-friendly materials and solar panels were used in the building’s construction for maximum efficiency. The asking price for the home ranges from 99 lakhs to 1.76 crores. Some of the features that, in my view, give the area its appeal are described below.

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows provide abundant natural light into the flats, otherwise meant to feel open and airy.
  • Every apartment has central air conditioning, free wireless internet, and a fully furnished kitchen, among other contemporary conveniences.
  • In addition to apartments, the complex has a swimming pool, fitness centre, and social gathering space for residents.
  • The clubhouse and planted garden allow people to relax and socialise while offering outdoor fun opportunities.
  • As a bonus, there is 24-hour security and several places to eat and shop within walking distance for residents. With its cutting-edge architecture, energy-saving technologies, and convenient facilities, life at Runwal 25 Hour Life epitomises opulence.

3 Reasons to Buy Property at Runwal 25 Hour Life

1. Location Benefits

This is a great possibility to think about if you’re searching for a new place to call home in a trendy area, so give it some serious thought. It opens the door to a wealth of possibilities, including the following perks and advantages: 

  • Manpada is a prosperous Mumbai neighbourhood that offers quick and simple access to the city’s central business sector and main thoroughfares.
  • It takes roughly 5 minutes to walk 2 kilometres to reach Omkar International School.
  • It takes roughly 10 minutes to drive the four kilometres to St. John’s Universal School.
  • Thane Train Station is 5 kilometres away and will take 10 minutes.

2. Amenities

This new community has everything one might want, making it perfect for individuals searching for a cutting-edge way of life. Most appealing is the one-of-a-kind 24-hour convenience store that allows residents to buy necessities without leaving their homes at any hour of the day or night. A manicured garden, fitness centre, and other recreational amenities are also included in the property.

3. Reputed Builder 

With over 40 years in the industry and a significant presence in Mumbai, Pune, and Thane, Runwal is India’s leading real estate developer. Its portfolio includes approximately 70 developments, ranging from single-family homes to shopping centres to mixed-use communities. The company focuses on delivering projects that satisfy customers and help ensure a sustainable future.

Buying a property in Runwal 25 Hour Life has been nothing short of a dream for me! I spent a lot of time looking for the best project and when I was searching for properties in Mumbai, really helped me a lot. They have thousands of verified properties along with detailed information about the developers as well. I would surely suggest that you check the listings before heading to the project site.

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