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A true mentor empowering people, especially women, Ms. Tamanna the founder of ‘UberLux’ connected with The Global Hues.

Tamanna is an entrepreneur and investor helping start-ups with fundings, operations, guiding strategies, and global expansion, to make their dreams come true. She is building her Businesses strong for above 20 years and lending extra support to women entrepreneurs. Tamanna is the managing director of UberLux Group of companies, Uberlux India (India) and UberLux global (Australia). She is the founder of “House of Wellness”, an herbal beauty brand with a global presence, and UBERVEDA a nutraceutical brand. The company is also a Master Franchise for various verticals of Fashion TV in India. She has unique expertise in startup ecosystems.

An MBA graduate from Harvard Business School who also holds a diploma from the International Academy of Facial Aesthetics, Singapore, and France. Currently, her company has invested in 7 start-ups from all walks of life. Ms. Singh is active in philanthropic activities. She helps weaker sections of society, who have limited resources, by economically empowering them.  Tamanna was a part of the IIT Delhi initiative for women entrepreneurship.

Tamanna started UberLux with her husband, who took premature retirement from the army to take a plunge in the entrepreneurship space. With sheer dedication and hard work, they started their first venture- Fashion TV. “We were just looking for a simple business and one after the other things started happening and falling in place,” said Tamanna. She wants to be a contributor to the economy and raise more jobs for the country.

A guiding light

Interview with UberLux- Tamanna Singh

UberLux India has three verticals

  1. Market entry to India and overseas market
  2. Franchising, branding, & licensing 
  3. Beauty, wellness & health. 

UberLux is a consulting company working with many national and international brands, helping them to create their brand value as strategic partners and business plan curators. UberLux Global helps in overseas financial investments too. The beauty and wellness segment of UberLux is exporting approximately 80% of its products. The brand is available both offline and online in leading retail stores and canteen stores.

“We are a very honest company when it comes to delivering a product. Be it price sensitivity, the quality of the product, or expertise in the product. Honesty is our first and foremost priority,” said Tamanna. UberLux is a fast-evolving company that pivots easily with the upcoming trends. Their key approach is extensive research. They focus on the client’s future needs. Dealing with international clients is very valuable for the company. “It’s an exclusive trust when someone invests in the company, which doesn’t come easy.”

Coming from an army background gives an additional advantage of trust over others. The cosmetic brand under UberLux is herbal and sustainable which attracts a wider audience. The company believes that everybody should be able to afford the products. Every product is of high-quality made from high-performance formulas and ingredients. We believe in Inclusivity, and want you to be known as a gender-neutral brand

Initially, a shift from the army atmosphere to the civil ecosystem was a little testing. However, as a strong business leader, Tamanna never faced any gender inequality issues. Nevertheless, she understands that in an organization women entrepreneurs are very easily taken for granted. “UberLux has made sure to encourage all the employees to voice their opinions. When people play, they play unfairly. You just can’t cry over it. You need to be smart & strong,” said Tamanna.

UberLux is looking at 100cr plus turnover in near future, empowering a lot of startups, and continuously delivering products. They aim to take India on the global stage. Looking at more sustainable options, the company will work on the next few lines of household wellness products. “We shall be launching a few ‘First in India’ concepts soon” explained Tamanna. The real estate and investments for the UberLux global platform are taking care of HNIs and super HNIS clients of the company.

UberLux strongly believes in giving back, hence donates a part of its profits to “Veer naris”, widows of the Indian Army. Tamanna strongly believes that there’s enough space for everyone to exist and get business. Learn quickly from your mistakes and move on. UberLux is currently working with a team of approximately 35 people in India, and an international team of around 80 plus based in Australia. The basic ethos of the company is respect and professionalism.

“Work for 30 minutes, but be very productive & professional. Also, a feedback system is very important,” said Tamanna. 

A book that motivates Tamanna

Tamanna Singh

Tamanna likes reading Biographies that inspire and motivate her. She loves Vivekanand’s lessons. Currently, she is enjoying Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. She is also looking forward to reading Priyanka Chopra’s memoir. Reading about other’s struggles and success motivates her. It gives her a vision that everybody’s in the same boat and goes through similar struggles. 

Awards and Recognitions

  • Recognized by the Hon. President of India for her contribution to women entrepreneurship. 
  • Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs 2018.
  • Most Promising Entrepreneurs 2017.
  • Nari Shakti award 2018.
  • Worked with War Widows of Indian Armed Forces to empower them.
  • Patron to Blind World Cricket.
  • Part of the sector skill council of India. 
  • Member of the Ph.D. chamber of commerce.
  • Award from the Ministry of Tourism for wellness products.

Advice for upcoming women entrepreneurs

It’s very cool to be an entrepreneur but you need to know your core strength and all about your competitors, you need to know the business. I see a lot of women entrepreneurs shying away, and not asking questions, not upgrading their skill sets. So whatever you don’t know you need to learn, you need to upskill or hire someone smarter than you. We try to multitask, that’s not possible. Entrepreneurs need to learn to just focus on one thing at a time.

Quotes that inspire Tamanna

  • Don’t be busy. Be productive.
  • One day the people who didn’t believe in you will tell everyone how they met you.

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